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Follow the dark path or use the light

Ada Chapter 2

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Ada Chapter 2

Once you're in ground level, destroy the barrels behind to get more loot. Continue to the opened tombstone but before going down, look behind it to find an emblem. Go down the hole afterward.

Make your way to the sewers and follow the path to find a locked chest. Shoot the lock the open it to get the Simmons Family Crest A. After getting it, you'll be locked inside and zombies will appear. Take them out then proceed forth. Use your grappling hook to reach the upper floor then climb up the ladder.

Use your grappling hook to reach the upper floor then climb up the ladder. Once outside, examine the iron door ahead twice to place the crest piece you have found earlier. Now you have to find the other pieces. Head to the newly opened door and climb down the ladder afterward.

Once back underground, continue forth until you find a room. Ignore the lever and the door for now; just continue upstairs and shoot the handle to create a walkway for you. Open the chest then get the Amber Key.

Go downstairs and use the key to open the amber door. Approach the chest only to be denied by the nearby undead. Kill it and grab the Sniper Rifle by the lever. You can also shoot the yellow locks holding the hanged bodies above for some extra ammo as well.

Get to the side of the lever and push it. Make sure it is aligned to the nearest hanged body. This way, when you shoot the lock, the body falls down to the lever, opening the trapdoor where the chest fell down earlier. Jump down and get the Family Crest B from the chest afterward.

Next, push the two sitting zombies to the panels to start the circuit. Another zombie will appear. You have to shoot its leg when it's near the panel to complete the circuit and open the gate. This should power up the gate in the floor above.

Climb up the ladder and pull the lever. The floor will open if there is is too much weight so you have to do something about the zombies first. Shoot them with the arrows until all of them are pinned in the wall. Get the Simmons Family Ring from the chest afterward.

Head back to the gallows and open the door there then make your way to the exit. Once outside, just use your grappling hook when prompted until you reach the next underground area. Examine the skull to discover that the other pieces are taken by some zombies. It doesn't matter which one you should give chase first.

To get the golden tooth, you just have to follow the zombie across two undead-filled hallways until you reach it. Destroy it to get the tooth and follow the path to the starting area. To get the red eye, grapple to the next corridor until the floor gives way. Quickly crawl to avoid the blade trap then quickly kill the zombies along the path. A whooper will appear at the end of the shaft so kill it quickly and exit. Dispose of the zombie to get the red eye then place the two items in the skull to open the path. Grab the family crest from the chest then leave the area.

Place the two crests in the door to open it. Once inside, don't head to the next door yet; turn around and you should find the chapter's second emblem in the corner near the ceiling. Open the door to proceed to the next area.

Help Leon and Helena damage Deborah until the next scene triggers. Follow the walkways with Leon until you face Deborah. Since you have finished Leon's campaign already, you should already know how to defeat her. Destroy the glowing parts and avoid getting damaged too much.

Putting her down

Jump to the lift then provide covering fire to Leon. Continue doing this until he reunites with you. You'll be in a minecart sequence again. Defeat Deborah like how you did before. Once you fall from the cart, help Helena by shooting Deborah's weakpoint. After the scene, you'll be alone again. Continue along the path then take the elevator to reach the next area.

Ride to hell

Enter the door and to the cell cages. There are Super Whoopers in the area which you can take down for additional skill points. Take the laboratory key from the corpse of a scientist. Before heading to the door, head to the canal and destroy the crates there. There should be another emblem by the edge of the railing.

Open the door then use the grappling hook to reach the upper ledge. A whooper will appear behind so kill immediately. Proceed forth another enemy will come bursting through the wall. Loot the chest for some skill points then follow the path and another armored BOW will burst out and charge towards you. Kill it then jump down the opening.

After landing in the sewers, turn around to find this emblem. Destroy the crates then move on. Pull yourself to the previous area where Leon and Helena cleared and destroy the crates for more valuable ammo. Head to the door only to be locked down.

All the cocoon enemies will break free one by one and you have to clear them all out to disable the lockdown. Once done, head to the door and enter the lab to play a scene and complete the chapter.

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