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Follow the dark path or use the light

Jake and Sherry: Chapter 1

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Jake and Sherry: Chapter 1

Climb up the ladders and make your way outside. After the helicopter clears the path, go around the corner to find a doorway. Shoot the emblem on top of it.

Continue outside and run to the left to vault inside a small house. Just ignore the enemies and make your way to the marked door to avoid getting caught in the explosions. After the scene, head outside and follow the walkway to the next building. As you turn around the corner of the building, you'll find the next emblem on top of a metal pole ahead. You can also get it before crossing the hanging bridge.

Mountain Emblem

As Jake, you can just jump across the gap. For Sherry, you have to take a longer route. Get inside the room and climb downstairs. Go around the walkway outside and have Jake pull you up.

Jump to the next crumbling ledge and quickly use the ladder. Don't stay there too long as it will give way under your feet. Climb the next ladder and kick the ladder in the upper ledge for Jake to get across. Get across the hanging bridge then kick the other door open. 

Continue around the cavern and kill the javo along the way. Continue to the ladder and have Jake boost Sherry up. Sherry needs to kick the pole above which Jake can use to swing to the other ledge.

As Sherry, continue along the corridor and kill more enemies. Follow the corridor until you find the gate outside. Jake will reunite with her at this point so kick it open and move forth.

The next path is heavily guarded. Don't bother fighting the enemies here; just keep running until you reach the red gate. Open it for a scene.

Keep running from Ustanak until you reach the next building. Enter the bathroom to the left and grab the herb in the corner. Have your partner boost you up from that side to find a secret room above containing crates, a red herb, a treasure chest with 2000 SP and an emblem as well. See the video below.

Bathroom Emblem

Jump down and go around the corner. Before taking the marked door, check the other door in the corner to find a small storage room. Take the ladder down to find an isolated room with more crates. Backtrack to the next door and kick it open with your partner.

Jump down from this ledge and continue forth. Don't forget to open the case containing some explosives in the shelf ahead. Kick the next door open and kill the enemy reinforcements. There's also a new gun that can be found here, on the second floor. See the video below for more details.

The Elephant Killer

After getting the Elephant Killer, attempt to open the door until Ustanak appears. Here, you have to take him out. Don't bother wasting your bullets on him. You'll have to use the explosive barrels nearby to damage him. Just stand near one and shoot him a few times to get his attention. Evade away once he charges in then quickly shoot the barrel. There are barrels in the upper ledges as well so just in case you need additional explosives.


In the next area, destroy the crates ahead then head to the dark corridor. Follow the path and loot/destroy the boxes along the way. Don't forget to get the 2000 SP from the chest beside the ladder. Climb up then continue outside.

You should see the next emblem as you exit the ruins. It's right above the building ahead. Kill the guards then open the gate to the left.

After the scene, you'll have to help the BSAA taking out the large BOW and the anti-aircraft artillery. If you've played Chris's campaign, this phase should be familiar to you. Otherwise, read on.
One of the BSAA guys named Finn needs to set up charges on the artillery guns and you have to keep the BOW away from him. Shoot it to get its attention; keep doing it until the charges are successfully set and the gun exploded. Head to the building beside the one that has the second gun on the rooftop. This building should have a turret that you can use to easily weaken the BOW. Once it is weakened, approach it and press the melee button to ride its back and damage its weak point.

Helping the BSAA, one BOW at a time

Head to the second gun and help clear the area. Keep the enemies from distracting Finn. After successfully destroying the second gun, another giant BOW will appear this time. You can concentrate on taking out the large BOW. This time, the weak point on its back is not exposed yet. You have to weaken it first then move in to pull the membrane on its back. Once done, repeat the same process until it is defeated. 

Taking out BOWs with style

Once you're in the helicopter, Ustanak will attempt to take Jake. Keep shooting him at the head to release Jake. Keep doing this until you get the prompt to jump to the next helicopter. After jumping to the next chopper, head to the rear turrets and shoot the helicopters. Shoot the enemy missiles down when fired, then concentrate taking out the helicopters to prevent Ustanak from switching rides. Once all the choppers are down, shoot the gas tank to blow him away then press X to grab the parachute.

Taking out BOWs with style

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