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Follow the dark path or use the light

Jake and Sherry: Chapter 5

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Jake and Sherry: Chapter 5

Once you get released, boost Sherry up and crawl under the vent. Let the enemy grab you so you'll fall from the vent. Quickly retrieve your weapons and shoot the lock to open the door and free Jake.

Before leaving, head inside the chamber and shoot the emblem on the ceiling, near the vent where you crawled in. Open the next door and continue along the tunnnel.

After reaching the next room, examine the console in the middle to learn that you need to get some reserve batteries. Activate the lever then wait for the door to be charged. Open it and jump on the platform. Jump to the upper level and pull the lever. Continue to the tunnel afterward.

When you reach an intersection, turn to the right to find a laboratory. Another emblem is located inside the glass cabinet. Follow the path to reach the opening and wait for the platform to reach your level. Jump on it then immediately jump on the next floor once near.

Lab Emblem

Kill more enemies then pull the lever again to activate the third reserve battery.

Jump on the platform again and wait until you can jump back to the previous doorway you came from. Backtrack again to the main control room then wait for the second platform to reach you. Jump on it and get off on the upper floor. Follow the path and pull the lever to activate the fourth battery. A BOW will appear so take it out and help your partner.

Backtrack to other doorway then pull the lever to lower to crane down. Jump to the platform and disable the BOW. After the scene, press the action buttons correctly to complete the sequence successfully. Continue inside and activate the console afterward.

After meeting up with Chris and Piers, examine the marked console to power up the lifts. While riding the lifts, fight off a few enemies that will crash to your lift.

After escaping the lift, follow the corridor then open the next door. Jump down to the catwalk below to trigger a scene. For the first part of the battle, just run away from Ustanak until you find a box blocking your way. Push it over and run along the walkway to the right. You should find an emblem in the corner, sitting in a support pillar.

Continue damaging him until you're forced to fight in one of the solid lava beds. Evade his attacks and continue firing at him. If you have saved up some explosive rounds for your Bear Commander, a few solid hits should significantly weaken him.

During the final phase of the battle, Jake will have to fight Ustanak mano-a-mano while Sherry can operate the container controls and use it to support Jake. Just foresee where Ustanak will be going and rotate the direction of the containers and launch them so the boss gets hit instead. After the battle, head to the next door to leave the area.

After passing the doorway, look to the right to find the chapter's last emblem. Just kick it to get it. Proceed to the next door afterward.

Activate the lever to start the chapter's final sequence. This won't require any explanation since the entire thing will just require button sequences.

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