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Follow the dark path or use the light

Chris and Piers: Chapter 2

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chris and Piers: Chapter 2

In this stage when playing as Piers, you can attempt to unlock the trophy called “Bring the Heat”. This will require you to headshot an enemy at 50m away while the Anti-Materiel Rifle's thermal scope. See the video below for more details. Take out all enemies in the balcony and the one manning the turret.

Thermal sniping

Continue inside the building and clear it off enemies. Destroy the crates inside then attempt to open the door for a scene. You need to hold out until your armored vehicle arrives. Just from a distance and shoot its back. After driving it away, return to door you're trying to open earlier to get an Assault Shotgun.

A giant freakshow

Follow the APC and clear out the road. Continue until you reach an open area with a large number of J'avos waiting. Take out the snipers first and find high ground if you're using Piers. After clearing the area, head to the fence and have Finn blow it open.

Jump down and protect Finn as he is setting up the charges. Prioritize taking out the RPG Javos first as they can deal massive damage. Find this chapter's first emblem by peeking through the window of the container van ahead.

Trainyard emblem

When on the bridge, start by getting the herb nearby and destroying some crates. Go downstairs to trigger the next scene and head to the bridge next.

As Piers, you have to jump across the gap and continue inside the building. Kill the Javos inside and continue upstairs. Once you're in the vantage point, look at the upper part of the bridge to the right to find this emblem. If you're playing as Chris at this moment, you can't get the emblem yet so you'll have to replay the chapter later as Piers.

Bridge emblem

Provide cover fire and wait until the tank moves out of its position. Shoot for the fuel tank behind it to destroy the tank. Leave your position and continue along the walkway leading upstairs. Fight your way to the train track. Go through the wreck train car and find the ladder going down the walkway. Kill the enemy waiting there and loot the crates then head to the end of the catwalk so Chris can lower the ladder for you.

Continue up and kill more enemies then push the dumpster out of the way. You can also go down the walkway below to find more crates and to take out the sniper on the ledge. Hold off the enemies while Finn secures the injured. Once you get the prompt to fall back, do so so Finn can blow up the bridge.

In the next area, run away from the BOW then enter the nearest building. Clear it so Finn can start setting up charges in the anti-air artillery. More enemies will keep pouring in so do your best in fending them off. Once Finn reaches the artillery gun, take the giant B.O.W's attention so Finn can concentrate in setting up the charges.

Enter the next tower and clear it out. Like before, you have to get its attention to draw it away from Finn. You may want to do this on street level. Be careful when the B.O.W grabs a vehicle; it will throw it at you and can instantly kill your character.

You can also climb the adjacent building to mount the turret and use it to kill the giant B.O.W. Doing so will award you with 4000 SP. Regroup with Finn and fend off the javos engaging him. Once he gets to work on the explosives again, stick with him until he's finished.

Another large B.O.W will appear. Man the same turret and attempt to take it down to make your job easier and to get more SP. To defeat this one, you have to weaken it then jump on its back to pull the extension and open its wound.  Keep attacking that hanging membrane to defeat it.

Ogre Again

After taking it out, enter the building where you destroyed the second turret then take the ladder down. Enter the underground passage and kill all enemies along the way. Continue until you find the first ladder. This leads directly the artillery. The second ladder to the right leads inside the ruined building where the second turret is located. Defend Finn until he successfully arms the charges.

You'll be in the city hall next. You'll find another emblem here by taking the narrow corridor to the left of the hall and following it to the right. The emblem shouldn't be hard to miss.

City hall emblem

Head to the second floor of the building and open the marked door. Continue following the corridor and destroying crates along the way until you reach another hall. Here, you'll have to fight armored B.O.Ws. Keep distance and destroy their armor to expose their soft tissues.

Armored B.O.Ws

After defeating them all, follow the path to the next door. Clear the enemies here then open another door to trigger a scene. After the scene, don't leave the room yet. Check the small room behind to find another emblem.

Follow Ada then open the door leading back to the foyer. More armored BOWs will appear. Fight them off if you want for some extra SP. Continue upstairs then open the door.

In the next area, a new type of enemy will appear. Kill them all to proceed to the warehouse. More enemies will appear. Take them all out so you can easily gather considerable SP gain. Continue downstairs to trigger another scene. This completes the mission.

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