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Follow the dark path or use the light

Ada Chapter 4

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Ada Chapter 4

Kill the guard nearby then head to the next door. Examine the console to update your mission objective. You have to collect three separate passcodes. 

Kill the nearby enemy to get the first passcode. Next, open the door and continue to the kitchen. Open the nearby bulk door and continue to the infirmary. Kill the second soldier there to drop the passcode; however, the regenerating slimy BOW will eat it before you can collect it. Wait for it to appear completely and kill it to collect the second passcode. 

Aside from the objective marker, you should see a weapon marker nearby. Make your way to the captain's quarter to find a chest with 5000 SP and a Bear Commander.

Make your way to the living quarters / cabins and the pipe will burst. Disable the other enemy and wait for the fire to be suppressed. Enter the room where the last passcode is then kill the carrier. Backtrack to the door earlier and use the passcodes to open it. Kill two more enemies then open the next door.

Once you're outside, use the grappling hook to reach the next ledge then open the bulk door. Quickly slide under the closing hatch to reach the laundromat. Continue upstairs and examine the window in the next room. There's a trophy you can get by not causing an alarm and killing targets fast and efficiently. Ada's primary weapon is the crossbow, which can silently take out enemies. For this part, you must run around the balcony before the spotlight catches you. Use your grappling hook to reach the upper balcony. Look to the left to find another emblem.

Aircraft Carrier Balcony Emblem

Enter the vent and crawl in the vent. Continue until you reach the end of the vent. Jump down and continue upstairs. There's a room with crates to the left. You can kill the guard there and collect the loot. Otherwise, you can just continue until you reach the bridge. Here, you have to walk behind the enemy and open the door without alerting it. Just move slowly and press the switch when the distance is safe.

Continue outside and jump down. In this section, you have to avoid the searchlights as you make your way to the next point where you can pull yourself up with your grappling hook.

Sneaking around

Once in the balcony, carefully stick with the walls and kill the guard with a headshot otherwise he'll trigger the alarm. Once clear, climb up the ladder.

Next, you have to enter the vent and carefully take out the crawling enemies with your crossbow. There are only two of them so just continue forth after getting rid of them.

Exit the vents and continue forth until you reach the next room. Approach the table for a scene. After that, you'll be outside again. Enter the next doorway then drop down to the lower level. Be careful since there's an enemy here. Take it out and before riding the elevator, check the locker to the left to find another emblem. Ride the elevator afterward. Head outside for another scene. At this point, if you successfully evaded the guards and searchlights without triggering the alarm, the “Sneaking Around” trophy should be unlocked.

After the scene and before jumping down, the emblem should be obviously visible in the corner to the left.

As soon as you jump down, quickly run towards the door then go downstairs to the right. Keep running and opening doors to avoid getting crushed. Once you've reached the part where Ada closes a heavy bulkdoor and there's a large face that will appear by the next doorway, shoot it to disable it temporarily then shoot the emblem behind the boxes.

Goo emblem

Continue running until you reach the part where you get chased by a massive head. Avoid the hands and once you reached the doorway, aim for the liquid nitrogen canisters to flash-freeze and destroy the head. Continue until you reach the lift. Carla's massive disfigured face will appear again. Keep shooting at it until the membranes retract and expose a hole. Shoot any of the canisters behind to defeat this grotesque BOW.  Ride the lift for more scenes and to complete this mission.

The want to destroy the world

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