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Follow the dark path or use the light

Leon and Helena: Chapter 1

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Leon and Helena: Chapter 1

Exit the room and follow the hallway to the next door. Continue to the reception area and go downstairs. After seeing the shadow, give chase to it until you reach the kitchen. Continue following the corridors until you reach the next door. Open it for a scene.

Before leaving, search the storage room to find first serpent emblem in the game.

Head back to the reception hall and continue following the man. Open the reception hall's main door and proceed to the next area. Before opening the next door, continue upstairs to find a first aid spray.

Head to the next room and wait for the man to open the door for you. Continue following the man along the corridor and open the door at the end of the corridor. Continue inside the piano room to find Liz.

Backtrack again and remove the obstacles along the way. Continue forth until the next scene. Next, shoot the girl and survive the action sequence. Open the elevator door and take out the zombies in the underground parking lot.

In the next area, grab the 9mm ammo then continue upstairs. Follow the corridor until you reach a classroom. Kill the zombies there, including the one behind the table. There's also a herb upstairs, beside the blocked aisle. Exit the classroom through the only door there.

Follow the corridor to the next door and open it. A zombie will jump at you so quickly shove it off and kill it. There's another one behind the table to take it out as well. Don't forget to grab the ammo and the herb on the floor before leaving the room. Continue to the next set of doors then go downstairs. There are a couple more zombies there. Kill them and grab the ammo and herb.

Exit through the door and enter the classroom to the left. Check the corner of the room to find a red herb. Carefully head to where the table is and kill the zombies there. Grab the incendiary grenades as well. Exit the room and take out more zombies then open the door that leads outside.

Once outside, turn to the left and vault over the food stand to find two ammo boxes in front of the vending machines. When near the security gate, turn left again to the food stands to find some red and green herbs. Examine the security gate then enter the staff building

In the next corridor, grab the ammo on the floor and the herb before the near door. Attempt to open the door and prepare to survive the next onslaught. Avoid getting pummeled in the middle. You may want to use your shotgun to blow away a few of them then switch to your handgun to kill them. Remember to evade often and avoid getting knocked down. Keep surviving a few more rounds until the sequence is complete.

Check the drawers in the next two rooms for some ammo. In the second room, there's an emblem in one of the drawers too. Continue to the next room to find the campus keycard.

Head outside and place the keycard on the security door. Once inside, kill the zombies inside and continue to the next door. There's a ton of zombies outside so don't bother killing them all. Just run towards the cop car. After the scene, continue to the sewers.

Once inside the sewers, destroy the crates along the way to get some ammo. Jump to the railway and avoid the live wire to avoid electrocution. Continue following the railway and take out the zombies. When you hear the train coming, follow the prompt and press X to avoid it.

Continue until you reach the burning barrel and encounter some undead dogs along the way. Destroy the crates to the left for some random loot and continue forth until you reach the other electrified end of the tunnel. Climb up the ledge and open the door afterward. Carefully continue downstairs until your flashlights give out a bit. Kill the zombies and destroy the crates. Continue to the next door. Open it and disembark to the railway. Turn immediately to the right to find another emblem.

Continue along the train tracks and fend off the hordes of zombies coming your way. Keep on the left for the meantime since there's a train coming in from behind. Continue until you reach a deadend. Climb up the ledge then attempt to open the door. Once done, jump back down to the track and have Leon boost you up.

Once inside, a zombie will jump towards you. Kill it then open the door. Continue to the next door and to the next two cars and defeat the zombies inside. Exit the train car and continue to the next stop. Destroy the crates along the way and make your way to the objective point.

Push the button then open the train door to free a woman. Let the course of events run and have her get eaten then clear the path. Continue upstairs and examine the gate to reach the street level.

Kill the zombies along the way and approach the civilian trapped under the car. Attempt to help him up until an accident happens. Leave the street and enter the alley. Climb up the ladder and follow the catwalk above.

Jump down at the end of the catwalk and kick the door open with your partner. Continue to the street again and take out the initial wave of the undead in front of you. Continue to the next alley and kill more undead. Make sure to kick the barrels for some loot before taking the ladder.

Push the dumpster off the catwalk then jump on the school bus. Drop down to street level again and continue to the Modern Red building entrance.

Head to the bar's backdoor and continue to the next door. Continue to the apartment and attempt to open the next door, only to discover that it's locked. Return to the living room and take the key from the woman on the couch. Kill the newly-infected undead then proceed to unlock the backdoor.

Grab the shotgun from the soldier outside then move along, destroying barrels along the way. Kick the door door down to reach the new area and find a new enemy. Continue along the winery and kill the shrieker and more undead along the way. Once you exit, climb the stairs and jump across to the next ledge. Push the obstacle away then drop down to the ground. Open the gate from the other side to let your partner in.

Continue to the diner and look around beside the counter to find a serpent emblem.

Exit the diner afterward. Help the group of survivors and be careful not to stay in the corner as a police truck will crash in. Kill as many undead as you can for extra loot and skill points then finally, shoot the oozing gas to trigger the next event. Follow where the survivors have gone then open the gate.

Enter the gun store and pick up all items and ammo around. Stay put and kill the undead as they come. Continue killing them until the store shuts down completely and the old geezer lets you in.

While in the second floor, collect more items then fend yourself against more undead. Keep doing this until the windows are completely shut off. Head to the next room afterward.

A large zombie will break through. Keep evading and shooting at it, preferably with your shotgun. Keep going at it until you defeat it. Collect more loot then continue upstairs to the rooftop. Kill more enemies until the bus arrives. Jump down to the alley to ride it.

Finally, kill the obese undead to let the bus go and end this chapter.

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