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Follow the dark path or use the light

Leon and Helena: Chapter 4

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Leon and Helena: Chapter 4

At the start of the chapter, you'll have to confront the enemy. With this narrow space, you have to evade often to avoid getting cornered. Keep shooting until it leaves. Head to the cockpit and pick up the Lightning Hawk from the corpse.

You don't suppose it can fly a plane, can you?

Examine the panel in the side to update your objective. Go downstairs and turn to the right immediately. Peek under the opening to find a serpent emblem.

Make your way to the cargo bay of the plane. Check the executive rooms to find green herbs inside. After going downstairs to the cargo bay, take a look to the emblem inside the cooler to the right.

There's also a chest containing 5000 SP nearby so don't forget to loot it. Head to the bulkhead and turn the valve to sound off the alarm. The spore zombie will appear again. Shoot the gas tanks to quickly weaken it. Then once you get the prompt, open the hatch control cover.

After throwing the enemy off the hatch, climb back up then make your way to the cockpit. The civilians were all infected now so fight your way through them until you reach the cockpit.

Leon will take control of the plane so you have to fend off the horde of the undead coming your way. Continue doing so until the next scene triggers.

After a brief reunion with Sherry, you'll have to face a brute undead. Its attacks are slow so time your evasion to avoid getting caught. If one of your teammates gets captured, get up close and press circle to free him/her. Concentrate your fire; you can even climb up the container vans nearby so you can push over some gas tanks.

More like an ex-girlfriend.

After a brief scene, the brute will be back again. There's four of you so you don't have to worry about taking the heat often. Keep shooting at it and evading its attacks, especially after it changes its shotgun arm to an extending claw.

... this guy doesn't know when to quit

Once you've reached the marketplace, find the next serpent emblem. Watch the video below for more information.

Marketplace Emblem

Head to the storage door and attempt to open it, only to discover that it has three separate locks. You'll also encounter a new undying zombie. First, go past the trash pile where the monster emerged and enter the room behind the fish store ahead to find a chest containing some skill points. Continue to where the first key is only to discover that its behind an electrified gate. Turn off the power using the lever near it then open the gate to get the key

Unbar the door and head to the other side of the market. Make your way around the alley to the right of the storage room entrance and you should find the second key on the floor. A second enemy will appear as well. Find a ladder nearby to reach the rooftop.

Follow the path until you reach gap. Before calling your partner to boost your across, switch to your sniper rifle and look at the billboard at the far distance to find a faintly visible serpent emblem.

Boost across the rooftops and find the ladder down. After reaching the ground level, continue to one of the locked gates and open it from your side so Leon can join you. Find the entrance to the bathroom and call in your partner to break it open. Grab the last key from the floor then head towards the storage room to unlock it using the three keys.

Upon reaching the storage room, move along until one of those monsters appear. Break free then press the action buttons correctly to feed it to the grinder. Exit through the red door afterward.

After the scene, go downstairs and enter the next room. Dash under the laser fence then destroy the capsules near the elevator doorway to disable them. After the another scene, go past the elevator and take the stairs. Continue upstairs and open the next door. Destroy the crates to get some loot then continue to the next room.

Ada will release some explosive-rigged automatons. Destroy them as your partner attempts to override the door locks. Once unlocked, the prototypes will go at it one more time before you can finally leave the place. Kick the vent open and crawl out. Give chase to Ada until you trigger the next scene.

Once in control, go downstairs and destroy the crates for some loot. Exit the compound through the only gate and watch the following scenes.

Get inside the train and boost yourself up when you have the chance. Confront Simmons for a scene. Once he transforms, keep shooting at him until he regresses back to humanoid form. Return inside the train and continue shooting at him. Time your evasion when he leaps to avoid getting damaged. Keep doing this until he's becomes weakened. Get close to him and execute a melee combo attack to deal further damage. Continue doing this until he further mutates into large and fast predator.

Keep shooting at him. As Helena, you have to provide fire support. As Leon, you have to escape his clutches and jump back to the original train you're in. Once the enemy starts shooting projectiles, take cover behind the seats and keep firing at him. He will eventually remove all walls, including the seats so work quickly and deal as much damage to him as possible.

After the battle, climb the stairs for another scene. This will complete the mission.

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Comments for Leon and Helena: Chapter 4

2 comments, latest first.
May 19th 2014 Guest
after the chasing scene is complete and video starts(where chris showns up) after the end of the video it shows mission failed 4 me(not u r dead but failed) what should i do
ID #385616
May 4th 2013 Guest
Thanks for the cheats, they really helped my sister and I make it through!!1
ID #280027