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Follow the dark path or use the light

Chris and Piers: Chapter 1

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chris and Piers: Chapter 1

After dropping off the roof, make your way down and destroy the crates along the way. Open the main door outside. Continue along the main street until the two humvees explode. Enter the door to the left afterward.  Continue upstairs then look to the left to find the first emblem of this campaign.

Building Emblem

Exit the building and make your way to the street. Kill the enemy there and follow the streets until a helicopter gets shot down. Continue forth until you reach the next door. Once there, follow the alley to the next building. Here you'll find some crazed, machete-wielding enemies. Kill them then proceed forth .

Continue following the path until you reach another slaughterhouse where you'll encounter a mutated J'avo. Aim for its arm to kill it then proceed outside.

Javo Arm

Continue along the alley and kill the armed J'avo's along the way. Once you enter the next room, destroy the crate in the corner near the stairs to find the chapter's second emblem.

Continue upstairs and clear the rooms. You'll be in the stairwell next. There's an unaware enemy here which you can exploit to unlock a trophy. Just sneak behind him and wait for the melee icon to appear. Press this to push the enemy off the railing. Repeat five times to unlock the Silent Killer trophy then repeat it ten times to unlock the Give it a Little Push trophy.

Two Trophies in one Checkpoint

Before leaving, peek through between the buildings to the right, before the first flight of stairs and look up. The emblem is found perched at the top of the building.

Continue upstairs for a scene. Kill all the hostiles then make your way to the roof. Jump to the other rooftop for another sequence. Make your way to the objective point while providing cover to Chris.

Continue fighting your way through the straightforward path and clear all hostiles. Proceed until you reach the target building. You'll be ambushed here so fend yourself against several enemies. Use the explosive barrels to your advantage.

B.O.W Ambush

Enter through the door afterward. Clear the indoor marketplace and find the door leading to the lower floors. Head to the 7th floor and clear the area. Make your way to the door where the hostages are kept then open the door. Shoot the crawling javo to free the hostage. If you missed it, follow it and wait for it to return. Kill more hostiles as they appear.  Go upstairs again to the 8th floor to rescue the other hostage.

You have to make your way to the 1st floor to find the last hostage. Continue downstairs to the 6th floor. Search one of the stalls there to find the emblem. There's also a box here that contains 2000 SP so don't miss it.

6th floor Emblem

Find the elevator and ride it down. After the elevator stops, boost Piers up to escape the elevator. Open the elevator door then lob a grenade to the waiting enemies outside to get rid of them. Clear the floor then find the door leading downstairs.

Once you've reached the second floor, don't take the ladders yet. Check the chest in the other side to loot 5000 skill points. Peek through the opening then kill the guard. Kill the remaining guards to save the hostage. Open the door to meet up with the others.

Head to the elevator shaft and climb up. Make your way to the third floor and run around the cracks on the floor to reach the balcony. The mission will be complete afterward.

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