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Follow the dark path or use the light

Chris and Piers: Chapter 3

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chris and Piers: Chapter 3

Climb down the pit and move along for a scene. Follow your team until you reach the red gate. Look to the left to find another emblem on a box. Open the gate afterward.

Once you're out in the street, climb the ladder then drop down to the alley. From there, continue forth and kill a couple of enemies. Climb up the ladder again. Climb the second ladder and a couple more enemies will appear. Take them out and continue up. Clear the following rooms until you cooperatively open a door that triggers the next scene.

Engage the Javo and kill all hostiles. These enemies can jump at incredible heights and latch themselves in the chopper. Just engage and take them out until the last few enemies get marked in the hud.

After taking them all out, head to the marker and wait for your team to blast the door open. Continue upstairs until you reach a ladder. Loot the crates then jump off to the next building. Open the door and grab the grenade launcher from the dead javo near the ladder. Climb the ladder to engage the chopper.

Evade often and carefully place your shots as the grenade launcher's ammo is very limited. Take cover whenever you can and don't waste your shots by shooting blindly. Take note that the launcher has an arc and delay so make the necessary adjustments so your shots land the target. Open the next door afterward.


After saving the checkpoint, follow your team until they kick open a door. Check the rooms to the left to find an emblem on the bed.

Apartment emblem

Exit the room then continue along the corridor. Open the next door and proceed to the next corridor for a scene. Continue following the straightforward path as your teammates get taken out one by one. Once outside, push the rubble away for another scene.

As Piers, you'll start in the third floor. Proceed and enter the next room. Destroy the crates along the way then drop down to the second floor. The target will slither away so just unbar the door and open it. Continue to regroup with your partner.

Open the door then drop down to the lower floor. Open the next door and proceed forth for a scene. For this battle, look out for the shimmer in the background then quickly shoot the enemy once it opens its mouth. If ever it coils itself around you, quickly break free to avoid getting killed. Continue shooting at its mouth whenever you can then follow it in the vent. Follow it to the next room and attempt to damage it there.

Once you dealt enough damage, it will move to the next room. Head there and do the same thing until it leaves. Follow it to reach a square area. Make your way to the next ladder and activate the controls to damage the snake. After Marco reactivates the power, time your activation as the snak passes through to electrocute it. Continue doing this until it is fried. Leave the area and open the next door.

Once there, you have to defeat the mutated Marco. You don't have to fully attack the humanoid form of the insects; just attack the large bee continuously until it is defeated. Pick up Marco's C4 explosive afterward. Destroy the boxes nearby to get more loot.

Opened Beehive

Continue downstairs and open the door. Fight your way across the barges and boats until you reach a gate. Open to trigger a scene. You have to make your way to the seafood restaurant as fast as you can. Don't stop to engage any enemy here; just keep running until you reach the next building.

Helicopter chase

After reaching and before heading forth, take cover and look immediately to your upper left to find an emblem from a distance, high above the bamboo poles across.

Take the ladder up and check the rooms. Smash the vases for some explosive ammo then use your grenade launcher to defeat the helicopter outside.

Run away and jump off from the ledge. Head to the ladder and defeat more enemies along the way. Before going up the ladder though, don't forget to get the 4,000 SP from the chest behind crate and drums nearby. Climb the ladder up and follow the path. Destroy the crates along the way then open the gate for the next scene.

Open the next door and run towards the elevator. Slider under the laser net then destroy the glass capsules to disable it. Enter the next door and continue upstairs. Helena and Leon are on the other side. Though not mentioned, this is a contest who opens the door faster. Your partner will work on the panel. Your job is to keep the prototypes getting near him. Just shoot at them to change their course. If you managed to open the doors faster than the other pair, you can loot the chests outside containing thousands of SP.

Keep pursuing Ada until you eventually catch up on her. Watch the following scene.

You'll be in a car chase after her. As Piers, you'll be driving the Humvee. Just keep holding on the accelerator and boost as necessary to close the distance. As Chris, you'll be the gunner; keep shooting the hostiles as they appear.

BSAA's best driver

Continue following her until you reach a parking lot. Find the way to the upper level to find yourself in an ambush. Before destroying them all, shoot the chapter's last emblem inside the bus ahead. Find your way to the upper parking level again until you see a hole in the wall. Approach it to trigger the next part of the chase. Continue tracking her until you reach an aircraft carrier. This will complete the mission.

BSAA's best gunner

A woman worth chasing

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