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Follow the dark path or use the light

Ada Chapter 3

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Ada Chapter 3

Head to the playground and climb up the box there. Grapple to the next area and proceed along the streets until you finally encounter some enemies near the marketplace. Kill them then check the stalls for some free skill points. There's also another emblem in the accessories stall.

Make your way around the stalls and open the next door. Clear the enemies inside then exit to the streets again. Kill the enemy there then go around by the burning stall. You should see another emblem ahead, past a breakable crate.

Go through the stalls and check them for some ammo. Kill the remaining enemies then vault over the road barricade. Use the grappling hook to reach the next area and trigger the next scene.

After meeting the chainsaw BOW, run across the bamboo walkways and signboards to escape it.

Chainsaw escape

Follow the path until you reach a plaza. You can sneak around the group of undead here or you can waste them if you want. You can also find a chest containing 2000 SP in the corner. 

Get the key from corpse and attempt to open the door. The chainsaw BOW will appear again. Keep shooting at it until it is disabled. Be careful too since the zombies around will crawl and attempt to grab you. Once done, recover the key and open the back street gate.

Taking back what's yours

Continue along the path and head to the objective point. Ada will jump on the bus and you'll have to face the undead BOW again. You have to evade by swinging around the bus. Don't let the BOW knock you off or you'll get ripped to pieces by the waiting undead below. After the bus stops for the first time, look in the front of the bus to find an emblem. Continue shooting the BOW and evading as necessary until the next scene kicks in.

The fight will continue on the rail. You have to do the same thing but this time, you have to be careful of the multiple QTE (quick time events) that will trigger when the fight nears its end.

Bus Ride

After the battle, get to the top of the train. After the airliner crashes, just continue forth and wait for Ada to use her grappling hook to get off the train. Before going upstairs, look at the bottom of the stairs to the right to find an emblem.

Go inside the room and open the drawer beside the fridge to find some skill points. Exit the door afterward.

You'll find Sherry and Jake afterward. You have to provide covering fire for them. Head to the vantage point and take out as many enemies as you can. Keep shooting at the chainsaw BOW to weaken it. As soon as the duo leaves the destroyed restaurant head to the next vantage point and shoot at the BOW until you get the prompt to blow up the suspended iron bars below.

Sniper Support

Get off the crane and head to the next location. This time, you have to wait for the prompt to save Sherry. Do so and continue along the walkways until you reach the jetski. This completes the chapter.

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Jun 14th 2013 Guest
i keep dying instantly even after saving sherry from the chopper blades. i cant get out of this situation. please help and reply quick.
ID #290260