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Follow the dark path or use the light

Leon and Helena: Chapter 3

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Leon and Helena: Chapter 3

After the scene, head to the door but don't pull the lever yet. Look to your left to find another serpent emblem. Pull the lever afterward.

Aside from the jars, make sure to search the coffins as well for more loot. (When playing as Leon, you'll find the Assault Rifle RN from one of the coffins before the trap) Follow the corridor until you trigger a trap. Dash underneath them to get past.

After passing the first set of traps, continue until you find flames blocking your path. Have your partner boost you up the broken ladder nearby. Crawl through the tunnel then jump down to the other side. Kill the zombie that's operating the lever to stop the flames.

Examine the large door to trigger it to open then survive the following zombie attack. Head to the next area afterward.

You'll have to wade through the water and follow the path until you find a dry path. Check one of the closed coffins there to find a serpent emblem.

Follow the path until you reach a gate. Leon will boost Helena up again then crawl into the tunnel. Jump off to the other side and rotate the crank to open the gate for Leon to enter. After the scene, kill a few more zombies then rotate the lever afterward. When playing as Leon, you have to recover a crank which is dropped by one of the attacking zombies.

Continue forth and check the coffins along the way to find more loot. Continue moving and operating the cranks along the way until you finally reunite with your partner. Pull the two levers on the next door afterward.

In the next area, grab the assault rifle from the stone pillar nearby then continue along the path until you reach the drawbridge. Operate the crank nearby to lower it and proceed forth. Continue following this path and be careful with the obese undead you'll encounter along the way. If possible, don't fight them while you're in the hanging bridge.

Once you've reached the checkpoint, have your partner boost you to reach the next ledge. This will keel and fall. Crawl up away from the clutches of the undead (as Helena) while your partner (Leon) tears them apart from a distance.

Keep going and fight your way through more enemies until you reach another crank. Operate it to regroup with your partner. Push the large boulder afterward.

Continue along the path and after vaulting over the first obstacle, look to the right to see a familiar blue-green circle. Shoot it to claim another Serpent Emblem.

Continue until you reach two cranks. Operate them to trigger a scene. Continue running and jumping along the crumbling passage. Once you reach a stable part of the passage with zombies waiting, unload your guns and take them out. Continue running until you reach the end. Push the boulder away for another scene and to reach the next area.

Crumbling passageway

In the underwater area, look for an exit while swimming. Your oxygen is limited so you may want to look for air pockets to breath. Continue along and grab the skill point near an opening to the left. More zombies will grab you so break free as soon as you can. Once you've reached the end of the tunnel, pull the grill to breath and trigger the next scene.

During this sequence, you have to follow the onscreen prompts to avoid dying. Once done, you'll be back in dry land (as Helena) and Leon will have to find a place to climb up. Work your way to regroup.

Dragged underneath

Follow the old corridor until you find a 5.56 NATO ammo along the way. Another serpent emblem should be beside it. (Helena) For Leon, you may have to backtrack to this location by taking the ladder next to the broken iron gate.

Continue along the hanging bridge to find the gate blocking Leon's path (Helena). Point your gun's laser pointer at the circular mirror to open it. As Helena, you have to provide cover to Leon by shooting at the shark's glowing tongue. Continue doing this until he reaches safety. Destroy the vases nearby then push the gate open to trigger the next scene.

During this sequence you have to aim for its tongue. Continue blasting it until you have the chance to blow it away using the TNT barrel.

One ugly mother-f.....

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Comments for Leon and Helena: Chapter 3

3 comments, latest first.
Mar 3rd 2015 Guest
There is this glitch where the shark flies over you then its gone, your just sliding there like forever. Any fix to dis?
ID #523580
Mar 29th 2013 Guest
ive tried several times to do this scene but cant shoot the barrel can you help
ID #268322
Dec 7th 2012 Guest
Y wont itlet u pik up ammo at times
ID #215814