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Resident Evil 6 Cheats for PS3

Cheats and Tips for Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough and Guide
Resident Evil 6 Guide
We take you through the complete single player game, plus give you all the emblem locations and hit you up with how to complete all the trophies.

We have 17 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Resident Evil 6 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox 360 : Xbox One : PlayStation 4

You can also ask your question on our Resident Evil 6 Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Bonuses

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding bonus.
Unlock Agent Hunt Mode:
Complete 1 campaign. This mode allows you to play as the monsters, with the objective to kill the main characters before they finish the chapter.
Unlock Eight Skill Arrangements (3 Skills Per Arrangement) for Use Any Time in Campaign Mode:
Complete 1 campaign.
Unlock 'Steel Beast' Map in Mercenaries Mode:
Complete 2 campaigns.
Unlock Ada's Campaign:
Complete ALL 3 default campaigns.
Unlock 'Mining The Depths' Map in Mercenaries Mode:
Complete ALL 3 default campaigns.
Unlock Infinite Ammo Skill for Each Weapon:
Complete ALL 4 campaigns.

Interacting with the Playground

Near the beginning of Chapter 3 in Chris' campaign you will see a children's playground on your left after you have passed through the alleys. At the playground Chris and Piers can both interact with the jungle gym, panda ride and the two slides.

Infinite Ammunition for Wing Shooter

If you run out of extra ammunition for the Wing Shooter while playing as Leon in his campaign and you still have some bullets left in the magazine just aim down the sights with L2 and press Triangle to switch to Leons duel-wielding mode. Then if you press Triangle again to switch back you will have a full magazine.

Unlock Alternate Ending

Complete Ada Wong's campaign to view the alternate ending after the credits.

Alternate Costumes for Mercenaries

When you get an 'A' rank in Mercenaries mode with the indicated character the corresponding costume will become available.
Pirate Leon:
Get an 'A' rank in Mercenaries mode with Leon.
Puffy Jacket Jake:
Get an 'A' rank in Mercenaries mode with Jake.
R.P.D. Helena:
Get an 'A' rank in Mercenaries mode with Helena.
Racer Piers:
Get an 'A' rank in Mercenaries mode Piers.
Samurai Chris:
Get an 'A' rank in Mercenaries mode Chris.
School Girl Sherry:
Get an 'A' rank in Mercenaries mode Sherry.
White Dress Ada:
Get an 'A' rank in Mercenaries mode Ada.

Unlock 'Curious Fan' Title

This becomes available when you complete the Resident Evil 5 campaign.

Serpent Emblems (Heirlooms Trophy)

There are a total of 80 hidden emblems to collect, they are in each of the four campaigns (Chris, Leon, Jake and Ada). Each chapter in a campaign has exactly 4 Serpent Emblems. To collect an emblem you need to shoot it with your weapon. You can keep track of how many collectibles you have found by going to either the 'Records' menu or 'Extra Conent' menu. You can leave the game immediately after collecting the emblem, there is no need to reach the next checkpoint. Check out the videos below to see the location of the Serpent Emblems in each of the campaigns.
Chris' Campaign
Chapter 2 and Chapter 4 have to be played as Piers! Two emblems cannot be shot when playing as Chris.

Stamina Recovery

When your character is aiming perform a dodge maneuver that has the character grounded afterward and your stamina will replenish back to normal if it is depleted.

Alternate Sniper Rifles Uses

If you incorporate the quick-shot action to the sniper rifle it can also be used as an effective close-quarter weapon which means it can substitute any shotgun, the Desert Eagle, and the Elephant Killer when ammo is scarce for them. Piers' anti-material rifle is a one hit-kill on most enemies near or far.

Mercenaries Characters

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding character for Mercenaries mode. Leon, Chris and Jake are unlocked by default.
Unlock Ada Wong:
Complete Ada's Campaign.
Unlock Carla Radames:
Unlock ALL other characters costumes in Mercenaries mode.
Unlock Helena Harper:
Complete 'Urban Chaos' map with a 'B' rank or higher in Mercenaries mode.
Unlock Piers Nivans:
Complete 'Steel Beast' map with a 'B' rank or higher in Mercenaries mode.
Unlock Sherry Birkin:
Complete 'Mining the Depths' map with a 'B' rank or higher in Mercenaries mode.
Unlock Secret BSAA Soldier:
Unlock ALL other characters and their costumes in Mercenaries mode.

Seceret Video

When you have beaten ALL 4 campaigns a video becomes unlocked that will play after any credit video from any of the campaigns.

Extra Content Stages

When you complete the following stages with the indicated rank the corresponding stage will become unlocked. Stages must be unlocked separately for each Extra Content mode (Mercenaries, Siege, Predator, etc).
Stage 4 - Rail Yard:
Clear Mining the Depths with a 'B' rank.
Stage 5 - High Seas Fortress:
Clear Rail Yard with a 'B' rank.
Stage 6 - Catacombs:
Clear High Seas Fortress with a 'B' rank.
Stage 7 - Requiem for War:
Clear Catacombs with a 'B' rank.
Stage 8 - Liquid Fire:
Clear Requiem for War with a 'B' rank.
Stage 9 - Rooftop Mission:
Clear Liquid Fire with a 'B' rank.
Stage 10 - Creature Workshop:
Clear Rooftop Miss..

Defeating Large Blue Gas Zombies

Try to kill these large blue zombies quickly as they turn humans into zombies. To kill them you need to aim fo their head and keep shooting until they kneel down. When this happens you need to make sure you finish them off.

Unlock Mercenaries Mode Maps

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding map in Mercenaries mode will become available.
Unlock 'Mining The Depths' Map:
Complete Jake's campaign on any difficulty setting.
Unlock 'Steel Beast' Map:
Complete Chris' campaign on any difficulty setting.

Unlimited Ammo

When you complete ALL four Story modes you will be able to buy unlimited ammo under 'Skill Settings'.

Mercenaries - Hidden Bosses

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding boss will become unlocked.
Gnezdo - Steel Beast:
Perform 25 Coup de grace attacks before 80 kills.
Gnezdo - High Sea Fortress:
Perform 40 melee kills before 80 kills.
Napad - Urban Chaos:
Perform 15 Counter Kills before 80 kills.
Strelat Mining the Depths:
Kill 70 enemies before 600 seconds.
Strelat - Catacombs:
Perform 20 Quick Shot Kills.
Ubistvo - Rail Yard:
Perform 25 Quick shot kills before 80 kills.

Very easy way to beat no hope!!

All you have to do is play the very last stage of every chapter of Leon,chris,Jake, and ada's campaign. But make sure you ammo, if you don't you can play a chapter of who you want to beat no hope on, and play it on easy and now you have ammo GOOD LUCK ON NO HOPE

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