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Follow the dark path or use the light

Jake and Sherry: Chapter 3

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Jake and Sherry: Chapter 3

To get one of the emblems in this chapter, you have to play as Jake. If you prefer playing as Sherry, you can quit the game then start the chapter as Jake then finish it as Sherry later.

(Jake) Kill the enemies to get the switchboard key. Open it to start the scene. Jake's a very good melee fighter but still, avoid engaging too many enemies. Use counterattacks whenever you can to ensure that your combat gauge is not depleted easily. Make your way to the exit point which is obviously marked with red pipes. Push the stand near the pipes and use it to enter the vent.

In the next room, operate the camera and switch it two times. Shoot the emblem located on top of the shelf. Now zoom in to the panel which Sherry opened to learn the correct passcode to open the door in your end. Continue forth and crawl under the vent. Climb up the ladder and continue moving forth until you meet up with Sherry.

(Sherry) Walk around the room until the power goes out. Open the door and continue along the corridor, killing guards along the way. Head to the dimly lighted corridor so Jake can provide fire support using the armed security camera. Head to the security exit to find a locker room.

Hide in the locker in front of the door console to learn the passcode. Open the door and head to the next room. Jake will provide cover again so let him take care most of the enemies. Exit to the locker room and sit down the bench to call Jake. Watch the following scenes and you'll get your equipment back.

After the scene, you'll be reunited with your partner and get your equipment back. Go along the corridor and take out the guards in the stairs to get an ID medal. Before continuing forth, check out the room downstairs past the blue door. Check the shelf there to find an emblem.

Continue upstairs and clear the corridors. Enter the room to the right and check the drawer in the bedroom to find another ID medal.

Next, head inside the library and kill all enemies inside. One of the reinforcements will drop an ID medal, and you'll find another one in one of the bookshelves in the upper level.

Continue along the corridor and kill the enemies to get another ID and go downstairs in the next room. One of the enemies there carries an ID medal as well.

Examine the buddha in the large hall then place three ID medals to open a secret room in the upper floor. Head there and enter the small room to the right to find an ID medal by the fireplace.

Next, go to the bar and kill more enemies for one of them to drop another ID medal. Play the piano piece as well to reveal another one. Before leaving the bar, continue killing the enemies to get another ID medal.

Now return to the buddha statue and place all the medals there. Once the door opens, go inside and open the  door to find the comm room. After the scene, exit and you'll find more enemies.

Approach the door and a tank will bust through. Take cover behind the buddha and wait for it to get destroyed. Among the debris, you'll find another emblem. Boost Sherry in the corner where an altar is located then have Jake take the stairs and cross the gap using an armbar. Head to the double-door next.

Buddha emblem

After the checkpoint, run along the corridor to escape the pursuing tank. After reaching the dead end, jump through the window, loot the crates and kick the door open. There's another emblem found in the next area so refer to the video below for more information:

Pond emblem

Take the stairs then enter the room to the right to find some crates. Pull the lever afterward to have Jake swing over to the other side. As Jake, you have to lure the tank towards you so it turns the statue along the way. Once the angle is correct, swing to the other ledge and kill all enemies. As Sherry, you have to hold off until Jake makes it to the other side.

There are also two chests on the tables so don't forget to loot them before taking the bike. Ride the bike to complete the mission.

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Jan 2nd 2015 Guest
What's the second passcode for the other door
ID #494713
Aug 3rd 2013 Guest
how do you get the boxes and bear commander that are behind the gate
ID #302443