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Shard Trading

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Appendix 10

Shard Trading

In the process of playing the game and using the Rock Smash move you are going to find a variety of shards, though initially there is no explanation as to what the shards are for...  If you always talk to the people you encounter in towns, eventually you are going to stumble upon one of the two Shard Traders in the game.  You might be wondering if it is worth trading these shards to the Shard Traders -- the simple answer is YES, as that is what the shards were put into the game for!

What do you get when you trade a shard to a Shard Trader?  Why, berries of course!

There are two Shard Traders in the game: the Juggler outside of the Center in Violet City who you should discover early in the game, and the Juggler near the Pal Park.  Depending upon the shard that you trade, you will get a different set of berries -- read the Berry Sciences to get an idea of which berries you want to hold on to and plant, as some are more useful than others!

-- Violet City Juggler --
Blue Shard: Chesto / Oran / Wiki
Green Shard: Aguav / Lum / Rawst
Red Shard: Cheri / Leppa / Pecha
Yellow Shard: Aspear / Iapapa / Sitrus

-- Fuchsia City Juggler --
Blue Shard: Bluk / Cornn / Kelpsy
Green Shard: Durin / Hondew / Wepear
Red Shard: Persim / Pomeg / Razz
Yellow Shard: Grepa / Nomel / Pinap

As far as I know the Enigma Berry does not appear in this game, or have any use, and of the berries that you can trade shards for, the most useful appear to be the Persim (Red Shard) as that allows your Pokemon to recover from Confusion, and is the only really useful berry in the lot from Fuchsia.

There are a few from Violet City that can be thought of as useful, including Chesto and Oran (Blue Shard) which recover from Sleep and restore 10 HP respectively, Rawst and Lum (Green Shard) which heal Burns and Cure ANY Status Issue respectively.  All three of the Red Shard berries are useful: Cheri cures paralysis, Leppa restores 10 PP, and Pecha cures Poison.  For the Yellow Shard only the Aspear and Sitrus are useful, healing freeze (defrost) and restoring a small amount of HP respectively.

There are two ways that the berries can be used -- either as a held item by your Pokemon, who I presume will activate it when it makes sense to, or by you as an item.  Either way for the most part they are like free potions/items, so why not use them?  It is not like you have anything else to do with those Shards, right?

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Jan 17th 2013 Guest
I was kinda hoping that it'd be like in Saphire, Ruby and Emerald where in you trade them and get an evolution stone respectively Blue Shard= Water Stone, Red Shard=Fire Stone, yellow shard=Thunder Stone, and green shard= Leaf Stone.
ID #243639
Aug 29th 2012 Guest
heart scales
ID #181347
Sep 19th 2010 Guest
how to trade shards for moves
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