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Berry Sciences

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Appendix 02

Berry Sciences

In the original games you could pick berries once a day, and in later games you could grow them on patches of proper soil all over the land.  As the berries had a particularly valuable use in the earlier games, being able to grow them selectively to use in creating blocks was well worth the effort -- but neither of those mechanisms exist in this game.  In its place, berries are more of a utility than a means to an end.

To obtain a reasonable supply of useful berries, the player can obtain a set of Berry Pots, in which they can grow their berry plants by keeping them with them as they adventure.  No more making the rounds to various plots to fertilize and water them then! 

Under this system there are really only a handful of what are termed "useful" berries for you to cultivate, and those include the following:

-- Babiri Berry: Weakens an opponents Special Steel-type Attack.
-- Charti Berry: Weakens an opponents Special Rock-type Attack.
-- Cheri Berry: Cures Paralysis
-- Chesto Berry: Cures Sleep.
-- Chilan Berry: Weakens an opponents Special Normal-type Attack.
-- Chople Berry: Weakens opponents Special Fighting-type Attack.
-- Coba Berry: Weakens an opponents Flying-type Attack.
-- Colbur Berry: Weakens an opponents Special Dark-type Attack.
-- Haban Berry: Weakens an opponents Dragon-type Attack.
-- Kebia Berry: Weakens opponents Special Poison-type Attack.
-- Leppa Berry: Restores 10 PP
-- Mago Berry: Restores HP / Causes Confusion if hates Sweet food.
-- Occa Berry: Weakens opponents Special Fire-type Attack.
-- Payapa Berry: Weakens an opponents Special Psychic-type Attack.
-- Pecha Berry: Cures Poison
-- Persim Berry: Cures Confusion
-- Pomeg Berry: Makes more friendly but lowers base HP.
-- Rawst Berry: Cures Burn
-- Rindo Berry: Weakens opponents Special Grass-type Attack.
-- Shuca Berry: Weakens an opponents Special Ground-type Attack.
-- Sitrus Berry: Restores small amount of HP.
-- Tanga Berry: Weakens an opponents Special Bug-type Attack.
-- Wacan Berry: Weakens opponents Special Electric-type Attack.
-- Wiki Berry: Restores HP / Causes Confusion if hates Dry food.
-- Yache Berry: Weakens opponents Special Ice-type Attack.

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Comments for Berry Sciences

1 comments, latest first.
Aug 9th 2012 Guest
Just would like to point out a few things here:
The Sitrus Berry heals a quarter of the pokemon's total HP. If used as a held item, the pokemon will eat the berry (healing a quarter of its HP in battle) once its HP bar turns yellow (or sooner, if the pokemon has the ability Gluttony).
The Lum Berry is not on your list, but in my opinion it should be. It's a Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Persim, and Rawst Berry combined. It heals any status ailment!
You're also missing the other "Restores HP but causes confusion if the pokemon hates ___ food" berries. There's one for every food flavor.
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