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Heading West

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Heading West

Battle with Blue

With Snorlax in our PC Storage we are now on the cusp of an adventure of sorts -- but as we do not have the proper moves available a full exploration of Diglett's Cave is really not on just now.  Still, we do need to get through it, so dust off your Repels and use them!  Enter the cave and pop the top of a Repel and keep doing that all the way through so that we are not forced into fights we do not want or need at the moment.  Our only goal is to reach the other side of the Cave, and exit onto Route 2, which is the start of our next great adventures!

Once you are through the cave, pop around the right side of the entrance to grab the Carbos from the treasure ball there, then head back around and to the west, cut the tree at the end of the narrow path, and head north into Pewter City!

-- Pewter City --

Enter town and hit the Center to heal and save, and then run over to the hill east of the Mart and speak with the bloke on top to receive the Key Item: Silver Wing.  Head into the Museum at the north end of town and speak to Steven, then the Scientist, who will ID your stone for you.  As you exit the Museum you are confronted by the battle with Latios!  Do your best to capture it, right? 

In the northeast corner of the town are a pair of Apricorn Trees -- a White and a Blue.  Collect those and then, using your treasure detector, grab the Guard Spec from the flower garden to the southeast.  With that done all that remains is for us to pop into the Gym and have a battle, right?

-- Pewter City Gym --

Have a chat with the Greeter and then take on the sub-leaders to pick up some easy XP.  If you need to, heal and save do so, and then face Brock (I thought it rather fitting for you to take on Misty and then Brock as your next Gym Leader). 

Brock opens the battle with his Level 51 Graveler, followed by his Level 51 Rhyhorn, his Level 54 Onix, Level 52 Kabutops, and finally his Level 53 Omastar!  Defeating Brock wins us the Boulder Badge and TM80, Rock Slide.  It is also a star moment for you if you happen to be a fan of the anime (which I am!).

Bear in mind that this is really all that we came here to do at the moment, so head back south now, hit the Center to heal and save, and then return to the entrance to the cave and continue south from there!

Grab the Pink Apricorn from the tree by the house, then head inside to be gifted with a Nugget!  Head straight south from here and enter the gate, where you will encounter one of the Professor's Assistants, who will give you a Sacred Ash and let you know that the Prof is waiting for you in Pallet Town!

Exit the gate and continue south, grabbing the Elixir from the treasure ball on the west side of the path, then cut the tree nearby and get on the path, where you will battle Bug Catcher Rob, and then head south into Viridian City!

-- Viridian City --

If you need to hit the Center to heal and save.  It would be nice if we could fight the Gym Leader now, but sadly he is out.  Once you have healed up continue south for our meeting with the Prof in Pallet Town!  On the way out of town cut the tree and talk to the bloke standing inside the blocked off area to obtain TM85, Dream Eater.

Once you have the TM, head south through the gatehouse and follow the west side of the path -- grab the Black Apricorn -- battle School Kid Danny, Ace Trainer French, and Ace Trainer Quinn before you enter Pallet Town!  The house to the west belongs to Red, and the one to the east Blue, whose sister Daisy will admit that her brother is the missing Gym Leader, and yes, indeed, he is away at the moment.

Head into the Lab to chat up the Prof, who will have a chat with you, give you a bit of encouragement, and have a look at your Dex for you!  With that done, what we really need to do is head for the second to last Gym, on Seafoam Island.  We have to get that 15th Gym Badge in order for Blue to return to his Gym so that we can battle him and obtain the last badge.  So once you have finished talking to the Prof, head to the water and Surf out!

-- Route 21 --

Route 21 Beasties List

-- Chinchou #170 (Any) Fishing
-- Hoothoot #163 (Any) Headbutt
-- Lanturn #171 (Any) Fishing
-- Ledyba #165 (Any) Headbutt
-- Magikarp #076 (Any) Fishing
-- Mr. Mime #122 (Any) Normal
-- Shellder #090 (Any) Fishing
-- Spinarak #032 (Any) Headbutt
-- Tangela #114 (Any) Normal
-- Tentacool #072 (Any) Fishing
-- Tentacool #072 (Any) Surfing
-- Tentacruel #073 (Any) Fishing
-- Tentacruel #073 (Any) Surfing
-- Wurmple #265 (Any) Headbutt

Route 21 is pretty basic -- and there are probably a few Pokemon that you could add to your dex here, Tangela for example, who you can grab on the tall grass on the other side of the fence from Pallet Town.   Once you have any that you need, head back onto the water and follow the route, where you will find some trainers to battle as well!

Your first battle will be with Swimmer Nikki who is in the water, and then on the first sandbank you battle Bird Keeper Kinsley and Fisherman Murphy.  On the second island is Fisherman Arnold, and on the water to the south, Swimmer Chelan.  On the third island is Fisherman Liam, and in the channel nearby is Swimmer Tyson.

The next island south has Fisherman Gideon, then in the channel is Swimmer Esteban, and on the next island you will battle Bird Keeper Easton, for the last battle prior to reaching Cinnabar Island. 

-- Cinnabar Island --

There is a Center on the Island for you to heal and save at -- however there is not much else for you to do here due to the volcano having erupted...

Cinnabar Island Beasties List

-- Chinchou #170 (Any) Fishing
-- Lanturn #171 (Any) Fishing
-- Magikarp #076 (Any) Fishing
-- Shellder #090 (Any) Fishing
-- Tentacool #072 (Any) Fishing
-- Tentacool #072 (Any) Surfing
-- Tentacruel #073 (Any) Fishing
-- Tentacruel #073 (Any) Surfing

So once you are all healed up and have saved, jump back on the water and continue along, and you cross on to Route 20!

-- Route 20 --

Route 20 Beasties List

-- Chinchou #170 (Any) Fishing
-- Lanturn #171 (Any) Fishing
-- Magikarp #076 (Any) Fishing
-- Shellder #090 (Any) Fishing
-- Tentacool #072 (Any) Fishing
-- Tentacool #072 (Any) Surfing
-- Tentacruel #073 (Any) Fishing
-- Tentacruel #073 (Any) Surfing

Route 20 is pretty much the same as 21 in the sense of what you are facing -- trainers and wild encounters is pretty much it.  But you can pick up some good XP from the trainer battles, so you may as well do those...

You can battle Swimmer Frankie and Swimmer Mina on the water, then head south to the sandbar to face Bird Keeper Bert, Picnicker Cheyenne, and Bird Keeper Ernie.  Back on the water you battle Swimmer Leona, and then at the first cave entrance, Picnicker Adrian is waiting for you.

-- Seafoam Island Gym  --

Enter the cave here and take the ladder up, have a chat with the Greeter, and then take out the sub-leaders!  If you take too much damage or use up your PP you should probably hit the Center on Cinnabar or one of the towns via Fly and heal up before facing the Leader...

There are a total of six sub-leaders to battle, followed by the Gym Leader Blaine, who is at the center of the Gym.  Blaine leads with his Level 54 Magcargo, followed by his Level 54 Magmar, and finishes up with his Level 59 Rapidash.  This victory is an important one -- it gains us the Volcano Badge and TM50, Overheat.  As we now have the 15th Badge, it is time to Fly to Cinnabar Island and have a chat with Blue, who is standing above the Center.

Blue tells you about what has happened here on the Island, and then tells you that he will be waiting for you at his Gym when you are ready, and with that he marches off.  Right then, well... This is what we have been striving for, so Fly to Viridian City now!

-- Viridian City Gym --

Take the blue left-arrow on the right side of the Gym to battle Ace Trainer Arabella, who leads with her Level 53 Stantler, and finishes with her Level 52 Tauros.  Follow the far right side up, using the two red up-arrows to the blue left-arrow to reach the neutral pad, and then go straight down from there to the blue left-arrow to confront Ace Trainer Salma.  Salma leads with her Level 50 Slowking, then finishes with her Level 53 Lickilicky. 

Return to the entrance, and then follow the path up the right side to the neutral pad, then use the red up-arrow in the center of the room to reach the next neutral pad.  Head up and use the red up-arrow to end up on the next neutral pad, then use the red up-arrow to the right of the pad to reach the next neutral pad!  Take the red up-arrow to the right and that will land you at the next neutral pad, then the red up-arrow above, and that will take you all the way around the top and down to the neutral pad in front of Ace Trainer Bonita!

Bonita leads with her Level 50 Spinda, and finishes with her Level 52 Sudowoodo.  After the battle use the red up-arrow on your right to end up at the neutral pad on the upper right, and then use the red up-arrow in the very center of the room to reach Ida and Elan, the last set of sub-leaders for you to battle!

They lead with a Level 52 Porygon and a Level 50 Azumarill, which you should handily defeat, clearing the way for you to take on the Leader!  If you have taken too much damage or lost a lot of PP, it may be an idea to hit the Center, heal and save, and the return.

If you are ready to face the Leader then head back down and use the yellow down-arrow on the right, which will put you back on the upper right neutral pad.  Now use the red up-arrow on the far right next to the wall, and that will place you on the top neutral pad, right before the Leader.  All that you need do at this point is walk up and face him!

-- Leader Blue Battle --

Blue is rather cocky and insulting, but as he leads with a Level 55 Exeggutor, I suppose he can get away with that...  Next up is his Level 58 Rhydon, then his Level 56 Machamp, which puts you half-way through his team. 

Next up is his Level 58 Arcanine, followed by his Level 52 Gyarados, and finally his Level 60 Pidgeot to finish off the battle!  Victory here means that you have now earned the final Gym Badge for the game, the Big Number 16, the Earth Badge, as well as TM92, Trick Room, and the ability to finally use Rock Climb outside of battle!  Congratulations mate!  You are very close to the pinnacle for this game!

There is a bit left still for us to do in the main story line, and then there are quite a few minor items that we need to take care of, but for now bask in your accomplishment!  As you exit the Gym you get a call from Professor Oak telling you that he has something for you that he forgot to give to you, and that you should return to the Lab in Pallet Town now.

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May 26th 2015 Guest
Super cheats admin you have to mention that battle with latios is only possible if you have the key item Enigma stone
ID #561682
May 26th 2015 Guest
Super cheats admin you have to mention in the guide that battle with latios is only possible if you have the key item Enigma stone
ID #561678
Mar 25th 2015 ImmortalWarrior
The stone the scientist is supposed to id was in an event
It is called Enigma Stone
U can search its action replay code if you like...
ID #532710
Mar 17th 2013 Guest
i didn't see latios. what do i do to see him?
ID #264476
Dec 24th 2011 Guest
Where do i get the stone that the scientist is suppose to id?
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