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Goldenrod City

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Goldenrod City


Goldenrod City Gym Boss Battle

Visiting a new city -- and this is one of the bigger cities in Johto -- is always a pleasure, and Goldenrod is no exception to that rule.  There is a lot to do here, and you are going to want to spend some time exploring!  Before you do that, head to the Center and heal and save!  Now that you have taken care of that routine chore, check out the buildings and talk to all of the people in town.  At a minimum you will want to explore:

-- Goldenrod Department Store
-- Goldenrod Bike Shop
-- Goldenrod City Game Corner
-- Goldenrod City Radio Tower
-- Goldenrod Underground
-- Goldenrod City Flower Shop
-- The Name Rater
-- Johto-Kanto Magnet Train Line Station
-- The Global Terminal

-- Goldenrod Department Store --

In the Goldenrod Department Store on the 5th Floor is a Trainer that will trade you a Machop for a Drowzee, and on the 6th Floor you can buy a ticket for the Daily Drawing.  Also on the 6th Floor is a rack of vending machines from which you can purchase healing beverages -- sometimes you will get two for the price of one! 

On your way out be sure to use the lift instead of the stairs and head down to the Basement Level, where you will find treasure balls distributed around.  You can obtain  an Ultra Ball, an Ether, and a Burn Heal -- don't worry, you are not stealing!  One of the employees tells you that you can have the junk on the ground if you like.

-- Goldenrod Bike Shop --

Stop in to talk to the owner who will loan you a bike as compensation for advertising for him!

-- Goldenrod City Game Corner --

In previous versions of the games the Game Corner had casino style slot machines -- the Japanese version of HeartGold and SoulSilver still do but the other versions have a simple matching game instead.  Talk to the bloke at the table to get your Coin Case, and then sit across from him to play the game.  If you win enough coins you can purchase some Pokemon as prizes here!

It does not cost you anything to play this game, and playing it is not hard to figure out!  On the boarder there are blocks that tell you how many points there are and how many Voltorb there are in a given line.  If you have played Minesweeper you sort of get the idea, but sadly there are no warning systems and there is no easy way to know for sure if a square has a Voltorb, because unlike Minesweeper there is no relationship between the numbers and the potential presence of a Voltorb.

The simple way to play is to reveal any lines with no Voltorb and then quit -- you receive all of the coins that you win up to that point after quitting, whereas if you draw a Voltorb you lose all the coins from that game.  This may be a bit boring but by playing that way you can easily acquire the coins you need by trading time for coins.  Embrace the suck, mate, it is really the only way to do it.



- Abra 200 Coins
- Dratini 2,100 Coins
- Ekans 700 Coins
Held Items

- Metronome 1,000 Coins
- Silk Scarf 1,000 Coins
- Wide Lens 1,000 Coins
- Zoom Lens 1,000 Coins


- Flamethrower 10,000 Coins
- Ice Beam 10,000 Coins
- Rest 6,000 Coins
- Substitute 2,000 Coins
- Sword Dance 4,000 Coins
- Thunderbolt 10,000 Coins

-- Goldenrod Underground --

As you enter the Underground you will run into Lyra, who will give you a Fashion Case and then take off.  The Underground contains a variety of shops and services as well as Trainer Battles, so be aware that there will be some fighting involved here, but that is a great way to level so no worries there mate!  Head on in and explore for a bit -- you can get your Pokemon groomed to increase their mood and how much they like you, you can get deals on items, but all that depends upon the real life day of the week, so check back often, right?

-- Goldenrod City Radio Tower --

Inside at the desk you can play the daily lotto - if any of your Pokemon have ID numbers that match the numbers of the lotto you can win a prize.  This includes Pokemon in storage in the PC as well!

To the right of the counter you can take a five-question quiz of general questions that, if you pass it, gets you a Radio Card for your Pokegear -- with that you can now listen to the radio!

The questions are:

(1) Can you check the Town Map in your Pokegear? (Yes)
(2) Nidorina can only be female. True? (Yes)
(3) Kurt, the Poke Ball creator, uses apricots as ingredients? (No)
(4) It's impossible to use a TM on a Magikarp. True? (Yes)
(5) In Professor Oak's popular show, Pokemon Talk, is he on with Marie? (No)

Head upstairs and collect a Blue Card from Buena so that when you listen to her broadcasts and learn the secret word you can obtain points on your Blue Card!

-- The Global Terminal --

The Global Terminal has three floors, and uses warp panels to go from floor to floor.  The blue panel goes to the Global Trade Station (GTS), the green panel to the Box Data and Dress-Up Data on the 2nd floor, and the pink panel to the 3rd floor, for the Battle Video Gallery.

An the GTS Level you can register your location and view the location of trainers you have traded with in the world, access the GTS system to do trades, and use the consoles to check rankings on the Vs. Recorder via Wi-Fi, and examine Battle Videos Rankings online.

I wanted to note that if you are in to collecting trade locations on the Big Globe this is now a lot easier as you can specify the geographic location when searching for a trade now!  How cool is that?!

-- Goldenrod City Flower Shop --

Located right next door to the City Gym is the Flower Shop -- a place where, if you defeat the Gym Leader, you can obtain the Key Item Watering Can, which you need to clear the Sudowoodo from Route 36!  Remember to return here after you defeat the Gym Leader!

-- Name Rater --

This is the place where you can get the name you have given a Pokemon rated and, if it is low or you do not like it, you can change it!  Of course this does not work on traded Pokemon but still, this could be useful!

-- Goldenrod City Gym --

As you enter you will see the Greeter -- speak to him to learn that this is a Gym for Normal Type Trainers, and his recommendation that you use Fighting Type Pokemon.

As you can see there are raised platforms for you to negotiate, so head up the stairs and then north to face Beauty Victoria, who has a Level 9 Sentret, a Level 13 Sentret, and a Level 16 Sentret.  After you defeat her head down the lower stairs to the center area and face Beauty Samantha, and her pair of Level 16 Meowth.  If you have trouble in here remember that the Onix we traded for earlier would be very effective here!

Run around the east side of the room (on the outside part) to enter the arch above, and you are in the proper center of this area now.  You will face Lass Carrie, who has a Level 17 Snubbull that should not give you too much trouble.  After her the last junior leader left is Lass Cathy, who uses a trio of Level 15 Jigglypuff!  Mind their Charm, but hey, we always hurt the ones we love, right?

The Gym Leader is next - Whitney - and she only has two Pokemon, but depending on what you brought with you and how high -- or low -- the levels are, they can be something of a challenge!  She opens with her Level 17 Clefairy, who you should expect to have a lengthy fight with as Whitney will use a Super Potion when you get its health low.  This Clefairy has Metronome and Mimic, so chances are it will snag a copy of one of your moves.  If it gets lucky with Metronome it can really hurt you.

Her next and final is a Level 19 Miltank -- I thought that this was an unlikely one for her considering that she likes cute and adorable and the Miltank is hardly that, but maybe some people find cows pretty?  She usually leads with Stomp here, and depending on your type that can be bad, or good.  When she gets desperate she will use Attract in the hopes of keeping your Pokemon from really doing the hurt, and this is generally followed by a Super Potion, so you end up having to battle another almost full health bar with Attract whittling away at your damage potential.

Once you defeat her Whitney has an emotional breakdown and starts crying, leaving you wondering what you should do.  When you try to leave you are stopped by one of her assistants who explains that this is usual, and she will settle down in a moment, so wait for Whitney to calm down and then talk to her.  When she calms down she will give you the Plain Badge -- this lets you use Strength outside of battle -- and she gives you TM45, Attract, which you have already seen is a useful TM.

Now that you have beaten her, head back to the Center to heal and save, then hit the Flower Shop and grab the SquirtBottle -- excellent!  You should have explored all of the city by now, so that means we are done with Goldenrod City -- for the time being that is!

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Jan 26th 2015 Guest
This is awesome thanks for info
ID #507742
Jun 28th 2013 Guest
I've found a decent strategy to solving the voltorb game. It works okay.

(1) Look along the bottom and right side for a high number on top combined with a low number on bottom.
(2) Find the best one on the side and the best one on the bottom
(3) Choose the one where they meet in the middle (the intersection between the column and row) and though it doesn't always work, it gives you a decent chance at a number that's not 1.

Sometimes you get a voltorb though, but it works out most times pretty well.

So I choose just a few until I think I've pushed my luck enough. Other than that, it's a bit of logic and a lotta luck!
ID #293347
Aug 1st 2012 Guest
uhm.. for the voltorb game.. there is a way. and ever since the remakes first came out, it wasn't hard to figure out the pattern. just a little bit of basic math involved as well as some "remembering" and you can get pretty far in that mini game without having to do your "quit" trick. it's a bit like minesweeper, mixed with sudoku. and the reason i say sudoku is because you have to add numbers to figure out where is what. you can find the voltorbs easily.
ID #170820
Jun 8th 2012 Guest
what days is the old lady that sells herb in the tunnel?
ID #150505
Jun 7th 2012 Guest
where do u get strength
ID #149903
May 4th 2011 Guest
how do u get out of goldenrod city
ID #41418
Feb 12th 2011 Guest
where is the sub way
ID #28937
Dec 11th 2010 Guest
Where is the mega mart????
ID #20729
Nov 10th 2010 Guest
very helpful! :D
ID #17827
Sep 11th 2010 Guest
Can you change your location even after you registered?
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