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Celadon City

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Celadon City

Celadon Gym Battle

Take the west gate to Route 7.

Route 7 Beasties List

-- Combee #415 (Any) Headbutt
-- Growlithe #058 (Any) Normal
-- Heracross #214 (Any) Headbutt
-- Houndour #228 (Night) Normal
-- Murkrow #198 (Night) Normal
-- Raticate #020 (Any) Normal
-- Rattata #019 (Any) Normal
-- Spearow #021 (Any) Headbutt
-- Spearow #021 (Morn/Day) Normal

As you exit the gate onto Route 7 head north through the tall grass to the clearing above to grab the treasure ball with a Mental Herb in it.  Head back to the path and continue west around, oh, forty feet or so, and Surprise!  You have arrived in Celadon City. 

Celadon City Beasties List

-- Combee #415 (Any) Headbutt
-- Grimer #088 (Any) Surfing
-- Heracross #214 (Any) Headbutt
-- Muk #089 (Any) Surfing

There are a few things to see and do here, so to start head all the way north behind the Center on to the path in the woods, and follow it all the way to the west, and grab TM67, Recycle, from the treasure ball here.  Head back to the first street and pop into the Celadon Condominiums, and have a chat with the Manager on the ground level.

Take the lift in the lobby to the 3rd Floor where you will be greeted by Lyra -- she tells you about the Sound Designer here who will gift a special device to anybody who collects all of the Kanto Gym Badges that will allow them to listen to the old GBA music.   You can have a chat with the Programmer, the Planner, the President, the Game Director, the Graphic Designer, and finally, the Sound Designer who is standing by the large globe.  Curious?  Check the sign between the lifts to learn that you are standing in the Game Freak Development Room!

Get back on the lift and hit the Roof, and you can chat up a bloke who likes high places, and see an entrance and a lift that you cannot use.  To get there we need to go all the way back to the lobby, take the stairs there and use the lift on the 2nd Floor.  In the small building on the roof is the Story Teller -- if it is after sunset he will tell you a story -- a rather amusing one.

-- Celadon Department Store --

This is next on our list of places to visit in town -- and as you are here be certain to pick up any packages your Mom may have sent to you, right?  On the wall by the lift is a list of where to find what:

- 1F: Service Counter
- 2F: Trainer's Market
- 3F: TM Shop
- 4F: Wiseman Gifts
- 5F: Battle Collection
- 6F: Rooftop Atrium

Clearly this is an opportunity to pick up a few TM's you do not have, as well as stock up on kit, so why not?  Before you leave you may like to use the vending machines at the top level as there are some conveniently priced drinks up there.

On the next street down there is a bridge and a man standing beside the house over a short pond -- Surf over and have a chat with him to learn that Grimer has appeared in the pond here!  If you do not have one, now is the time, right?  You can grab a Grimer and a Muk here fairly easy.

Next stop is the Game Corner if you like -- this game has been described as rather like Minesweeper by some sites, but it is not, as there is no relation between the numbers and where the bombs are.  The easy way to play is to clear all of the lines that have a zero, avoiding the ones with numbers.  It is slow but consistent.  Once you have the coins you need, head next door to grab your prize from the Prize House!

Prizes are:
-- Pokemon --
-- Eevee 6,666 Coins
-- Mr. Mime 3,333 Coins
-- Porygon 9,999 Coins

-- Technical Machines --
-- Double Team 4,000 Coins
-- Endure 2,000 Coins
-- Giga Impact 15,000 Coins
-- Gyro Ball 10,000 Coins
-- Hidden Power 6,000 Coins
-- Psychic 10,000 Coins

-- Held Items--
-- Metronome 1,000 Coins
-- Silk Scarf 1,000 Coins
-- Wide Lens 1,000 Coins
-- Zoom Lens 1,000 Coins

There is a bloke to the right of the counter inside who will examine your Pokemon and tell you which move-type they will have with Hidden Move.

There is an eating contest at the cafe down the road -- not that you can do anything there -- but there is a tree to be cut south of it, and at the end of the path that the tree is blocking is the City Gym!

-- Celadon City Gym --

Inside is a maze of sorts -- so cut the tree and head north, west, and north to battle Jo & Zoe, who lead with a Level 47 Victreebel and Vileplume respectively.  This battle pays off in some decent XP and $3000, not bad for a Gym Battle!

Head to the east side of the Gym to battle Lass Michelle, who leads with her Level 44 Skiploom, followed by her Level 45 Hoppip, and finally finishing with her Level 46 Jumpluff.  After the battle head all the way north to battle Picnicker Tanya, who has just a Level 49 Exeggutor.  Beauty Julia is blocking the tree in the center above, so head over to battle her Level 44 Paras, then her Level 47 Parasect, and finally her Level 44 Carnivine.

After the battle work your way through the maze west and north to the tree and cut it, then head up into the next area of the Gym, where you will find the Gym Leader, Erika.

She has four Pokemon iu her team: a Level 51 Jumpluff, a Level 56 Victreebel, a Level 56 Bellossom, and finally a Level 52 Tangela.  Winning the battle earns you the Rainbow Badge, TM19, Giga Drain, and the satisfaction of winning your third badge in Kanto, and your 11th in the game!

Exit the Gym and head for the Center to heal and save now, and then use the west exit of town!

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My level 65 dragonite's flamethrower defeated the complete gym!!!
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