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Mystery Gift System & Events

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Appendix 07

Mystery Gift System & Events

- General Mystery Gift System Introduction -

Event distribution takes several forms, but are all completed via the Mystery Gift Menu in the game loading screen (regardless of version from Generation 3 onwards).  From the Loading Screen (Boot Menu) for each game the player is presented with a set of choices, starting with "Continue" at the top that lists the player name, play time, number of badges, and Pokedex entries.  Below this in the menu, depending upon the game, are other choices.

For games earlier than HeartGold/SoulSilver, the player is required to take specific steps to activate the Mystery Gift system and add that to the Loading Menu choices, but for HeartGold/SoulSilver that special requirement is removed, and access is granted to the Mystery Gift menu immediately and without any additional requirements.

Using the D-Pad the player cycles through the choices -- Continue > New Game > Connect to Pokewalker > Mystery Gift > Nintendo WI-FI Connection Settings > Wii Message Settings -- are the complete Load Menu choices.  Prior to utilizing menu choice four (Mystery Gift) on the Nintendo DS, the player must first configure the Nintendo WI-FI Connection Option (part of the game on the DS, part of the System Configuration on the DSi and DSi-XL).   For the purposes of this section, it is presumed that the player (A) has a Wi-Fi capable Network Access Point available to them either in their home or some public location, and (B) has configured their console to utilize this connection.

Under the Mystery Gift Menu there are two Sub-Menus available:

-- Sub-Menu One, which includes the selections (1) Receive Gift, (2) Check Card, and (3) Exit. 
-- Sub-Menu Two, which includes the selections (1) Get from a Friend, (2) Get via Wireless, (3) Get via Nintendo WFC, and (4) Cancel.

In Sub-Menu One, the second selection, Check Card, allows the player to review the current three (3) Wondercards active on the console.  The player is only permitted to have a total of three (3) Wondercards active at any time.  Note that in order to receive a new Wondercard, if there are three already present, one or more must be deleted from the console. 

As long as the player has ALREADY claimed the contents of a Wondercard, deleting said card will NOT impact that asset.  Therefore the player should verify that they have, in fact, claimed the item or Pokemon associated with the Wondercard prior to deleting it, as Wondercards that have been deleted CANNOT be recovered.  Once a Wondercard is present on the system and claimed, the player can obtain the item represented by the card at any Poke Mart by speaking to the specially liveried delivery man there.  Prior to deleting a Wondercard from the Sub-Menu, be certain that you have claimed the associated item and saved the game AFTER you have claimed the associated item!

In Sub-Menu Two, each of the selections applies to SPECIFIC circumstances, as follows:

Use this option to accept a Wondercard that has been received by a friend.  This type of card is not widely in use outside of Japan, however a Wondercard of this type is marked on the original recipients list as able to be shared, with the number of times it can still be shared (usually 5) indicated. 

To obtain a Wondercard in this fashion, the GIVER accesses the Wondercard List from Sub-Menu One and clicks on the Wondercard and selects the SHARE option.  The RECIPIENT accesses Menu Choice One (GET FROM A FRIEND) from Sub-Menu Two, and the exchange then commences.  At press time this option was only used for Wondercards obtained at National and International Events.

Use this option when you are attending an event that has a distribution point.  This is the most often-used method for distribution of event items and Pokemon. 

For example, Game Stop Stores and Toys 'R Us recently held events to distribute Pikachu-Colored-Pichu utilizing this feature.  To claim the Wondercard associated with this event, the player was required to be physically present at the distribution point, with their DS/DSi, and their Game Card.  Using this menu choice, the player connected to the distribution system at the event and downloaded the Event Wondercard automatically (assuming that they had an open slot in the three Wondercard slots available on their game card).

The third choice on the Second Sub-Menu is used by the Nintendo WFC, and is growing in popularity.  This type of event does not require the player to be physically present at any specific location, rather it only requires that the player have access to a Wi-Fi hotspot or access point that has an Internet Connection. 

Using this selection, the player can connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection via the Internet and download the Wondercard associated with an event.  The most recent WFC event at press time was "The Enigma Stone" event, which gave a Wondercard that allowed the player to claim an Enigma Stone at any Poke Mart in the game, which in turn could be presented to Steven Stone at the Museum in Pewter City to obtain the Soul Dew, the result of which was to release the Legendary Pokemon Latios/Latias (depending upon game version) for the player to catch as a random encounter.

A series of WFC events are scheduled for 2010/2011 covering events that have already taken place in the Japanese Region.  Players should note that WFC events are Language-Based rather than Region-based, so if the player has an English Language version of the game (regardless of region) they will be able to claim any Wondercards for events active for the English version of the games.  A player who has purchased a Japanese version of the game(s) can claim the Wondercard for that version even when they reside or are located outside of the geographical region, as the game(s) are not region-locked.

That covers everything that you need to know about the underlying mechanics of the Mystery Gift System!

- Identification of Genuine Event Pokemon -

Pokemon obtained through the Mystery Gift and Events programs are easy to identify thanks to the Special Trainer Number that they are assigned at creation.  This is especially important to note if you are trading via GTS or with trainers that you meet via Wi-Fi as it can tell you if the Pokemon that you are trading -- or are trading for -- is an event Pokemon or not. 

As these are highly desirable Pokemon they are often sought in trades both on GTS and via Wi-Fi, and as a result of this also happen to be the most often counterfeited Pokemon existing.  Be aware that it IS possible to obtain a counterfeit Pokemon via GTS, though Nintendo is improving its system to evaluate and detect -- and thus to block -- trades of counterfeit Pokemon via the GTS service.

It has been my experience that GTS trades are much safer these days, and less likely to be hacked or counterfeit than those you obtain via Wi-Fi trading, either live or through the Internet.  It may help to remember that many of the traders you meet on websites and via official events may not even be aware that the Pokemon that they offering for trade is a hacked or counterfeit one!  To help you to avoid getting burned in a trade, or in identifying those "special" Pokemon that you have already traded for, we are including the list below that gives specific identifying information for event Pokemon, with the most important identifying feature being the Trainer ID Number.

The known Special Numbers(1) as of press time for this guide are as follows.

Listing Key: Special Number Trainer Name Pokemon(2) Note(3)

00001 - 01000 PCNYa Several Pokemon obtained from Pokecenter NYC
00001 - 01000 PCNYb Several Pokemon obtained from Pokecenter NYC
00001 - 01000 PCNYc Several Pokemon obtained from Pokecenter NYC
00001 - 01000 PCNYd Several Pokemon obtained from Pokecenter NYC
00010 - 00010 SPACE C Deoxys Houston Space Center Event NA
00010 - 00010 10 ANIV Several 10th Anniversary Events.
00010 - 00010 10ANNIV Several 10th Anniversary Events.
00010 - 00010 10JAHRE Several 10th Anniversary Events.
00010 - 00010 10ANNI Several 10th Anniversary Events.
01000 - 01000 Hayley Several Pokemon received from Wii Pokemon Ranch.
01000 - 01000 EUKALIA Several Pokemon received from Wii Pokemon Ranch.
01000 - 01000 EULALIA Several Pokemon received from Wii Pokemon Ranch.
01000 - 01000 EULALIE Several Pokemon received from Wii Pokemon Ranch.
01000 - 01000 GIULIA Several Pokemon received from Wii Pokemon Ranch.
02000 - 02000 STADIUM Several Obtained from Pokemon Stadium Gym Leader Castle.
02000 - 02000 Stadium Several Obtained from Pokemon Stadium 2.
02089 - 02089 TRU Shaymin Obtained at Toys 'R Us Event NA
02270 - 02270 GAMESTP Jirachi Obtained from Game Stop Event NA
03050 - 03050 SPR2010 Pichu Obtained via Nintendo WFC Event.
03089 - 03089 TRU Reigigas Obtained at Toys 'R Us Event NA
03208 - 03208 Carlo Riolu Traded from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.
03208 - 03208 Karel Riolu Traded from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.
03208 - 03208 Kiko Riolu Traded from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.
03208 - 03208 Kyle Riolu Traded from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.
03208 - 03208 Almia Darkrai Traded from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.
05318 - 05318 ALAMOS Darkrai Obtained at Toys 'R Us Event.
05318 - 05318 ALAMOS Darkrai Obtained at Nintendo World Store Event.
06199 - 06199 NZ Jirachi Tanabata 2009 Nintendo WFC Event.
06257 - 06257 PKTOPIA Several Obtained from NA Edition of Pokemon Battle Revolution.
06808 - 06808 10 ANIV Several Obtained at 10th Anniv Celebration, Bryant Park NYC.
06930 - 06930 MYSTRY Mew Obtained at Toys 'R Us Event 2006.
07038 - 07038 ALAMOS Darkrai Europe Alamos Event 2008.
07147 - 07147 10th Deoxys Obtained at Pokemon Movie Event Japan 2007.
07157 - 07157 PALCITY Several Obtained at the 2007 Pokemon Festival JP
08107 - 08107 TCGWC Pikachu 2007 TCG World Championships NA.
08178 - 08178 WORLD08 Lucario 2008 TCG World Championships NA.
08604 - 08604 Seth Heracross 2007 Nintendo GTS Trade Event.
09297 - 09297 TRU Manaphy 2007 Toys 'R Us Event NA.
10017 - 10017 NWS Manaphy 2007 Nintendo World Store Event NA.
10048 - 10048 DUELLBE Ho-Oh Obtained from Pokemon Colosseum DR
10048 - 10048 ERNESTO Ho-Oh Obtained from Pokemon Colosseum SP
10048 - 10048 MATTLE Ho-Oh Obtained from Pokemon Colosseum NA
10048 - 10048 MT BATA Ho-Oh Obtained from Pokemon Colosseum FR
10048 - 10048 MONTE L Ho-Oh Obtained from Pokemon Colosseum IT
10128 - 10128 WCS Milotic 2008 TCG World Championships JP
10187 - 10187 E4ALL Manaphy Obtained from the Pokemon Ranger TotS Movie Event.
10278 - 10278 Nzone Pikachu Obtained from the 2008  Nintendo Zone Event NA
10308 - 10308 ALAMOS Darkrai Obtained from 2008 Target Store Event AU
11077 - 11077 JBHF Manaphy Obtained at 2007 JB Hi-Fi Store Event AU
11088 - 11088 TRU Dragonite Obtained at 2008 Toys 'R Us event NA
12077 - 12077 PKTOPIA Several Obtained from Pokemon Battle Revolution EU
13579 - 13579 JEREMY Several Obtained from 2004 Toys 'R Us event NA
20042 - 20043 WISHMKR Jirachi Obtained from Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc NA
20078 - 20078 Aura Mew Obtained from 2007 Movie Event UK
24680 - 24680 JEREMY Several Obtained from 2004 Toys 'R Us event NA
24974 - 24974 Tom Heracross 2007 Nintendo GTS Trade Event.
28606 - 28606 DOEL Deoxys 2006 Nintendo GTS Event NL
30317 - 30317 RUBY Zigzagoon 2004 Wondercard Event DR/FR/NA
30317 - 30317 SAPHIRE Zigzagoon 2004 Wondercard Event DR/FR/NA
37149 - 37149 DUKING Several Obtained by trade from Pokemon XD: Gales of Darkness
40122 - 40122 CHANNEL Jirachi Traded from Pokemon Channel Game AU/UK
41205 - 41205 ANA Pikachu 2004 All Nippon Airways Pikachu Event JP
41400 - 41400 HORDEL Elekid Obtained by trade from Pokemon XD: Gales of Darkness
50039 - 50039 Christy Heracross 2007 Nintendo GTS Trade Event.
50425 - 50425 GW Pikachu Received at the 2005 Hadou Event JP

(1) Note that this list is not a complete list but rather contains the event Pokemon most likely to be encountered for trade outside of Japan.

(2) The specific Pokemon is noted unless there were multiple types, in which case this field is filled with the word "Several" to indicate that fact.

(3) Where appropriate the region or country is indicated for each event using the following abbreviations: AU=Australia / DR=Germany / EU=Europe Regional / FR=France / IT=Italy / JP=Japan / NA=North America / NL=Netherlands / NYC=New York City / SP=Spain / UK=United Kingdom

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Can the NA Celebii from 2011 for Heartgold and Soulsilver be copied for freinds?
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Yes, it is all over now. That was never a question was it?
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hi, when i done the send to a friend mystery gift trade between my 2 ds,one of them when i wanted to share it didn't say the option so HELP ME BECAUSE I WANT TO SEND MY ENIGMA STONE EVENT
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The explanation was good, but how do you exactly get a wondercard?
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same thing here, I had no clue about events untill few months ago and when I checked the internet only upcoming events are for white&black. Does that mean I cant get any of the pokemon from the events??? Thats such BS.
I payed to be able to play the whole game, not just a part!!!!
You should rly make an option that there are scheduled events for the only most recent launched game ( black and white ) and that for past games we can just download all at once...
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will the closed events ever reopen in the future for the people who were clueless about them? if not then thats unfair! :/
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when will be the next event for pokemon heartgold 2011
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