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Daily, Weekly & Special Events

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Appendix 03

Daily, Weekly & Special Events

As in the previous games there are regular special events in the game that are time and day based, or based upon other criteria.  The following events are of particular value for working on your Dex:

-- Daily --

- Buena's Points: After you obtain the Blue Card Key Item you can listen to Buena on the radio at 2AM, 5AM, 8AM, 11AM, 2PM, 5PM, 8PM, and 11PM to hear the password.  Once you hear it, go to Buena and tell her the password to earn points on your card.  Once you have enough points you can exchange them for items.

- Goldenrod Underground Mall: Each day the shops available at the Underground Mall change.  The following schedule applies:

Sunday: Hair Dresser (Younger) & Herb Shop
Monday: Bargain Shop
Tuesday: Hair Dresser (Older)
Wednesday: Hair Dresser (Younger)
Thursday: Hair Dresser (Older)
Friday: Hair Dresser (Younger)
Saturday: Hair Dresser (Older) & Herb Shop

- Lottery: in Goldenrod City at the Radio Station, you can enter the traditional lottery each day; the day's number is matched against all of your Pokemon numbers (both in your party and in storage).  Top prize in this Lotto is a Master Ball.

- Seals:  Once you have obtained the Seal Case, you can visit a house in Olivine City to get new seals every day.  Seals are applied to your balls to generate special effects when you choose a team member.

- Swarms: the location for each swarm is announced by the Professor on his radio program.  Simply tune in to the station to find out what the swarm location and type is.

- Vocabulary Expansion:  On Route 16 there is a house in which the Vocabulary Man resides, and if you visit him each day he will teach you a new word to add to your vocabulary.

-- Sunday --

SS Aqua Departs Vermilion City

--Monday --

Rival Rematch at the Indigo Plateau
SS Aqua Departs Olivine City
20:00 - 23:59 Clefairy Dance at Mt. Moon (get Moon Stone)

-- Tuesday --

Bug Catching Contest at the National Park

-- Wednesday --

Hoenn Sound Broadcast.
Rival Rematch at the Indigo Plateau
SS Aqua Departs Vermilion City

-- Thursday --

Bug Catching Contest at the National Park
Sinnoh Sound Broadcast.

-- Friday --

Lapras appears in Union Cave
SS Aqua Departs Olivine City

-- Saturday --

Bug Catching Contest at the National Park

-- Wi-Fi Events / Mystery Gift --

HeartGold is Wi-Fi equipped and can participate in the special events that are held every so often by Nintendo.  Mind the news section and the boards on SuperCheats to learn when these events will take place!

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Comments for Daily, Weekly & Special Events

2 comments, latest first.
Jun 11th 2011 Guest
also, in the house down the Victory Road, there is a book. read it and you can get items each day at a certain place, like Sat. at Blackthorn city. after you get all, they give you ribbon, once a day per pokemon
ID #48468
Jan 7th 2011 Guest
Super helpful! Thanks unknown person! :D -IcePlasmalord (Roblox)
ID #24446