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Apricorn Sciences

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Appendix 01

Apricorn Sciences

Apricorns were a part of the original Pokemon Gold and Silver, though in SS and HG they are easier to obtain and have more uses.  You cannot grow them now, but you can hold as many as you like in the case, and they are available daily from each tree, rather than the more limited fashion of the earlier games. 

Each Apricorn can be crafted into a particular type of ball, and of course this is accomplished by handing them in to Kurt, who is something of an expert at the process.  It takes a full real-life day for him to turn your Apricorns into balls, so you will have to remember to check in with him every day.  If you played the previous games that is old hat, but in the new games there is an additional function applied to Apricorns: Juicing!

Using the special Juicer that you obtain rather late in the game you can create your own juices for use in buffing your Pokemon up for competition matches.  While the juices can also be purchased, the prevailing wisdom is that making them yourself is the smarter way to go!

-- Apricorn Balls --

-- Fast Ball (White Apricorn)
Catches fast Pokemon -- the faster the base speed the higher the catch multiplier.

-- Friend Ball  (Green Apricorn)
Pokemon caught with this ball like you better -- gives a base happiness of 200.

-- Heavy Ball (Black Apricorn)
Used to catch heavy Pokemon over 225 pounds in weight.

-- Level Ball (Red Apricorn)
The larger the gap in level between your Pokemon and the target, the higher the multiplier.

-- Love Ball (Pink Apricorn)
Highly effective vs. Pokemon of the opposite gender than yours.

-- Lure Ball (Blue Apricorn)
Has a high multiplier for Pokemon caught while fishing.

-- Moon Ball (Yellow Apricorn)
Highly effective on any Pokemon that evolves using the Moon Stone.

-- Apricorn Juice --

Black Apricorn -- No Use

Blue Apricorn -- Raises Skill Stat, and has a Dry Taste

Green Apricorn -- Raises Jump Stat, and has a Bitter Taste.

Pink Apricorn -- Raises Speed Stat, and has a Sweet Taste.

Red Apricorn -- Raises the Power Stat, and has a Spicy Taste.

White Apricorn -- No Use

Yellow Apricorn -- Raises the Stamina Stat, and has a Sour Taste.

Using the ApriShaker Key Item you can insert Apricorns and crush them as you walk along.  The juice works similar tot he Pokeblocks from the previous games, though with less variety and function.  You can also purchase pre-made juices outside of the Battle area, but conventional wisdom suggests that the ones you make are more effective.

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Comments for Apricorn Sciences

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Aug 7th 2012 Guest
Ok I have been researching these Aprishakes and have come to a few conclusions.

1. Black Apricorns create "Power Juice" with 50 flavour (and it works)

2. When combined with other colours black apricorns balance the changes in stats (if you have "tasted" the juice you will know that is had a balanced taste) for example I made a 3 yellow 2 black stam juice and a 3 pink and 2 black speed juice (N.B. Ylw is sour and Pnk is sweet i.e. opposite) and they did the opposite of each other exactly Stam juice added to stamana and took from speed and vice versa for the speed juice.

3. White is a wild card (I think, needs more research) On it's own it randomly increases and decreases but with another colour it will increase or decreas an extra to the type of juice (or do nothing).

I think that is really it but I still need to do more research on black and white juices ..... have fun folks
ID #173399
Apr 30th 2012 Guest
what about the gs ball
ID #138364
Mar 12th 2012 Guest
how is this helpful i figered it out by MY SELF
ID #122479
Jan 16th 2012 Guest
[img][/img] very very very helpful
ID #106556
Dec 22nd 2011 Guest
[size=12]cool i have 7 friend balls black apricors raise all stats. pokemon in fun!
ID #97528
Sep 25th 2011 Guest
Tip: More apricorns=more effective. Smile
ID #76602
Sep 25th 2011 Guest
ID #76599
Aug 22nd 2011 Guest
thank youuu Smile
ID #69372
Jul 10th 2011 Guest
ID #56693
Feb 11th 2011 Guest
this site is one of the best sites Ive visited
ID #28727
Oct 4th 2010 Guest
Very helpful! Thanks!
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