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Pokewalker Exclusive Pokemon

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Appendix 08

Pokewalker Exclusive Pokemon

With so many generations of Pokemon to choose from, and with all of the Pokemon from the 3rd Generation forward being theoretically available to you via trades and Pal Park, the folks at Game Freak had to come up with some unique ways to include them all in the game while still offering variety, fun, and challenge, and one of the ways that they chose to do that was to include the Pokewalker device as part of the process.

If you purchased a retail copy of either HeartGold or SoulSilver, you also received a Pokewalker in the box with your game!  This device is both a pedometer and a game in itself, featuring special routes that are unlocked via events, and items as well as Pokemon that are only obtainable through using this device. 

To help you in completing your Dex and knowing which Pokemon are unique to the device we include this list, with details:

Listing Key: Pokemon Name ( Pokewalker Track) Other Games they can be obtained from.

- Carvanha (Warm Beach) Ru/Sa/Em/Di/Pe/Pl/XD
- Castform (Treehouse) Ru/Sa/Em/Di/Pe/Pl
- Feebas (Quiet Cave) Ru/Sa/Em/Di/Pe/Pl
- Finneon (Stormy Beach) Di/Pe/Pl
- Kacleon (Treehouse) Ru/Sa/Em/Di/Pl
- Shellos (Stormy Beach) Di/Pe/Pl
- Skitty (Hoenn Field Track) Ru/Sa/Em/Di/Pe/Pl
- Snorunt (Icy Mountain Road) Ru/Sa/Em/Di/Pe/Pl/XD
- Snover (Icy Mountain Road) Di/Pe/Pl
- Spiritomb (Quiet Cave)  Di/Pe/Pl
- Tropius (Big Forest) Ru/Sa/Em/Pl/Col
- Wailmer (Warm Beach) Ru/Sa/Em/Di/Pe/Pl

I include the other games listing as it may be easier for you to obtain them from your other games, or even to do Dex entry trades so that you can obtain them via GTS if only because the Pokewalker may not be everybody's cup-oh-tea!  Note that some of the tracks on the walker require events or other key activities in order to unlock.

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