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Ecruteak City

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Ecruteak City

Using the Treasure Detector

Ecruteak City Beasties List

-- Exeggcute #105 (Any) Headbutt
-- Magikarp #076 (Any) Fishing
-- Pineco #093 (Any) Headbutt
-- Poliwag #072 (Any) Fishing
-- Poliwag #072 (Any) Surfing
-- Poliwhirl #073 (Any) Surfing
-- Spinarak #032 (Any) Headbutt

First stop is the Center to the right, where you will meet Bill, the bloke who invented the PC storage system.  He will introduce himself and then depart for his house in Goldenrod City -- if you want to make a quick trip back there right now he will give you a Level 5 Eevee for your troubles -- considering how many Pokemon that an Eevee can evolve into, it would be an idea to go ahead and do that now, and then head to the Day-Care Center and deposit the Eevee and a Ditto now, because we are going to want 7 of them to get all of its advanced forms!

I'll wait while you run back there and get the Eevee and then hit the Day-Care Center.  After you drop off your Eevee and Ditto talk to Lyra's Grandfather outside -- if he says they do not get along, you are going to need to try a different Ditto, because not getting along means no breeding!  If they get along, there is a good chance you are going to get an egg after a certain number of steps are taken!  After the first egg, you can have the Day-Care Man ring you on your phone whenever another egg is produced, which is a good idea.

Once you have an egg -- or all 7 eggs -- reset your team and head back to Ecruteak City!

-- Back in Ecruteak City --

Hey!  Welcome back! 

Hit the Center to heal and save, then check the house to the left of the Center where you will find a man  who will give you the Dowsing MCHN -- this is a Key Item so go into your Key Items Pocket and register it so that you can call it up with the Y-Button.  Now, test it out by opening it and holding your finger on the circular display, and it will warm up and show the  direction of treasures!  As an aside, if you watched the anime series you may remember that James bought a treasure detecting kit and found a lot of bottle caps -- I am just saying.

Holding your finger down on the detector will cause it to detect -- on the screen you will see the item it is finding as an orange dot -- simply move next to it and hit A to pick it up.  Head to the northeast corner and you will find a fountain -- use the detector here to score a free Rare Candy!

-- Ecruteak Dance Theater --

Directly north of the Center is the Dance Theater -- and that is our next stop!  Inside you will see a Kimono Girl being harassed by a Team Rocket Grunt -- let's head up on the stage to serve him out, shall we?

He has a Level 12 Koffing which should not be much of a challenge at this point, and after you defeat him you learn that he has an important mission, and then he runs off.  You know, Team Rocket always has been very good about giving away information...

Speak with the Kimono Girl for a compliment of sorts, and then as you leave the stage you will be stopped by a member of the audience who will give you HM03, Surf.  We cannot actually use this yet, but once we get the next badge it will make our lives a lot easier!  If you talk to the audience you will learn that the Kimono Girls are not just famous dancers but are also renown for being Pokemon Trainers of great skill.  Hmm...

Next stop is the Mart, where we can restock the items that we need to.  I always try to keep at least 5 of each of the stat items and potions on hand, and 30 or so regular balls minimum, but you may find you need more or less depending.  Either way you should have enough money on hand to re-supply now.

There is a bare plot of earth to the west of the Theater with a sign that says "Ecruteak City A Historical City" posted in it.  Use the Treasure Detector to grab a Hyper Potion here -- those restore 200 HP so you will want to hold on to that until your levels are a lot higher!

In the southwest corner of the town is the Gym -- we will get there in a bit -- for now though head to the northwest corner and the Burned Tower.  In the anime this was full of ghost Pokemon - Hmm...

When we enter -- despite the sign saying it is unsafe -- we see other people here and three legendary Pokemon in the lower level!  As you head to the right you are braced by Eusine, who is tracking the legendary Suicine -- who happens to be below!  Morty the Gym Leader is here -- go ahead and say hello to him -- and then head north to face... Your Rival!

Your Rival has been training his team, and even though he only has four, he can give you a run for your money!  This is a good battle and you should actually level some of your team in it, and pick up a cool $1408 in the process.  Sweet!

This is a wild encounter area, and you will see Koffing, Rattata, Raticate, and Zubat here -- so if you have not caught or traded for any of these, now would be the time to grab them before you head down that ladder.  In the middle of the north section of this level is a treasure ball with an Antidote, and in the  southwest corner of the building on this level is a treasure ball with an HP Up. 

At a minimum you should snag a Koffing here, and a Raticate to save yourself the hassle of evolving the Rattata you have back in the PC storage system!  This is a good place to level -- you are going to want to have your entire party at or above Level 23 for the next Gym Battle, so now would be a good time to do that. 

Once you have captured what you want to, and leveled your party, go down the ladder and you will see the trio of legendary Pokemon scatter -- Eusine comes down to chat with you and then you can leave.  You will be encountering all three in the wild eventually, either by accident or on purpose when you start hunting them, but for now do not worry about them. 

Note: Two of the three can be really hard to catch and we will cover them later in the walkthrough, but you may want to consider reserving your Master Ball for one of them, right?

There is a treasure ball in the northwest corner of the lower level but we cannot reach it yet -- we need to be able to roll the rocks out of the way and we do not have that HM yet -- we will have to remember to return here!  Now that we are done here, head to the Center to heal and save, and then head for the Gym!

-- Ecruteak City Gym --

Talk to the greeter to get a little 4-1-1 on this Gym: the specialty of the house is Ghost Types -- that makes sense if you watched the TV show... 

Our first battle is with Medium Georgina, who fields a team of five Level 16 Gastly, all of which can be 1-shot-killed using Ember on your Fire-Type.  Our next battle is with Medium Grace, who has a pair of Level 20 Haunter -- these can also be easily handled by your Fire-Type!   Next is Medium Edith with her Level 22 Haunter -- take that down quickly and extinguish her light as well!

You will probably walk off the edge of the path and teleport to the entrance about now -- use that as an opportunity to hit the Center and heal up, right?  Now back on the tracks, we face Medium Martha, who has a Level 18 Gastly, a Level 20 Haunter, and a Level 20 Gastly.  You can take them down quick with your Fire-Type, just be sure it does not get too close to Level 30 because you are going to gain levels here.  The way is now clear for us to take on the Gym Leader, so let's do it!

Morty has a Level 21 Gastly, a Level 25 Gengar, a Level 21 Haunter, and a Level 23 Haunter -- and I found that Fire worked best in this fight!  Once you have defeated him, he gives you the Fog Badge, and Pokemon up to Level 50 (including traded ones) will now obey you!  You can now use Surf outside of battle as well, and he gives you TM30, Shadow Ball.  Congrats!  You have now taken down half of the Gym Leaders in Johto!

With Surf now on the menu you may want to re-visit the areas that we have already been through because there are some spots throughout them that having Surf gives access to items we did not have access to before.  In addition there are now some Pokemon that we can now catch that we could not catch before. 

You can now visit the Bell Tower and they will allow you in, but you still need to obtain the Rainbow Wing in order to go up into Ho-Oh's Tower, and for that you will need the assistance of the Kimono Girls, so we will put that on the back-burner for now.

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how do you get all three kamino girls up the tower to help you get the legendary pokemon?
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