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Pallet Town and Beyond

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Pallet Town and Beyond

When we arrive at the Lab the Prof gives us HM08, Rock Climb.  About time that we got that one, right?  Considering all of the rock walls we could have climbed along the way if we had just had the ability...  Finally he tells us that we now have access to Mt. Silver, an advanced area that is restricted to only the best trainers!  Excellent!

It's not over, you know?  The adventure?  There is still a bit to go, you see?  Right, so Fly to the Victory Road Reception Center, and head inside.  You can now take the west exit inside, which leads directly onto Route 28!

Route 28 Beasties List

-- Aipom #190 (Any) Headbutt
-- Dodrio #085 (Morn/Day) Normal
-- Doduo #084 (Morn/Day) Normal
-- Donphan #232 (Any) Normal
-- Heracross #214 (Any) Headbutt
-- Magikarp #129 (Any) Fishing
-- Natu #177 (Any) Headbutt
-- Poliwag #060 (Any) Fishing
-- Poliwag #060 (Any) Surfing
-- Poliwhirl #061 (Any) Surfing
-- Ponyta #077 (Any) Normal
-- Rapidash #078 (Any) Normal
-- Sneasel #215 (Night) Normal
-- Tangela #114 (Any) Normal

Work your way along the path to the Pokemon Center, past the ever-present Cameron the Photographer, and head east back onto Route 28 heading east, cut the tree and into the house, where you receive TM47, Steel Wing.  Exit the house and continue east to grab TM35, Flamethrower, from the treasure ball there.    Backtrack to the Center, heal and save if you need to, and then head to the entrance to Mt. Silver Cave.

-- Mt. Silver Cave --

There are two ways that you can go from here, up the wall or into the water.  Head up the wall and exit the cave, heading south to grab the Escape Rope from the treasure ball.  Continue up the stairs to grab TM76, Stealth Rock, then head north and down to the next ledge and enter the cave there.  Inside is a treasure ball with a Full Restore in it.  Grab that and then exit.  Head down to the next level and south and enter the cave there, cross the cave to the west and head north to the exit. 

Follow the path up and around, grab the Max Elixir, then head up and around and grab the Max Revive, then head back and up and head around to the rocks to break them and grab the Calcium.  Head back around and exit, then around the corner and into the first cave entrance, grabbing the Protein, before exiting and moving to the next entrance.

Inside head south and exit, head around and up the wall, then to the west and up, and finally enter the cave and run along to the west and up the cliff.  Exit at the top and you are on the final snow-covered walk to meet your ultimate battle -- Red!

-- The Battle with Red --

After you walk up and talk to him, Red engages you in battle, starting with his Level 88 Pikachu!  You know that was PIKACHU?  That you are battling Ash Kethcum, right?  He follows with his Level 82 Snorlax, then his Level 84 Blastoise, and that is half of his team! 

Red next calls up his Level 84 Charizard, then his Level 84 Venusaur, and finally his Level 80 Lapras.  Chances are that you had the most trouble with his Lapras, who can take a LOT of damage and dish it out.  Add to that his unlimited supply of Full Restores, and you need both skill and luck to defeat it.

You have defeated Red!   As you celebrate your victory, the game saves, you see the credits, and you have the satisfaction of having won the game!  All that remains is a quite a bit of odds and ends -- completing your Pokedex, picking up the odd treasure, that sort of thing!  You can find quite a bit of guidance in the Appendixes if you want to try to complete everything, but that is really beyond the scope of the walkthrough part of this guide!

Well done mate!

My Final Stats: 194 hours, 51 minutes, 16 badges, 257 Pokedex.  How did you do?

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Comments for Pallet Town and Beyond

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Apr 2nd 2014 Guest
Pikachu dies very quickly to Torterra. Lapras(annoying much?), being water, Ampharos kills. Charizard flees in terror to Sp. Atk. oriented Dragonite with Surf. Venusaur is frail. Flying types will kill it VERY easily. Snorlax, the fat wall, can't take Low Kick Machamp. Blastoise is defense oriented, but has a decent Sp. Atk., so watch out for Blizzard, any Flying type.
ID #370797
Apr 2nd 2013 Guest
How do you get Arceas

ID #269802
Jan 7th 2013 Guest
i just caught articuno
ID #239265
Jan 2nd 2013 Guest
i beat him with lv 100 arceas
ID #234792
Oct 17th 2012 Guest
Never say that Red is Ash...
ID #197679
Aug 24th 2012 Guest
I had trouble in defeating his pikachu for my level 88 lugai faints with volt tackle
ID #179681
Aug 15th 2012 Guest
Holy cow!
ID #176330
Jul 17th 2012 Guest
THAT WAS ASH!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... no wonder why he looked like him
ID #165207
Jul 6th 2012 Guest
Ho-oh LV100 with FLY can end the match very quickly
ID #160899
Jun 22nd 2012 Guest
red was hard because i brought practically full house of dragon types. when he pulled the lapras i almost died. PS: 124 hours, 40 minutes,16 badges and 478 Pokedex.
ID #155658
Apr 5th 2012 Guest
hi my name is matthew and i did it just with dragonite lvl 100 and red is very easySmile
ID #129800
Sep 15th 2011 Guest
I know how to find palkia, dialga and girtina in heartgold and soulsivler first you go in to dark cave it only works if you defeated red go in to the dark cave and use flash and then have a dragonite with you and raichu then walk up, down, left and right and you will find in lvl 3 enjoy.
ID #74570
Sep 15th 2011 Guest
In dimand, pearl and platium I have regigigas, regice, registeel, regirock and shaymin if you want it all you can get it on wifi.
p.s I can give away legendary pokemon thank you for reading.
ID #74569
Sep 15th 2011 Guest
I have are arceus shiny and non shiny if you want it go to wifi and I have all legendary pokemon arceus, ho-oh, lugia, mew, mewtwo, rayquaza, kyogre, groudon etc.
ID #74566
Sep 5th 2011 Guest
I traded a Lv.2 CATERPIE & a Lv.3 CATERPIE for a Lv.30 GOLBAT nicknamed BUM!!!!!!! & a Lv.31 MARIL at the start of the game in CERRYGROVE CITY!!!!
The rest of the game was SINCH!!!!!!!!!!! J.C.
ID #72880