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The Ilex Forest

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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The Ilex Forest

Obtaining HM01 Cut

Ilex Forest Beasties List

-- Butterfree #026 (Any) Headbutt
-- Caterpie #024 (Any) Headbutt
-- Caterpie #024 (Morn/Day) Normal
-- Golduck #141 (Any) Surfing
-- Hoothoot #015 (Any) Headbutt
-- Magikarp #076 (Any) Fishing
-- Metapod #025 (Any) Headbutt
-- Metapod #025 (Morn/Day) Normal
-- Noctowl #016 (Any) Headbutt
-- Oddish #083 (Night) Normal
-- Paras #070 (Any) Normal
-- Pineco #093 (Any) Headbutt
-- Poliwag #072 (Any) Fishing
-- Psyduck #140 (Any) Surfing
-- Zubat #037 (Any) Normal

The West Gate leads to the Ilex Forest -- that is the next place that we want to visit! 

Shortly after we enter we meet one of the employees of the Charcoal Kiln who is in a bit of trouble.  Two of the Farfetch'd that belong to the owner have escaped while he was using them to gather wood, and he wants your help to recapture them!

The way that this works is simple -- on the forest are piles of twigs, and when you step on them any Farfetch'd nearby will turn in that direction.  Once they do that, sneak up behind them and capture them by pressing A.  It is that simple.  After you catch the first one, you head deeper into the forest and you will spot a treasure ball with a Revive in it -- grab that and head up, and you will see a Farfetch'd that is not in an easy position to catch. 

What you need to do is get it to move until it is in a location where you can approach it from behind -- you cannot catch them from the side!  Bear in mind that the forest is like tall grass -- there are wild encounters here.  Once you capture the last one, you head back to the bloke who thanks you -- admitting that he is not a Trainer.  Just then his boss shows up and gives you HM01, Cut, as your reward for helping him.  How cool is that?

Decide who to teach Cut to, and do that, and then cut the nearby tree to head north, where you encounter the Ilex Forest Shrine, erected as a tribute to the forest's protector.  Follow the north path for a Trainer Tip, and then grab the Antidote from the treasure ball partially hidden at the lake.  There is a treasure ball with an X-Attack on the path below that dead-ends into some trees, so grab that and then follow the path north and east.

You will reach a point where you could go north -- and there is another Kimono Girl ahead (remember the woman who asked about the egg in Violet Town?  She was also a Kimono Girl) -- but she can wait for the moment.  Instead of heading north continue east and then south, then west to meet with a man who is head-butting the trees here.  Talk to him -- he is a move tutor -- and he will offer to teach you the move Headbutt!  Excellent!  Now we can use that to obtain Pokemon that we could not catch before!

Head north and visit with the Kimono Girl, who you think is the same one from Violet City, but she denies that, and asks that you help her find her way out of the forest.  You agree of course, but before you can do that, your lead Pokemon shows her the way out for you!  Grab the Ether in the nearby treasure ball and then head west to the Gatehouse.  Inside speak with the guard behind the counter to receive TM 12, Taunt, and then exit onto Route 34.

-- Route 34 --

Route 34 Beasties List

-- Abra #089 (Any) Normal
-- Corsola #173 (Any) Fishing
-- Drowzee #087 (Any) Normal
-- Ditto #092 (Any) Normal
-- Exeggcute #105 (Any) Headbutt
-- Hoothoot #015 (Any) Headbutt
-- Kingler #167 (Any) Fishing
-- Krabby #166 (Any) Fishing
-- Magikarp #076 (Any) Fishing
-- Pineco #093 (Any) Headbutt
-- Ralts (Any) Swarm
-- Rattata #017 (Any) Normal
-- Spinarak #032 (Any)
-- Tentacool #164 (Any) Fishing
-- Tentacruel #165 (Any) Fishing

Head north as you leave the gate to read a Trainer Tip sign, and face-off against Youngster Samuel and his Level 7 Rattata, Level 10 Sandshrew, and a pair of Level 8 Spearow.  After you defeat him take a look in the tall grass to the left to at a bare minimum grab a Ditto and Abra, right?  Ditto will really come in handy when you want to breed and you do not have the correct combination of sexes.

North on the path is Pokefan Brandon, who has a Level 13 Snubbull and Level 13 Mareep that should be easy to handle.  Once you take him out, head west along the pond to challenge Picnicker Gina, who fields a pair of  Level 9 Hoppip and a Level 12 Bulbasaur!  After you defeat her go ahead and exchange numbers and then get back on the north path, and ahead you will find yet another challenger!

Youngster Ian has a Level 10 Mankey and a Level 12 Diglett for you to fight -- and this is the first time that we have faced these I believe.  Ian will want to trade phone numbers if you beat him, so do that.  Now head along the path to encounter Lyra and her Grandfather!

- The Day-Care Center -

Standing just outside of a building whose use we will soon discover is an old man, and as we approach we hear Lyra call out to him.  When she sees us she calls us over and introduces us to her Grandfather, who is the owner of the Pokemon Day-Care Center, a place where you can place your Pokemon to raise their levels and also breed them if they are the right sort.  Behind the counter is Lyra's Grandmother, who she also introduces you to -- after a bit of teasing towards Lyra you are greeted and then Lyra exchanges numbers with you before departing herself.

If you have any interests in becoming a Pokemon Breeder this is a very important discovery for you indeed!  Here you can place two Pokemon and, if they are in the same egg group, and they like each other, they will produce an egg that will hatch into a new Pokemon -- how cool is that?!  If you have played the other games you already know about this, if you have not, well, now you do!

As you leave the Center Lyra's Grandfather exchanges numbers with you, and then you can head north to the next patch of tall grass and face Camper Todd and his Level 14 Psyduck, who has water attacks and Disable, so be careful with that one!  After you defeat him he wants to exchange numbers, and then you should grab TM63, Embargo, from the nearby treasure ball.  Now head for the gate ahead and enter Goldenrod City!

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