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Fuchsia City

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Fuchsia City

Battle with Gym Leader Misty

Using the west entrance to Celadon City, you will enter Route 16 on your way to our next destination, Fuchsia City.

Route 16 Beasties List

-- Combee #415 (Any) Headbutt
-- Fearow #022 (Morn/Day) Normal
-- Grimer #088 (Any) Normal
-- Heracross #214 (Any) Headbutt
-- Muk #089 (Any) Normal
-- Murkrow #198 (Night) Normal
-- Slugma #218 (Any) Normal
-- Spearow #021 (Any) Headbutt

Follow the path until you reach the cut-able tree on the west side and cut it, following that small path to the house Trendy Sayings bloke.  How excellent!  The tall grass patch beside the house has some Murkrow and Slugma in it for you to catch, so if you do not already have those, now is a good time to get them!

Continue along to the main path and enter the gate house, where the guard will stop you, declaring that you cannot proceed without you have a bicycle.  Well that's okay, we have one of those, don't we?  Jump on to your bicycle and head out on to the path, and when you reach the corner the Route will change.

Route 17 Beasties List

-- Fearow #022 (Morn/Day) Normal
-- Grimer #088 (Any) Normal
-- Muk #089 (Any) Normal
-- Slugma #218 (Any) Normal

Around the corner and you are now on Route 17!  There is a bit of tall grass off to the east where you can catch any of the above if you still need one, though I cannot imagine that you would at this point.  Following the Route you will find a few trainers to battle!

Start with Biker Dale, who has a Level 47 Gulpin, and then Biker Reese, who has a Level 45 Weezing.  The path branches ahead, and along the east branch you will find Biker Joel, who has a pair of Level 43 Magmar, Biker Jacob, who has a Level 43 Magmar and a Level 43 Tentacruel.  You will ride quite a distance to the other end of the branch before battling Biker Ernest, who has a Level 45 Teddiursa and a Level 44 Marill.

Now ride back to the start of the branch and take the west-side branch where you will battle Biker Aiden, who has a Level 45 Tentacruel, then Biker Dan and Biker Theron, who will tag-team battle you with a Level 39 Gulpin and Level 45 Croagunk, followed by Dan's pair of Level 37 Weezing one after the other.  A bit further down the path you will battle Biker Glenn, with his Level 39 Koffing, Level 41 Magmar, and Level 43 Weezing. 

Towards the end of the path is Biker Teddy, who has a Level 46 Seviper, and Biker Markey, and his Level 47 Skorupi,  After this battle there is a short stretch and you arrive on Route 18! 

Route 18 Beasties List

-- Fearow #022 (Morn/Day) Normal
-- Grimer #088 (Any) Normal
-- Hoothoot #163 (Any) Headbutt
-- Muk #089 (Any) Normal
-- Slugma #218 (Any) Normal
-- Spinarak #032 (Any) Headbutt
-- Wurmple #265 (Any) Headbutt

At the start of the Route you battle Biker Charles and his Level 41 Koffing, Level 42 Weezing, and Level 41 Charmeleon.  Once you finish the battle you will exit the bike path via the east gate and then you can get off of your bicycle. 

To the south is a patch of tall grass where you can battle Bird Keeper Bob and his Level 48 Noctowl, then Bird Keeper Boris and his Level 39 Doduo, Level 37 Doduo, and Level 41 Dodrio!  The tall grass here is a good place to grab a Slugma, Grimer or Muk should you still need one.

Head to the east a bit and you have arrived in Fuchsia City!

-- Fuchsia City --

Fuchsia City Beasties List

-- Gyarados #130 (Any) Fishing
-- Hoothoot #163 (Any) Headbutt
-- Magikarp #076 (Any) Fishing
-- Magikarp #076 (Any) Surfing
-- Spinarak #032 (Any) Headbutt
-- Wurmple #265 (Any) Headbutt

Take the first right (south path) after entering town to reach the Center, the Gym, and a house belonging to Bill's Sister.  Cameron the Photographer is standing by the south gate here -- the gate that leads to Route 19, someplace we will be going very soon.  First though, head to the Pal Park Warden's house, to learn how this all shaped out. 

Head back to the main road and cut the tree blocking the fenced-off area to grab the Red Apricorn from the Apricorn tree.  The Mart is above this area -- exit and run around -- where you can refill any kit you have used up. 

To the east is a Shard Trader who will trade you berries for any shards you have collected, and to the north is the Safari Zone, which sadly is at present closed. 

Using your treasure detector search the gardens area to the east and south to find a Nugget, and then we have two quick Gym Battles to win!  First, head into the Gym to battle Janine -- so have a chat with the greeter and then head up the right side of the Gym to battle Picnicker Cindy and her Level 48 Nidoqueen,  

Head to the other side of the Gym to fight Camper Barry and his Level 48 Nidoking, then head down and to the right to fight the real Janine -- who starts the battle with her Level 47 Crobat, a pair of Level 47 Ariados, and her Level 50 Venomoth, before finally facing her Level 44 Weezing.  She gives you the Soul Badge, TM84, Poison Jab, and her vow to improve her skills for next time.

Hit the Center, heal and save, and then Fly to Cerulean City, then head north on Route 24 over the bridge and onto Route 25.  Whip out your treasure detector and grab the nearby Revive, then fight School Kid Dudley, Lass Ellen, School Kid Joe, and finally Lass Laura and Lass Shannon!  Now technically they are the final battles in the series challenge for the road, but there is another trainer, Super Nerd Pat who you may as well battle before you grab the Protein from the treasure ball above.

Talk to the bloke in the red jumper -- Ace Trainer Kevin -- in the clearing to collect your reward of a Nugget, and then you battle him!  After the battle stop at Bill's Sea Cottage where Bill's grandfather asks you to show him a Pokemon with a leaf on its head:  Go up the stairs to the east and interrupt Misty on her date -- which makes her cross with you -- and then she heads back to her Gym, which is perfect for us as that is precisely what we wanted!

-- Cerulean City Gym --

Fly back to the city and enter the Gym to discover that the Gym is populated again!  Excellent!  Say hello to the Greeter and then begin working your way through the sub-leaders.  If you have taken too much of a beating or used too much PP, after the last sub-leader head to the Center to heal and save, then return and face Misty!

Misty turns out for the battle with her Level 49 Golduck, followed by her Level 54 Starmie, her Level 49 Quagsire, and finally her Level 52 Lapras.  Winning this battle earns you the Cascade Badge and TM03, Water Pulse. 

That wraps up the first of a few minor chores!  Fly to Lavender Town and enter the Radio Station to chat with the Director (the bloke in brown at the back of the room) to obtain his thanks and the Expansion Card for your radio.  Fly back to Vermilion and take the east entrance to town onto Route 11, and approach the sleeping Snorlax.

If you plan to capture the Snorlax, SAVE NOW!

Tune your radio to the Pokeflute Channel and talk to the Snorlax to cause it to battle you.  Weaken it and then capture it, and you have a rather unique addition to your potential teams and your Dex!

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Mar 24th 2015 ImmortalWarrior
If you want to battle misty, u can go to the end of route 25. There, she'll be with her date. go near and she will approach you, talk with you and go back to her gym. You can then challenge her
ID #532425
May 4th 2013 Guest
I didn't know you battled Misty here, I thought she was the first leader to wonder she was so strong!!! That was so hard!!
Anyway, I found you had to go to the Power Plant first and find the machine part for her to return...or something?
ID #280177
Sep 16th 2012 Guest
[strike][/strike] lio slniice
ID #186776
Aug 2nd 2012 Guest
this is awsome i am a hardcore gamer and loooove pokemon i have a level 90 somthin ferliagatr named killer and a togekiss it is awsome
ID #171358
Apr 29th 2012 Guest
how do you get the expansion card
ID #138101
Nov 13th 2011 Guest
how to unlock route under fushia city?????
ID #87281
Aug 15th 2011 TMizzle
please help me
ID #67467
Aug 15th 2011 Guest
I got the expansion card but there is no pokeflute channel
ID #67466
Jun 5th 2011 Guest
I caught the Snorlax!!
ID #47227
Jun 5th 2011 Guest
I accidentally made the Snorlax faint!!!
ID #47226
Jun 5th 2011 Guest
This snorlax is strong!!!
ID #47225
Feb 8th 2011 Guest
i showed bills grand dad the leaf headed pokemon and misty stiil isnt their help me please
ID #28497
Jan 25th 2011 Guest
the music is on the north end of the radionear the tip and if you go to the kanto music radio place the director in the back of the first floor will tell you that same thing i'm telling you. and Wellcome!!!
ID #26795
Jan 2nd 2011 Guest
What days is the music I need to wake it up on air?
ID #23756
Dec 12th 2010 Guest
I don't know how to get the thing to wake up snorlax I went to the radio tower and all the director says is "hey there! I am the super music director! I'm responsible for the gorgeous melodies that go out over the air. Don't be square. Grab your music off the air!

Pleas help fast I can't play my game until I get an answer):I am to stuck!

ID #20895