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Power Plant Mission

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Power Plant Mission

Solving the Power Plant Theft

After you exit the Gym hit the Center to heal and save, and then take the east exit from town onto Route 8.

Route 8 Beasties List

-- Abra #063 (Any) Normal
-- Combee #415 (Any) Headbutt
-- Growlithe #058 (Any) Normal
-- Haunter #093 (Night) Normal
-- Hoothoot #163 (Any) Headbutt
-- Kadabra #064 (Any) Normal
-- Noctowl #164 (Night) Normal
-- Pidgeotto #017 (Morn/Day) Normal
-- Pineco #204 (Any) Headbutt

After you enter the Route head east and down to battle Biker Dwayne, Biker Harris, and Biker Zeke, the pick up TM41, Torment.  Follow the path east and then north to battle Super Nerd Sam, then cut the nearby tree and enter the fenced-off bush area.  You can catch an Abra,  Haunter, Kadabra, and Noctowl. 

North of the fence on the road you can battle Moe & Lulu, then Super Nerd Tyrone,  and finally Gentleman Milton around the south bend.  Head north and grab the Yellow Apricorn, then enter Lavender Town and use the Center to heal and save, then hit the Mart to resupply. 

-- Lavender Town --

Though it is small compared to some of the other towns, Lavender is actually sort of interesting -- it has the Lavender Volunteer Pokemon House,  the Name Rater's tent, the House of Memories, and the Kanto Radio Station.  All of these are cool but we do not really want to do anything with them at the moment, because the real reason we are here is to fix the problem at the Electric Station.  So with that in mind head to the north exit of town and onto Route 10.

Route 10 Beasties List

-- Electrabuzz #125 (Any) Normal
-- Goldeen #118 (Any) Fishing
-- Goldeen #118 (Any) Surfing
-- Magikarp #129 (Any) Fishing
-- Quagsire #195 (Night) Normal
-- Raticate #020 (Any) Normal
-- Seaking #119 (Any) Fishing
-- Seaking #119 (Any) Surfing
-- Spearow #021 (Morn/Day) Normal
-- Voltorb #100 (Any) Normal

When you hit the Route you will notice right off the bat that there are no tall grass sections on this side of the divide -- so mostly we will be fighting trainers until we reach the water route to the Electric Station.  Before we get started with that head up the center stairs and push the boulder out of the way to grab TM69, Rock Polish.

After you grab the TM, head down and follow the northeast path to battle Pokefan Robert, then meet Hiker Jim on the trail above.  After the battle head into the Rock Tunnel -- bring a Pokemon with Flash.  It is not likely that you have not already gotten most of these, but there are some Pokemon that you can catch in here!

Rock Tunnel Beasties List

-- Cubone #104 (Any) Normal
-- Geodude #074 (Any) Normal
-- Geodude #074 (Any) Rock Smash
-- Kangaskhan #115 (Any) Normal
-- Machoke #067 (Any) Normal
-- Machop #066 (Any) Normal
-- Marowak #105 (Any) Normal
-- Onix #095 (Any) Normal
-- Zubat #041 (Any) Normal

Take the stairs ahead and head east then pull out your treasure detector and grab the X-Defend from the rock, then head west northwest and grab TM56, Fling.  Backtrack to the first stairs near the entrance and head down the west stairs and immediately north, following the path to grab the treasure ball with the Elixir in it.  Now backtrack to the stairs and continue west, using the ladder to head down. 

You can smash the rocks if you need a Geodude, otherwise follow the path to the east and then north, then double back west to use the ladder to head up.  Head east then north, then west to a set of double-stairs.  Use the south stairs and your treasure detector to grab the X-Accuracy, then the north stairs to pass over the rise and continue down the stairs on the other side, using the ladder to go down.

Use the north stairs to cross over and grab the treasure ball with a Revive, then double back and follow the south stairs, moving east and then taking the stairs to the south here.  Grab the PP Up from the treasure ball here.  Head back north and then, following the north wall all the way around and down to the dead-end with the pair of breakable rocks, break the rocks and, using your treasure detector, grab the Max Potion there. 

Head back but take the south side of the path instead of following the wall and head up the ladder.  From here head north and east, and exit the cave.  There is a Center here, so go ahead and heal and save, then follow the path north past the tall grass, then surf south on the river here to the Power Plant.

-- Power Plant --

Pull out your treasure detector and grab the Carbos before you enter the Plant.  Inside you can talk to the guard at the stairs to learn what the problem is, and you can learn more from the other techs and guards on this level about he Plant and what has happened.  The tech in the northwest corner will offer to trade you a Magneton for a Dugtrio -- but to be honest that does not seem like a fair trade to me, as he is getting the better end of the deal here.

After you speak with the Manager and try to leave, the guard at the stairs gets a call and you learn that the thief has been spotted in Cerulean City!  Well, now we know where we need to go next!  Backtrack up the river then continue along the path to Route 9.

-- Route 9 --

Route 9 Beasties List

-- Fearow #022 (Any) Normal
-- Goldeen #118 (Any) Fishing
-- Goldeen #118 (Any) Surfing
-- Magikarp #129 (Any) Fishing
-- Mankey #056 (Any) Normal
-- Primeape #057 (Any) Normal
-- Raticate #020 (Any) Normal
-- Rattata #019 (Any) Normal
-- Sableye #302 (Any) Swarm
-- Seaking #119 (Any) Fishing
-- Seaking #119 (Any) Surfing
-- Spearow #021 (Morn/Day) Normal

Head west on the Route and battle Picnicker Heidi, then head south over the ledge and grab the Full Restore from the treasure ball before battling with Hiker Clarke.  Head west and battle Camper Dean, then head north and battle Hiker Eoin.  After the battle cut the nearby tree and grab TM91, Flash Cannon, from the treasure ball here.  Backtrack to the stairs to the west, head down and cut the tree, and grab the Light Clay from the treasure ball.

Drop down the ledge and head west and south to battle Picnicker Edna before you grab the Max Potion from the treasure ball.  Take the north path through the tall grass to battle Camper Sid, before dropping down the ledge and heading around and north on the path into Cerulean City!

-- Cerulean City --

This is a real city and, you probably know this, the home city of the Gym Leader Misty, who rose to fame as Ash's companion on his adventures in these and other lands!  In a way this is where it all began, and I cannot wait to visit Pallet Town!  But we are not here for sightseeing or to explore the city, we are here to catch a thief.  Now that we have visited the city we can Fly here whenever we want, so we should head for the Gym now and look for our thief!

Talk to the bloke outside of the Gym to learn that the thief has run inside -- so we should head inside ourselves!  As we enter a thug wearing Team Rocket kit slams into you on his way out!  Team Rocket?!  Didn't we destroy their organization earlier??  Before we can do or say anything the thug blurts out info like Team Rocket thugs always do, and then runs off.  There is no reason to stay here, chase him!

When you exit head north on to the bridge that leads to Route 24, and you will find the thug again.  In a very Yoda-like way he tells you that you need to battle him in order to learn his secret.  Man says he wants a battle, well then we give him a battle!

Ah, he didn't know we did in Team Rocket!  Well now we know where he has hidden the part, so head back to the Gym and around the pool to the other side and grab the Key Item: Machine Part from the pile of floats there.  We now have what we need to repair the Power Plant, so hit the Center to heal and save and then head for the Power Plant!

Head east on Route 9 following the path back to the river, and Route 10.  Head inside the Plant and talk to the Manager, who will replace the stolen part and fire up the generator, restoring electricity to the region!   The Manager rewards you with TM57, Charge Beam.

Now for a brief few side trips to make all this worth it:  Fly to Saffron City and talk to teh Copycat Girl to learn that she has lost her doll and will give you a Magnet Train Pass if you find it for her!  Now Fly to Vermilion City and go to the Pokemon Fan Club, where you will talk to the man at the table who has the doll!  He gives you the lost doll.  As you exit the building you are approached by Steven -- the Hoenn Region Champion!  He shows you Latias and mentions that he is investigating why it has come to the region.

After the chat Fly to Saffron and chat with the Copycat Girl to give her the doll, and obtain your Magnet Train Pass!  Considering that we went to all that trouble to get the power back on, the least that we can do is go take a train ride to Johto -- and we need to be there anyway for our next small task!

Head to the station and go through the check point, showing the guard your pass, and then head down the stairs for an animation of riding the train.  When you reach Goldenrod City Fly directly to the Safari Zone and talk to the owner to get the second test -- catching a Sandshrew!  The Owner will show you his new machine -- The Safari Zone Area Customization -- and then he mentions that you will need to use that in order to configure the Zone so that you can actually catch a Sandshrew!   

Change the first zone or two to Desert, then enter the Zone and catch a Sandshrew -- dead easy!  Once you have the Sandshrew, hit the Center to heal then move it to the number one position in your party and save.  Head back to the Owner to show it to him and pass the second test!  Now head back to Saffron City on the train.

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