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Acknowledgments, Credits, & Attributions

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Appendix 16

Acknowledgments, Credits, & Attributions

It may seem odd but this is a very necessary part to this walkthrough – it is a very large and complex game and it required help from several quarters, and it is only right that said help as well as the necessary references be acknowledged!

First I want to thank XBox Live, without which I never would have been able to hatch all those eggs in one go or complete the many leveling sessions that were required in order to maintain team viability.  Literally dozens of hours was spent in these repetitive and often boring tasks, and were it not for Live I may well have gone bonkers in the process. 

Specifically I want to credit the movies Hot Tub Time Machine, Kick Ass, and Green Zone for getting me through the first set of eggs, and leveling my teams.

Pokemonn Event ID and Trainer Names data partially obtained from the following sources:
• Bulbapedia (
• Serebii (
• My Carts and Cards

Swarm, Radio, and Special Event details were obtained with the assistance of:

• Akito Mori (Game Freak background)
• AutumnBF (Special Event Wi-Fi and WFC)
• GSGlenn (Swarm and Radio)
• Shigeki Morimoto (Special and Daily Events)
• Swash01 (Swarm, special event, and other game-specific data)

Questions for the FAQ Section (credit given to the person asking the question on the Forum)
• Harvestmooncutie – Rock Climb
• PokeJan – Silph Elevator
• Professor Oak – Trades


Pokemon®, Nintendo and associated logos are trademarks of Nintendo.  Copyright, trademarks and other rights in the material from Pokemon® and other services of Nintendo are owned by Nintendo and used in this document pursuant to Fair-Use Guidelines.

Minesweeper is a variant of the computer game Minesweeper, created by Robert Donner and Curt Johnson of Microsoft, and is Copyright Microsoft Corporation. 

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