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Return to Olivine City

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Return to Olivine City

Archer Battle

If you have yet to catch the Krabby to trade in Olivine, you can break the rocks over by where Suicine was and easily catch a few Krabby.  Using your treasure detector in that area you can grab a Revive, and a Star Dust on the other side by the beach where the drying racks are set up.  After you heal and save at the Center, teach Fly to one of your team and then use it to return to Olivine City.

-- Olivine City --

The first thing that you should do is hit the store to replace any supplies, and then head up to the top of the Lighthouse, where you take the lift to the top and then deliver the med's to Jasmine.  Amphy gets his health -- and his shine -- back, and Jasmine returns to the Gym -- which is where we now are headed!

As you exit the Lighthouse you get the call saying that the new Safari Zone is open!  How cool is that?! 

Now it is time to head over to the Gym, where the greeter warns us that Jasmine uses Steel-Type Pokemon,    I guess because we helped her at the Lighthouse we do not have to fight sub-leaders this time, so it is just us against Jasmine!  Head to where she is sitting on her throne and let's get this battle rolling!

First out is a Level 30 Magnemite, followed by another, and finally a Level 35 Steelix!  As she is not in the habit of using potions this should be a short fight, and at the end of it you receive $4,200 and the Mineral Badge, as well as TM23, Iron Tail.  With this badge all Pokemon up to Level 70 will obey you, including those acquired in trades!

As you exit the Gym you get a call from Professor Elm, who asks how you are doing and then tells you that something odd has happened with the Radio Broadcasts -- they are now talking about Team Rocket!  You quickly turn on your radio and yes, indeed, they ARE talking about Team Rocket -- and they have even named the station Team Rocket!  Something clearly must be done about this!

Quickly return tot eh Center, heal, then save.  Make any team adjustments that you want to, if you have a higher level team to cycle in, but remember to check that you have all of the HM's covered with your new team, right?  Now, it is time to Fly to Mahogany Town, then head west to the next island and cut the tree leading to the three Apricorn Trees.  The only reason we are here is to confront Suicine so that it runs away again.  With that accomplished, it is time to Fly to Goldenrod City and save the day!

-- Goldenrod City and the Radio Tower --

If you have used any PP or have any damage, go inside the Center and heal, and you may as well save now too.  With that accomplished check your kit to make sure you do not need any supplies -- if you are in need, see to that at the Mart.  All set now?  Good!  Head for the Radio Station!

You will see Rocket Thugs all over town -- ignore them and head to the Radio Station now -- go inside and discover that you cannot get up the stairs dressed the way you are!  What to do?  Why, head to the Underground of course!  When you get down there look for the goth-type dude.. Okay, the Team Rocket Thug -- at the photo studio, and he will help you get a uniform.  Now that you are kitted out all goth, head back to the Radio Station!

As you are about to achieve total chameleon victory your Rival shows up and... Yes... Sigh... Totally blows your cover!  There is nothing for it but to battle the Rocket Guard now -- which you do!  After you beat him the Rocket Guard runs off to report your presence, your Rival totally disses you, and then you get a call from Professor Elm, who tells you about the Pokerus Virus - odd...

No longer dressed like a cast member of Twilight, we head up the stairs and -- no surprise -- end up in a fight with some Rocket Grunts!  Basically just fight your way up until you reach the top.  As long as you have been regularly leveling your team you should have no trouble here -- if you transferred in a team you will have even less difficulty.

My team at this point consists of:

-- Ebony: Level 64 Umbreon
-- Reno: Level 48 Lapras (Surf/Whirlpool)
-- Peep: Level 32 Amphoros (Strength/Flash) Original Team Member
-- Slade: Level 30 Skarmory (Cut/Rock Smash/Fly) HM Mule
-- Maggie: Level 50 Magmortar (Fire Team Alpha)
-- Racer-X: Level 63 Metagross (One bad-ass dude)

A lot of variations can work here, but if you have the ability to move in a better team I say do it!

Clear the Grunts on this level then move up.  When you reach the 4th Level you will see what at first looks like the Station Manager, but turns out to be our old nemesis -- and you will fight him.  He has a team of Koffing and Weezing and they like to poison, so be aware of that and have plenty of Antidotes?

You are probably going to notice that he gets in poisons pretty easy, and you have more misses than usual.  That is the game favoring your opponent a little more than usual to adjust the difficulty and make this more challenging, so embrace the suck and kick his butt!

After you beat him Petrel tells all, and hands you the key that you need to rescue the real Director.  It seems that he is having a change of heart -- either that or he realized finally that you are going to win this war -- either way, good for us, bad for Team Rocket!

Head down to the street and hit the Center to heal and save, hit the Mart in a nearby town (you will have to Fly there) to re-supply, then Fly back and hit the Underground!

-- The Underground Rescue --

As you approach the restricted area of the Underground you will be stopped by a Kimono Girl who will gives you a judging review and then leaves.  Now head to the armored door and use the key to open it.  Inside is a Grunt to fight, but before you can reach the second Grunt your Rival shows up and forces you into a fight.  As you might expect his team is a little better, but they should not be a real challenge for you, just play strong types against and you will be fine.  The one you will likely have the most trouble with is his Haunter, and he brings him out last.

After this fight if you took a strong beating go ahead and hit the Center to heal and save -- there is no point in proceeding with a weakened team.  Your Rival starts to have serious doubts about how he has been training his team -- good, he needs to learn a more Karmic Route!

Ahead of you is a treasure ball with a Full Heal in it -- grab that and then head down to the next room, where there are three switches.  You want to push them in this order: Red, Blue, Green.  Head down and fight the next Grunt, then west and grab the Smoke Ball.  You may as well head north and take out that Grunt before heading back east to fight the Grunt by the door there. 

If you go through the door there is an Ultra Ball in the hall behind a crate, and more Grunts to fight. A Max Ether is next, then another Grunt, a final Grunt, and then you reach the center where you can grab TM82, Sleep Talk, and get the Key Item Card Key from the real Director.   He pleads with you to stop them from using the Station for nefarious purposes, and of course you agree to help!

Backtrack to the previous area and open the gate with the Purple Pad, then use the stairs and exit into the main corridor of the Underground.  I suggest hitting the Center to heal and save now, then enter the Station and proceed to the third floor, using the key-card to open the locked door.  Defeat the Grunt inside and then go up the stairs and battle Proton (the Team Rocket Executive from the Slowpoke Well).  After hte fight grab the Ultra Ball on the ground next to him and proceed up the stairs.

Ariana is standing in front of the lift -- you'll need to battle her as well!  She begins with a Level 32 Arbok, then fields a Level 32 Murkrow, and finally ends with a Level 32 Vileplume!  Of the three Vileplume is likely to give you the most trouble, as it has Acid Attack and Mega Drain, which lets it skate on some of your health.  Still you should be able to take it down using type strengths.  Once you defeat her take the lift to the Observation Deck.

-- Archer Battle --

At the top of the Observation Deck you will encounter Archer, the new leader of Team Rocket.  This is the bloke to beat -- take him out and you put the final end to Team Rocket... At least in this version anyway!  If you have any stat issues or damage the time to deal with them is before you talk to Archer as this goes right to battle after you talk to him.

He begins the battle with a Level 35 Houndour, followed by a Level 38 Houndour, and finally a Level 35 Koffing.  After you beat him he disbands Team Rocket and, when you leave, you will notice that all of the Rocket Thugs are gone from both the building and the town!  The Station Director shows up and thanks you, then gives you the Rainbow Wing as your reward for your brave and selfless actions.  Of course the Rainbow Wing is the Key Item that we need to gain access to Ho-Oh's Tower back in Ecruteak City!

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Comments for Return to Olivine City

8 comments, latest first.
Jul 3rd 2015 Guest
Jasmine used a Hyper Potion against me!!
ID #579146
Mar 29th 2015 Guest
weird.. i hit underground and get a uniform, i had the bug contest i had so many things.. so far no problem with "my" soulsilver
ID #534881
Jan 10th 2015 CMBF
Yeah it sounds like your cart was hacked. You are best off resetting it and playing the game from the start yourself, without using hacks.
ID #499524
Dec 24th 2014 Guest
Hey, guys. This is kinda LATE, really late but I got me a used Heartgold recently.
Serious issues with the story. I think the former guy used cheats so I have no access to Blackthorn city.
All Badges - Johto and Kanto but Kanto side is acting like i haven't beaten them.
All 493 pokemon in the pokedex and all kinda items up to 999 times.
Already hall of fame member.

I cant trigger any ingame event like Amphy's healing or Team Rocket occupying Goldenrod nor getting any costume from the grunt in the underground.
BUT i've got all 3 calls from Baoba.

I already read all walkthroughs by now.

The one thing bugging me is i cant get to Blackthorn.
Is there any possibilty to keep all these goodies and accessing Blackthorn.
Thanks in advance.

pm to this mail pls.: [email protected]
ID #489557
Sep 25th 2012 Guest
where is the radio tower
ID #189072
Aug 2nd 2012 Guest
i didn't get a call either =/
ID #171382
Jan 24th 2012 Guest
I didn't get a call from prof. elms after I defeated the olivine city gym. why?
ID #108979
Dec 25th 2010 Guest
When i get to the underground to get my team rocket uniform to take on the guard tower, there is no "goth-type" dude down there.. So either your wrong or im missing something
ID #22346