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Path to Azalea Town

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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On the Path to Azalea Town


The Miracle Seed Gift


From the Poke Mart head south on Route 32, where you will be stopped by a man who will give you a Miracle Seed.  This is a held-item that will increase the power of Grass-Type moves when you give it to that sort of Pokemon.  What a nice gift!

If you are not aware of it, the Miracle Seed is a Type-Enhancing Hold-Item -- the Miracle Seed increases the power of Grass-Type attacks by 20% (in previous Generations the increase was only 10%).  To use it simply open your bag, target the item, and then use the "GIVE" button to give it to one of your Grass-Type Pokemon.

In the tall grass patches on Route 32 you can catch Rattata, Bellsprout, Mareep, and Hoppip fairly easily, and Wooper at night. 

Past the second large patch of tall grass you will see a trainer named Youngster Albert, who has a Level 6 Rattata and a Level 8 Zubat.  Defeating Albert will earn you $128 in prize money.

To the west is a path that leads up to the trainer that you can see from the main path but you need to have Cut in order to access it so we will have to revisit this section of the path later.  South of here is a treasure ball with a Repel in it -- grab that and then head back to the east to face a trainer named  Picnicker Liz who has a Level 8 Nidoran-F which you should find no trouble at all!  Exchange phone numbers with Liz so you can re-battle her later, and then continue south.

-- A Split in the Path --

As you approach the overhead train tracks there is a set of stairs leading down to a body of water with a wooden bridge to the east, and the path continues to the south, so you have two ways to go here.

South Path:  The path continues through tall grass and you encounter a trainer named Camper Roland, who has a Level 9 Nodoran-M, and again he should be minimal trouble.  Bang a U-Turn here to grab the treasure ball that you can see on the screen to score a Great Ball.

Head back west and follow the path south but don't go down the stairs -- instead go into the grass west of them to find a treasure ball that holds TM09, Bullet Seed, a nice grass-type move.  Now backtrack and head down the stairs to connect with the main path.

East Path: Down the stairs and the south on the bridge brings you to a pair of trainers fishing off of the west side -- Fisherman Henry has a pair of  Level 8 Poliwag, and they'll try to use Hypnotize on you.  Fisherman Justin has a Level 5 Magikarp that knows only Splash -- fear the Splash!  His next Pokemon is a Level 15 Magikarp that knows Tackle as well as Splash, followed by a pair of Level 5 Magikarp, and he pays off a sweet $160!

Continue on the bridge for an encounter with Fisherman Ralph and his Level 10 Goldeen.  If you exchange phone numbers with Ralph you can re-battle him later.  Follow the bridge to the path ahead to rejoin the main path!

-- Back on the Main Path --

You encounter a trainer named Youngster Gordon with a Level 10 Wooper, and then the path turns a corner and you discover a Pokecenter and the entrance to Union Caves!  Outside the Center is a bloke who wants to sell you a Slowpoke Tail snack for a million quid...  Yeah right!  Hit the Center, heal and save, and the speak to the Fisherman to the left of the counter to collect the Key Item: Old Rod.  Now you can fish!

If you talk to the older bloke in the southwest corner of the Center he will ask if you are collecting Apricorn?  Say yes and he gives you two Lure Balls that are useful for catching Pokemon while fishing, and then tells you about Kurt, who can make special items out of Apricorn!  How cool is that?

South of the Center is Bird Keeper Peter, who has a two Level 6 Pidgey and a Level 8 Spearow for you to pound on!  He gives fairly decent XP for the fight plus $256 which is not bad...

In the southeast corner is a path blocked by a rock -- smash that and collect the Shell Bell from the treasure ball.  The Shell Bell is a hold item that restores a small amount of HP during battles.  After you grab that all that is left is for us to head inside the cave!

-- Union Cave --

Union Cave Beasties List
-- Geodude #034 (Any) Normal
-- Goldeen #078 (Any) Fishing
-- Magikarp #076 (Any) Fishing
-- Onix #062 (Any) Normal
-- Quagsire #057 (Any) Surf
-- Rattata #017 (Any) Normal
-- Sandshrew #048 (Any) Normal
-- Seaking #079 (Any) Fishing
-- Wooper #056 (Any) Surf
-- Zubat #037 (Any) Normal

For the moment we do not want to head down -- we want to follow the path here and, at the first turn we duck into the alcove here and grab the X Attack from the treasure ball here.   Towards the exit to the next level north of here is a trainer named Fire-breather Ray, who has a Level 9 Vulpix.

On the next level head west to pick up TM39, Rock Tomb, from the treasure ball there then backtrack and head north, grabbing the X Defend from the treasure ball there.  Now backtrack to the long section of water that we first saw entering the cave and head around the left side of it, to face Hiker Daniel, and his Level 11 Onix.

After the fight head east to face Hiker Russel, and his trio of Geodudes (Levels 6, 4 and 8). Follow the path east then south and fight Fire-breather Bill and his pair of Level 6 Koffing, then grab the Great Ball from the nearby treasure ball.  Follow the path west and south to encounter Poke Maniac Larry, and his Level 11 Slowpoke.  Head east and then south and grab the Awakening from the treasure ball before using the exit here!

-- Route 33 --

Route 33 Beasties List

-- Aipom #123 (Any) Headbutt
-- Heracross #114 (Any) Headbutt
-- Hoppip #067 (Morning/Day) Normal
-- Pineco #093 (Any) Headbutt
-- Rattata #017 (Any) Normal
-- Spearow #013 (Any) Headbutt
-- Spearow #013 (Morning/Day) Normal
-- Zubat #037 (Morning/Night) Normal

As you exit the cave head south and a little east for a pair of side-by-side Apricorn trees -- a Pink and a Black.  Head west to challenge Hiker Anthony and his Level 11 Geodude, Level 11 Machop and a very sweet $352!  Trade phone numbers so you can re-fight him later, and then continue along the path and enter Azalea Town.

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