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Waste Disposal

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Waste Disposal


3D Logo -- Sticker
Album Cover 2 -- Sticker
Checked Hat -- Sticker
Clive Ego -- Sticker
Colorful Bird 2 -- Sticker
Grey Typewriter -- Sticker
Printed Hole -- Sticker
Quiff -- Sticker
Red Comrades Logo -- Sticker
Red Diner Logo -- Sticker
Retro Green Chair -- Sticker
Retro Professor Head -- Sticker
Smiley Lady Head -- Sticker
Big Metal Fist -- Decoration
Note Square -- Decoration
Scuffed Arrow Sign -- Decoration
Sackbot Winking Screen -- Decoration
Carpet - Scale-Pattern -- Material
Chrome -- Material
Embossed Green -- Material
Tire Tread -- Material
Hamster Tube - Short -- Object
Metal Torch -- Object
Piston Arm -- Object
Piston Head -- Object

Marie Shorts -- Costume

Stapler Lower -- Object
Stapler High -- Object

Marie Vest -- Costume
'Disaster Strikes' Stinger -- Audio

Waste Disposal

Drop down with the garbage on the way to get incinerated. Grab the Prize Bubble then jump up to the Bounce Pad before getting incinerated. Run under a couple of pistons that are trying to smash you to nothing and we're started. Jump over the fire pits, when fire is not coming streaming down at you, and then grab the sack as it takes you over the divide.

Time for some timing fun. Drop in before the trash comes in and high tail it to the safe zone. Then as soon as the ceiling becomes the floor run back left to the open space. Climb the series of platforms that are trying to smash you and get the Prize at the top.

Release the 2 sets of sacklings and then use them to as a rope over to the next area. Pull the lever to help out those that just helped you. Keep your whole group from getting smashed and then head down the tube. Drop yourself down to the next area for a 2-player!


Waste Disposal - 2-Player

And interesting 2-player. Especially if you are doing it alone. Both of you hop over the far left to a large elevator. Jump on and it's going to send you up. At the top the two of you need to line up and jump and hit the button. Repeat four times and you'll be rewarded with 4 Prize Bubbles.

Back at the main game head far right and and grab the two low Prize Bubbles. Then climb back up the collapsing platforms until you are back at the top. Jump over the melting platforms grabbing the 2 Prize Bubbles as you go. Then done the flaming wheels using the spaces with the Prize Bubbles.

Then another rising and lowering platform. Step on the high right side to get the height needed for the Prize Bubble. Then the left side to get those 2 Prize Bubbles. Then drop down at the bottom and jump across to move on.

At the bottom pick up the platform and chuck it into the lava. Jump across and then bounce up to the piston area. Work your way carefully to the right to get all the Prize Bubbles. Then back to the left and moving on. Hold onto the barrel and let the cranes move you to the left. Free the sacks and use them to swing over to the left. Then flip the lever to save them.

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Mar 16th 2013 Guest
Ooohhh Thank you!!! I have been looking all over for the Marie Vest!! I knew it would be in the Factory of a Better tomorrow because other Marie costume pieces were there. Thanks Again!!
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