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Gripple Grapple

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Gripple Grapple


Block of Handwriting -- Sticker
Chalk Arm -- Sticker
Chalk Arrow -- Sticker
Chalk Body -- Sticker
Chalk Bounce Arrow -- Sticker
Chalk Circle -- Sticker
Chalk Cloud -- Sticker
Chalk Curved Arrow -- Sticker
Chalk Dotted Diagonal -- Sticker
Chalk Happy Face -- Sticker
Chalk Hazard Symbol -- Sticker
Chalk L1 Button -- Sticker
Chalk Leg -- Sticker
Chalk Lightning -- Sticker
Chalk Line -- Sticker
Chalk Round Scribble -- Sticker
Chalk Sad Face -- Sticker
Chalk Skull -- Sticker
Chalk Speech Bubble -- Sticker
Chalk Spiral Arrow -- Sticker
Chalk Spiral Squiggle -- Sticker
Chalk Star -- Sticker
Chalk Wavy Line -- Sticker
Chalk Zig-Zag -- Sticker
Chopper Cabinet -- Sticker
Da Vinci Child -- Sticker
Drippy Principia Logo -- Sticker
Fancy Art Logo -- Sticker
Guitar Neck -- Sticker
Hook Sketch -- Sticker
Jug Sketch -- Sticker
Scoop -- Sticker
Scoop Arm -- Sticker
Streetlamps -- Sticker
Stripey Arrow -- Sticker
Wooden Gear 2 -- Sticker
Wench -- Sticker
Wooden Cog Wheel -- Decoration
Wooden Valve Wheel -- Decoration
Blackboard -- Material
Bookshelves -- Material
Canvas - Fine-Weave -- Material
Dowel - Horizontal -- Object
Wooden Chandelier -- Object
Wooden Chandelier Arm -- Object
Wooden Chandelier Centre -- Object
'Heavenly Choirs' Stinger -- Audio

Blue Tile Block -- Sticker
Chalk Dotted Circle -- Sticker
Da Vinci Arm -- Sticker
Da Vinci Crest -- Sticker
Da Vinci Torso -- Sticker
Henry VII -- Sticker
Leg Sketch - Sandals -- Sticker
Medieval Nurse -- Sticker
Old Man Sketch -- Sticker
Profile Mask -- Sticker
Stippled Bush -- Sticker
Wooden Gear 3 -- Sticker
Canvas - Medium-Weave -- Material
Canvas - Coarse-Weave -- Material
Damask - Yellow Leaves -- Material

Belly Dancer Wrist Ties -- Costume
Cog Princess Dress -- Cosume
'Disco Montage' -- Audio

Iridescent Flower -- Decoration
Canvas - Brown -- Material
'The Big Reveal' -- Auddio

Straw Hat -- Costume
Tree Stump -- Decoration


Hidden Race

Right at the start is a sticker location. It requires the Da Vinici Crest - Sticker which you'll find in the second half of this very level. Once you have it you can come back and start a hidden race to grab 3 Prize Bubbles that have been given wings. You want to catch all 3 ASAP or they will get too far ahead of you. Skip everything that you can and the real secret is to just hit the middle Grapple Point where there are three in a row.

Grab the Prize Bubbles using your Grappler and by lengthing and shortening the rope. Your first real test of the area comes with the 2 large poles swinging back and forth and the 6 Prize Bubbles above them. You need to really use good timing and momentum to swing yourself from side to side and launching as high in the air as you can go. I've shown you in the video so check that if you are having any problems. This area is the hardest in the game so far.

The Challenge Key is actually pretty easy to get as there is a Grapple point hidden above it.

Don't blaze through the next area too fast as the rotating gears alternate between Grapple Points and Prize Bubbles. 2 of each for each gear. Watch yourself with the electrical fields below you and make your way through the level. At the top ride the Grapple Point to the left to get enough momentum to swing off and get the nearby Prize. Another bounce pad half circle. Keep your rope length short so you don't hit the electricity. Work your way to the right using two rolling Grapple Points until another electrical field jump. On this one, hit the bounce, then use the Grapple Point to pull yourself down the other side.

Gripple Grapple - High Jump #2

Now we have another pendulum area. Not as hard as the last one as these two pieces are moving much faster. Use their momentum to get up to the 3 Prize Bubbles.

You probably can very clearly see the 2 Prize Bubbles at the next checkpoint. Don't miss the one that is hidden in the background behind the checkpoint.


Gripple Grapple - 2-Player

Right at the start of section two is a simple 2 player area. You can sign someone in right here and then drop them after the area. Just have both Grapple onto the 2 Points and it will auto lift you to the top. The have one Grapple the points and the second player Grapple the first player. Have the lower player hit the bounce pad and then release right at the top to get the 4 Prize Bubbles.

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Comments for Gripple Grapple

2 comments, latest first.
Apr 4th 2013 Guest
How do you get White wood?
ID #270568
Apr 5th 2011 Guest
You said you showed in the video, how to get the prize bubbles that are above the 2 poles........i'm afraid you're wrong as the video ends, right before that area :(
ID #35959