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Grab and Swing

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Grab and Swing


Ada's Sackboy -- Sticker
Fountain Sketch -- Sticker
Full Glass -- Sticker
Grapes -- Sticker
Paint Splodge - Dark Brown -- Sticker
Paint Square - Orange -- Sticker
Square - Terracotta -- Sticker
Straight Iron Support Sketch -- Sticker
Da Vinci One-Story -- Decoration
Tower Wax Seal -- Decoration
Big Green Book -- Object
Open Book -- Object
Damask - Red Floral -- Material
Plywood -- Material

Chandelier Sketch -- Sticker
Cheese Wedge -- Sticker
Circle Square -- Sticker
Controller Sketch -- Sticker
Da Vinci Ego -- Sticker
Da Vinci Portrait -- Sticker
Da Vinci Specs -- Sticker
Fingerprint - Orange -- Sticker
Furniture Leg Sketch 2 -- Sticker
Furniture Leg Sketch 3 -- Sticker
Golden Picture Frame -- Sticker
Green Spiral -- Sticker
Helicopter Sketch -- Sticker
Iron Hinge Sketch -- Sticker
Joystick Sketch -- Sticker
Magnum Opus Logo -- Sticker
Newton Logo -- Sticker
Orange Terro Incognito Logo -- Sticker
Parmesan Logo -- Sticker
Red Pillar -- Sticker
Wooden Da Vinci Logo -- Sticker
Window Sketch -- Sticker
Da Vinci Turret -- Decoration
Da Vinci Two-Story Tower -- Decoration
Small Fat Book -- Object
Black Matte Wood -- Material
Damask - Orange Leaves -- Material
Floral Brocade -- Material
Masonry Trim -- Material

Cog Princess Skin -- Costume
Combover Hair -- Costume
Sketch Hat -- Costume

Dowel Upright -- Decoration
Big Red Book -- Object
'A Fifth of Beethoven' -- Audio

Carrot Stick Hat -- Costume
Flyboy Hat -- Costume


Grab and Swing


Grab and Swing is all about, well all about grabbing things and swinging from things. They are nice enough to put a Giant R1 on the first item. Make sure to jump off of it to the Prize Bubble before pulling it all the way to the right. Do the same with the next object on wheels. You'll come to a large couch on wheels. Pull it to the edge and then hop on to ride it down the hill. Stay towards the top of the left armrest to hit the score bubbles as you go down.

After you get off the couch double back. There is a small ramp on the back side of the first one. Use this smaller ramp to go underground and get yourself a load of Prize Bubbles.

Moving forward again you will come to a series of swings. First off, drop down and grab the Prize bubbles that are under all the ledges here. Then swing across to the next area.

During the swing area with 3 swings is the first of many challenge keys. Grabbing one opens up Challenge Levels that are short side levels that give you bonus Prizes based on your score. We cover all of these also so no worries there.

As you head down the stepped books DON'T just rush over to the portal. First work your way behind the books for a large area with a lot of Prizes. Then it's off to the next part of the level.

Nothing like popping up in someone's toilet.  First head to the right to the next area to get the Grappler. Then back to the starting area. Grapple to the Toilet Paper to get it to roll and drop the Prize. Then Grapple the handle to flush the toilet and grab that Prize. Make sure to Grapple around the area you got the Grappler from to grab all of those Prizes.

As you Grapple your way through the level grabbing Prize bubbles and don't forget to drop down to the lower areas to get those Prizes also.

After doing the triple swing you'll see a Prize Bubble hidden between some books below you. Simply drop off to the right and move to the far back plane and walk behind. These are the Da Vinic Specs you need to Ace the first level.

Race time. During your first run of the level I'd plan to get all the Prizes and not worry about time or points for this race. Simply take your time and get all the Prizes. When you get to the mid level you'll get your first real tough jump. Grapple the middle and then momentum down into the bounce pad. The key to this area is to release on the way back up to allow your momentum to carry you up to the ledge with the 3 Prizes. This type of movement is critical to the game and you might want to spend some time here working on your releases. After you get everything continue on and finish the level.

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