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Challenge -
Death By Shockolate

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Challenge - Death By Shockolate


15,000 POINTS
Burlesque Hair -- Costume
Water Motif -- Sticker
Stitches -- Sticker

25,000 POINTS
Burlesque Fishnets & Shoes -- Costume
Burlesque Dress -- Costume
Spiral Motif -- Sticker

50,000 POINTS
Burlesque Boa -- Costume
Burlesque Feather -- Costume
Paisley Motif 2 -- Sticker

Anemone - White -- Sticker
Bird Motif -- Sticker
Blank Face & Dark Hair -- Sticker
Charles Babbage -- Sticker
Decorative Bug -- Sticker
Green-Shaded Eye -- Sticker
Head Outline & Ruff -- Sticker
Lady's Shoulders -- Sticker
Military Man's Arm -- Sticker
Military Man's Torso -- Sticker
Monochrome Scales -- Sticker
Paisley Motif 1 -- Sticker
Pale Pink Lips -- Sticker
Pink  Drippy Smile -- Sticker
Pink Hair & Flower -- Sticker
Purple Fern -- Sticker
Rat Sketch -- Sticker
Sideburns -- Sticker
Victorian Swirls Motif -- Sticker

Death By Shockolate

For intents and purposes this is a full level. They can call it an obstacle course but its really just a level where you get bonus Prizes for good scores. I would suggest two playthroughs. One to get all the pretty Prizes that are ALL over the place and one for speed to get the 50k.

Right away hit the Grapple Point and use it to swing back towards the start and the two Prizes that are there. As you go forward Grapple as soon as you bounce to keep yourself from hitting the electrical current above you.

Really the only two hidden Prizes are right near the start. You'll come to a rather large spinning grapple wheel with a retracting bridge below. Drop down to the left and there are 2 Prize Bubbles.

Then go up the right side and hop across during the pauses. Then avoid the electrical as you bounce up and drop back down. Watch the enemy as they cause the electricity to discharge.

Continue through and when you get to the next Grapple Point hang on and reel yourself in and out to avoid the electrics. Then hop over to the next one and move left and right. Then Grapple the next two large wheels, making sure to grab the Prizes as you go up.

Now jump to the left avoiding the discharge. At the next wheel head under the first to get the 2 Prizes. Grapple your way around to the gorilla arms and blast yourself up. Grapple yourself through the wheels and make sure to get all the score bubbles at the end and then you are done.

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Death By Shockolate

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