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Fireflies When You're Having Fun

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Fireflies When You're Having Fun


Blond Moustache -- Sticker
Impressionist Motif 5 -- Sticker
Lady with Apple Painting -- Sticker
Owl Face -- Sticker
Patterned Leaf -- Sticker
Poplar -- Sticker
Snarling Mouth -- Sticker
Vampire Kid -- Sticker
Fabric Flower - Pink -- Decoration
Torn Paper -- Decoration
Viola Hat -- Costume
Waterlily Dress -- Costume
Waterlily Eyes -- Costume
Waterlily Shoes -- Costume
Gold Leaf -- Material
Ruled Paper -- Material
Flower Lamp -- Object
Perfume Bottle Top -- Object

Badger -- Sticker
Big Ear -- Sticker
Cell 4 -- Sticker
Clown Fish -- Sticker
Eve House -- Sticker
Fingerprint - Green -- Sticker
Green-Blue Triangle -- Sticker
Hooded Head -- Sticker
Impressionist Flower -- Sticker
Red Apple -- Sticker
Square - Green -- Sticker
Woman's Head -- Sticker
Yellow Sun Doodle -- Sticker
Fabric Leaf - Dark -- Decoration
Fabric Leaf - Light -- Decoration
Golden Apple Stem -- Decoration
Paper Plane -- Decoration
Geometric Grey -- Material
Green Oil-Painted -- Material
Golden Stand -- Object
'Honor' -- Audio

Vincent Hat -- Costume
Vincent Skin -- Costume
'Infotain Me' -- Audio

Eve Ego -- Sticker
Plant Trangle -- Sticker

Flower Moustache -- Costume
Plant Deely-Boppers -- Costume
Vincent Flower -- Costume

Fireflies When You're Having Fun

This area has a Sticker Requirement to get most of the Prizes. It requires a  Golden Apple from the end of Patients Are A Virtue. So we'll skip that for now and get going on the main level.

Work your way in the dark to the right. There is a Prize bubble as you make the final leap on the right side. Continue bouncing around the level until you get to the scale on the top left. Grab the Prize at the far left corner. You're going to see a LOT of stuff high above you that you can't get until you get the sticker placed.

Swing on the bugs to get the height to get to the ledge and it's 2 Prizes. Then swing up to the high left first for a Prize, the work your way to the right and get yourself to the end of Part 1.

Bounce  up one level at a time as they come out.


Fireflies When You're Having Fun - 3-Player

First have all 3 people pull their grabs until the bug knocks the Prizes off. Then just the far right 2, then the 2 outsides. Easy!

Swing your way across only grabbing the pads when they are NOT on fire. Then it's a fun swing ride to the top. There are 4 Prizes on each side. Just move around and watch the fire from the Meanies. Then wait for the 4 little enemies to move past and follow the last one. Jumping and grabbing the Prizes in the first three openings. Then go right and grab the 2 Prizes under the ledge on the right.


Fireflies When You're Having Fun - Sticker Run

If you've finished Patients Are A Virtue then you have the Golden Apple and can get the Creatinator. It shoots out your very own Bounce Pad. But only one at a time.

Hop back to the left and use the Creatinator to work you way up right above the Sticker. There are 3 in alcoves on the right and 2 Prizes on the left.

Drop down and head up just to the right of the Sticker. Use a pad to get to the middle open area. Then wait for the firebugs to pass and get to the alcove. Now to the roof and head right. One final bounce on the top right and you get the 2 Prizes up there.

Now get to the top of first main area. At the checkpoint go up to the left to get 2 Prizes. Now you just want to keep using the Creatinator to stay at the top of the level. There is 1 on the way to first swing area. Only you don't need to swing. Instead Bounce your way to the 2 Prizes on the top right. Drop down to the right and jump over the top to the checkpoint. Then bounce up to the final 2 hidden Prizes.

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Comments for Fireflies When You're Having Fun

4 comments, latest first.
Mar 12th 2013 Guest
I can't find the paper plane deceration someone please help!
ID #263090
Aug 14th 2012 Guest
Does anyone know how to make that creatinator? I mean I personally made a creatinator shoot launchpads (with dark matter so it would float) but when I'm in the air and I try shooting one down it comes out vertical. can anyone help me out?
ID #176070
Dec 21st 2011 Guest
At the beggining of the level use the creatinator u get from the sticker trigger and jump up the ledges. hope this helped
ID #97002
Jul 8th 2011 Guest
click to reveal
ID #55956