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Full Metal Rabbit

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Full Metal Rabbit


Barcode -- Sticker
Cool Dude Pilot -- Sticker
Stripey Beard Logo -- Sticker
Torn Plastic -- Decoration
Vacuum Tube -- Object
'Love' -- Audio
'Meanies' -- Audio

Crater Side -- Sticker
Green-Pink Cruiser -- Sticker
Pink Rock Towers -- Sticker
Pink Sweetie -- Sticker
Meanie Horn - Straight -- Decoration
Pink Knitted Fringe -- Decoration
Pixelated - Brown -- Material
Vacuum Head Top -- Object
'The Cosmos' IntMusic -- Audio

Flaskboy Headpiece 2 -- Costume
Fish Constellation -- Sticker
Modelling Clay - Blue -- Material

Orange Sunrise Icon -- Sticker
'Space' -- Audio

Paperboy -- Costume
Meanie Wing -- Decoration
Pixelate -- Material

Full Metal Rabbit

This level is all about bomb management. Well at least the beginning is. There are going to be sad evil Meanies up on platforms throwing bombs at you. The key is to grab the first bomb and wait for the enemy to throw another. Chuck yours back and grab the second one. There are a lot of Prize Bubbles hiding behind things you need to blow up.

Take out the first enemy and get his bomb and use it right away at the bubblewraped Prize Bubble. Then grab a bomb from the enemy on the other side and use it on the other side of the bubblewrap to get the other Prize Bubble. Watch out for the lava on the ground and continue to grab bombs and use them to free Prize Bubbles.

Next new enemy is going to be a Meanie on a tower. Just keep throwing bombs at the blocks below it until you can get to the main bad buy himself. Then jump on top of the platforms squishing the enemies below. Continue bouncing and crushing bad guys till you get to solid ground again. You'll see a pull pad and a large heavy block. Interesting. Walk forwards and an enemy will come at you. Step back and let him get under the block and then pull that pad. Repeat.

Part 2 of the level brings back the bunny. For me the worst of the animals but we'll make do. Continue to jump and smash. The whole rest of the level is simply smashing down on things before they fire lasers at you. At the very end of the level there is a series of 3 lasers. To get through it you need to work fast. As soon as it fires get to the first level and smash it good. Then hold for another volley of fire and finish up the last 2 lasers.

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