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The Cosmos
Set Control For The Heart of the Negativitron

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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The Cosmos
Set Control For The Heart of the Negativitron


Golden Cosmos Logo -- Sticker
Mr Moon Cape -- Costume
Mr Moon Mask -- Costume
Mr Moon Staff -- Costume
Mrs Moon Dress -- Costume
Mrs Moon Headpiece -- Costume
Mrs Moon Mask -- Costume
Mrs Moon Staff -- Costume
Carpet - Star Pattern -- Material

Alien Eye -- Sticker
Anemone - Blue -- Sticker
Blue Stegosaurus -- Sticker
Bright Star -- Sticker
Color Wheel - Gradient -- Sticker
Difference Engine Videogame -- Sticker
Digital 0 -- Sticker
Digital 1 -- Sticker
Digital 2 -- Sticker
Digital 3 -- Sticker
Digital 4 -- Sticker
Digital 5 -- Sticker
Digital 6 -- Sticker
Digital 7 -- Sticker
Digital 8 -- Sticker
Digital 9 -- Sticker
Digital Blank -- Sticker
Digital Strut -- Sticker
Drain -- Sticker
Fierce Kitty -- Sticker
Higginbotham Ego -- Sticker
Hydrant Sign -- Sticker
Orange Explosion -- Sticker
Pink Planet -- Sticker
Rainbow Giraffe -- Sticker
Robot Lenin -- Sticker
Space Goat -- Sticker
Spaceship Hull -- Sticker
Square - Grey Planet Pattern -- Sticker
Starry Space Helmet -- Sticker
Starry Space Logo -- Sticker
Stripey Blue Curve -- Sticker
Stripey Blue Line -- Sticker
White Sweetie -- Sticker
Cockpit Blister -- Decoration
Green Blob on Stalk -- Decoration
Meanie Arm -- Decoration
Pixelated - Blue -- Material
Starfield -- Material
Laster Light -- Object
Vacuum Head Bottom -- Object
“Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op.30' (Theme from '2001: A Space Odyssey') -- Audio
'Sleepyhead' (Instrumentral) -- Audio
'Wood Ringer' -- Audio

Hologram -- Material
Disco Sack Jumpsuit -- Costume
'Planetarium' -- Audio

Cardboard Blob -- Decoration
Meanie Eye on Stalk -- Decoration
Bashed-up Cardboard Box -- Object

Computerhead Torso -- Costume
Console Kitty Tail -- Costume

Set Controls For The Heart of the Negativitron

The level starts off innocently enough. There are 3 keys in 3 arcade games. Just sit down and play for a few seconds and the Challenge Keys will drop. These are all versus games to just mess around with your friends. There is also a prize crane machine. Simply stand on the button until its over 1 of the 2 prizes and jump off. Grab the Prize Bubble and repeat for the second one. Now it's time actually start this level.

The second half starts pretty simply also. The gravity is all wonkers in this area. The blue hued blocks will rise and then fall every few second. Weave in and out and above and below them to get all the Prize Bubbles in the area.


Set Controls For The Heart of the Negativitron - 2 Player

First player number 1 jump up to the small block. Not the large one or you are just going to get smashed. Then sack number 2 hit the button so sack one is raised into the air. Sack 1 jumps onto the ledge and hits the next button lowering the left block. Sack 2 gets off the button and then climb over all the blocks to get into the far left side and onto the button. Sack 1 walks over to the left and gets the 2 Prize Bubbles. Then steps on his button and Sack 2 can get the last 2 Prize Bubbles below.

Next up the Negativitron shows and the forgot up gravity and down gravity, now it's just straight up low gravity. Jump over the electrical unit in the middle of the floor. Continue to the right and you'll get to a large fast grab wheel. Grab ahold and then let go as it starts to rise so you get the momentum to get the Prize Bubbles and to the safety right side.

The set of sackbots will be released and you need to jump up on the blocks. At the top there is a bounce pad and a few Prize Bubbles to pop. Then its a smooth jump through a moving electrical field to get a Prize Bubble. Another grab wheel and some quick jumps to release more sackbots.

The next area is jumping on some floating boxes. From the bounce pad head back left to get the 3 Prize Bubbles. Continue to a another grab wheel and bounce through to the next checkpoint.

You'll get on gravity wheel. With every hit of the X button you'll move from roof to floor to roof and back. Jump around until you get to the next set of boxes. Push it up and grab the Prize Bubbles and then keep pushing it until it locks into place. Then at the set of 2 push the right one up, the move the left one to the left and around grabbing all the Prize Bubbles.

Grab the 2 Prizes before the tube and level is complete.

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Set Control For The Heart of the Negativitron


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