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The Factory of a Better Tomorrow
Maximum Security

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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The Factory of a Better Tomorrow
Maximum Security


Approved Stamp -- Sticker
Clive Child -- Sticker
Conformity Poster -- Sticker
Factory Symbol -- Sticker
Futurism Color Interior -- Sticker
Futurism Grayscale -- Sticker
Halftone Square -- Sticker
Happy Management Bean -- Sticker
Lady's Horn Rims -- Sticker
Little Blue Car -- Sticker
Man's Horn Rims -- Sticker
Middle-Management Face -- Sticker
New Life Poster -- Sticker
Nucleus -- Sticker
Orange Moonrocks -- Sticker
Photographic Fist -- Sticker
Robot Block -- Sticker
Sea Monster -- Sticker
Work Hard Badge -- Sticker
Worker Body -- Sticker
Clipboard Clip -- Decoration
Rocket Ship Vent -- Decoration
Sackbot Sleepy -- Decoration
Astrid Bangles -- Costume
Astrid Dress -- Costume
Astrid Glasses -- Costume
Astrid Hat -- Costume
Astro Anklets -- Costume
Astro Bangles -- Costume
Astro Helmet -- Costume
Astro Skin -- Costume
Crumpled Concrete -- Material
Embossed Blue -- Material
Neon Bevel -- Material
Wood Veneer -- Material
Hamster Tube - Long Curved -- Object
Paperclip -- Object
Ribbed Tin Can -- Object
'Automation' -- Audio

Sticking Plasters -- Costume
Tired Eyes -- Costume
'The Factory of a Better Tomorrow' IntMusic -- Audio

Microphone Head -- Object
'Sadness' -- Audio

Dean Jeans -- Costume
Retro Glasses -- Costume
'Meanies' Stinger -- Audio

Maximum Security

Start by grabbing the Prize Bubble by Clive and then use the Bounce Pad to get the next 8. 8 right at the start, all too easy. Slide down the hill, but before moving on, head to the left and into the rock and get the hidden Prize Bubble there. Then the long hall up the hill. Try to make your way into the entrance, you'll be denied but you will get a Prize Bubble for the effort.

Time for the old bounce and swing. First drop off to the left and get the Bubble at the bottom. Then it's all bouncy, swingy, bouncy, swingy to the top. Don't miss the bubble on the high left and then use that height to get the Grapple Point in the middle and launch yourself high enough to get on top of the area for the final Prize Bubble.

Once inside pull the lever to let Clive in and then head to the left to get the 2 Prize Bubbles. Your job is to free some poor scared Sackpeople. You get rewarded at the end based on the number you saved but it's pretty hard to actually lose any of them if you just pay attention.

Let the first group out and then grab one with the R1 and chuck it at the button until you fill it up enough to move on. In the next room jump yourself across the low platform and pull the lever to bring the main platform down to help the tiny sacks cross.

The little sacks will be sucked into a tube for easy transportation. You are not so lucky. Jump up the right and grab the Prize, then time for some new enemies. These send fire at you. So watch tour step and then just get in close and pop the two brains. Then hit the small button to change the tubes so that the sacks actually come out.

From one tube to another. Before you join them jump from the right bounce pad to the top right so that it sends you into the 2 Prizes. Then down below grab a sack and launch it into the far right button to get several more Prize Bubbles.

Grab a sackperson and chuck him to the upper left so the platform moves into place. Next grab the movable bounce pad and move it down a level. Then use it to get the Prize Bubble. Now throw it to the far left to create a bounce pad for the little sacks. 

Chuck a few more sacks into the next area to get a key fall.


Maximum Security - 2-Player

Yet another real easy area. One player grabs the bounce pad so the other player can get the little extra jump they need to get to the top left.

After that, level over.

5 SACKS - Hamster Tube - Long Curved -- Object
10 SACKS - Paperclip -- Object
15 SACKS - Sackboy Sleepy Screen -- Decoration & Little Blue Car -- Sticker

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Maximum Security


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