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Bang for Buck

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Bang for Buck


Album Cover 1 -- Sticker
Big Head Alien -- Sticker
Blue Typewriter -- Sticker
Clive Stamp -- Sticker
Color Wheel - Cubist -- Sticker
Colorful Molecules -- Sticker
Colorful Robot -- Sticker
Colorful Rocket -- Sticker
Conformity Poster Detail -- Sticker
Invasion Logo -- Sticker
Machines Stamp -- Sticker
Orange Light Bulb -- Sticker
Pink Guy Sketch -- Sticker
Raygun -- Sticker
Red & Yellow Chevron -- Sticker
Red Fist -- Sticker
Red Transparent Star -- Sticker
Robot Ear -- Sticker
Stone Worker -- Sticker
Tank Stamp -- Sticker
Track 62 Logo -- Sticker
White Wavy Line -- Sticker
Yellow Fist -- Sticker
Clapper Board -- Decoration
Rocket Ship Wing -- Decoration
Sackbot Alarmed Screen -- Decoration
Meryl Dungarees -- Costume
Carpet - Check Pattern -- Material
Crumpled Concrete - Dark -- Material
Diamond Lattice -- Material
Glass Cage -- Material
Skyscrapers -- Material
Antique Radio -- Object
Elastic Band Ball -- Object
Exhaust Pipe -- Object
Hamster Tube Cross Section -- Object
Hamster Tube - Long  -- Object
Hamster Tube - Medium -- Object
Hamster Tube - Short Curved -- Object
Lever Arch Folder -- Object
Metal Bar -- Object
Tin Cap Top -- Object
'I Have Changed' -- Audio
'Mahalageasca (Felx B Jaxxhouz Dub)' -- Audio

Dean Shoes -- Costume
Meryl Hat & Hair -- Costume
'Victory' -- Audio

Antenna -- Decoration

Dizzy Eyes -- Costume
Tinfoil Hat -- Costume

Bang For Buck

Right away you will notice a open sticker spot. You need the Red Fist -- Sticker from the end of this level. Until you get that you won't have able to get all the Prizes. Because of how different the level plays we'll have a separate section at the end of this level to show you the differences.

Dodge the flame throwing enemy and then grab the first bomb and launch it at the destroyable blocks to the right.

As you drop down grab the bomb on the right and head under the rocks to the left to get 4 Prize Bubbles.

Go under the ramp to the right to get 2 Prize Bubbles. You won't be able to blast all the those rocks out until you come back with the correct sticker. Head up the ramp and bounce up past the fire spewing sentry gun. Look up to see yet another area we need to come back for with the sticker and then run into the cubby hole as the wall passes and then back out.

Use the bounce pads to get to the checkpoint. There are 2 Prize Bubbles behind it. Jump up and grab a bomb. Let go at the next platform and use the bounce pad to get to the Prize Bubble.

Let go at the next platform. DON'T DROP DOWN. You need to jump across the gap to the right to get to the hidden Prize Bubble.

Use the fire sentry guns to expose the 2 Prize Bubbles on each side. Then let them eat away at the middle so you have a path to continue. Then let the next fire eat away the 2 big middle blocks so that the far right wall falls over and you can move on. That's the end of part 1.

At the start of part 2, pull the grab bag and then launch yourself to the top of the left holder. As it pulls back up jump to the left to get the 2 Prize Bubbles. Pull the next bag to bring the platform down and then leap to the right side bounce pad. Then leap across the non-electrified side of the rotating platform. Pull the sack on top when the platform is safe for the little sacks to cross.


Bang For Buck - 4-Player

Use the bounce pad to the get to the right side 4 player area. Finally one that is somewhat of a challenge. Place one person under the button, one at the metal mesh, one on the bottom right, and the final at the middle bottom mesh. The first person hits the button dropping a timed bomb. Now toss it person to person until it hits the #4 door. Do the same for all the numbered and blank door and you'll get the Prizes.

Back at the bounce pads hit the right side before the top to get 2 Prize Bubbles. Then ride the bombs down to the left. Go through the tube and get the Prize Bubble out of the right side. Grab the bag to free some more sacks.

Grab the bomb as it drop and then bounce through the Challenge Key and chuck the bomb at the boxes.

The moving columns in the next area are on different planes. So grab a bomb and weave in and out so that you can throw it at the boxes. Use the bounce pad in the next area to bounce back towards the Prize Bubble. Ride the bomb, being careful to miss all the electric wheels spinning in and out of your way.

Another bounce area and then you have to run across the platforms before they blow up and it's level over.

Second run through. Place the Red Fist Sticker into the opening area.

1) - Head back to the opening area to drop the 2 boxes hanging from the ceiling. Then blast them again to open them.

2) - After the opening area with the fire gun shoot the wall straight above to the bombinator. It will drop a bounce pad. Now fire to the upper right area to free some Prize Bubbles.

3) - In the next area fire the bombinator first straight up into the rocks and then into the upper right to free some more Prizes.

4) - Beneath and behind the ramp fire to the right to get a ton of Prizes. Head back to the ramp.

5) - Fire straight up after the next set of fire sentries to free some more.

6) - Before crossing the 'X' fire and destroy the 2 large boxes hanging from the ceiling.

Got them all!

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Oct 18th 2014 Guest
Someone formatted my ps3 and now I gotta do this crap again
ID #459960
Mar 20th 2014 Guest
I can't pick up the cake bomb thingy :-(
ID #366150
Jun 16th 2012 SepiaRaid
I'm missing 4 prize bubbles. D:
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