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Brainy Cakes

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Brainy Cakes


Ammonite -- Sticker
Bearded Man Sketch -- Sticker
Big Fancy Cake -- Sticker
Black Flower Border -- Sticker
Blue Kettle -- Sticker
Curved Window -- Sticker
Dollhouse Door -- Sticker
Dollhouse Window 1 -- Sticker
Dollhouse Window 2 -- Sticker
Fancy Arrow -- Sticker
Flower Motif 2 -- Sticker
Flower Motif 3 -- Sticker
Fruitcake Logo -- Sticker
Grass Silhouette -- Sticker
Painted Cloud -- Sticker
Painted Rain -- Sticker
Peacock -- Sticker
Penny Farthing -- Sticker
Playing Card -- Sticker
Pompadour Hat -- Sticker
Silver Spoon -- Sticker
Stag Head with Antlers -- Sticker
Sticking Plaster -- Sticker
Thistle -- Sticker
Victoria Child -- Sticker
Victorian Lady's Boot -- Sticker
Victorian Lady's Arm -- Sticker
Victorian Lady's Torso -- Sticker
Biscuit Wafer -- Decoration
Cookie -- Decoration
Cream Sprinkles -- Decoration
Cream Swirl & Cherry -- Decoration
Doily Tree -- Decoration
Lace Flower -- Decoration
Picture Frame - Anatomical Face -- Decoration
Picture Frame - Lady -- Decoration
Pipe Hole -- Decoration
Porthole Window -- Decoration
Red Rose -- Decoration
Sugar Flower -- Decoration
Victoria's Cake House -- Decoration
Broken Crockery -- Material
Damask - Dark Green Floral -- Material
Damask - Green Floral -- Material
Floral Wallpaper - Blue Tint -- Material
Floral wallpaper - Pink Tint -- Material
Purple Velvet -- Material
Rock Cake -- Material
Chocolate Cupcake -- Object
Chocolate French Fancy -- Object
Chocolate Gateau -- Object
Meter Gauge -- Object
Roborat -- Object
'Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!' -- Audio

Cookies -- Material
Babyface Dummy -- Costume
Babyface Nappy -- Costume

Flower Motif 1 -- Sticker
Red Rose Corsage -- Sticker

Victoria Symbol -- Sticker
Babyface Rattle -- Costume
Babyface Bonnet -- Costume

Brainy Cakes

Right off the bat you need to backtrack to the left to get 2 Prize Bubbles. Go up the stone steps by Bathy to get behind the gate. There is one Prize Bubble below and one hidden high behind the gate arch.  Then go forward and grab yourself a Fruit Cake and throw them at the next two Prizes. Finally grab a Fruit Cake and bounce onto the metal slide to get to the next area.

Keep moving forward throwing cakes at all the Prize Bubbles and you'll come to a new enemy type. These guy rotate their brains. So wait until it is facing you, and throw a cake at it. Pretty much any time in this level where you are wondering what to do. Just throw a cake at it.

You'll come to an area where you need to hold onto a cake while platforms below launch you into the air. Time your jump right and you can reach the Prize Bubbles. You do NOT need to throw your cake here.


Brainy Cakes - 2-Player

Another easy 2-Player area. Both players need to grab the robots and throw them at the button at the same time.

Continue on in the level riding the wheel around. Be careful of the second as every other spoke gets dosed in kill juice. Slide across the next area making sure to stay wide of the spikes. Now before you ride the metal path walk over to the edge and jump to the right side to get the 2 Prize Bubbles. Then grab a cake and ride to the bottom SLOWLY. You need to drop off onto the Bounce Pad or its death. Ride the spoon launchers to the top and slide over to the right.

Throw a cake at the monster and then its cake chimney puzzle. Simply stay on the cookie and avoid the purple death. Work your way to the right as there is a Challenge Key down there. You can jump if you feel you are going to slow to help you get to the far sides before the walls all collapse.

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