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Victoria's Laboratory
Runaway Train

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Victoria's Laboratory
Runaway Train


Aviatress Gloves -- Costume
Aviatress Headgear & Hair -- Costume
Aviatress Jacket & Top -- Costume
Aviatress Scarf -- Costume
Aviatress Trousers -- Costume
Cupcake Skin -- Costume
Steam Sack Helmet -- Costume
Stean Sack Suit -- Costume
Corner Swirl Motif -- Sticker
Iron Cakestand -- Sticker
Jam Logo -- Sticker
Kettle Lady -- Sticker
Oval Frame Sketch -- Sticker
Paint Splodge - Black -- Sticker
Paint Splodge - Navy Blue -- Sticker
Paint Splodge - Purple -- Sticker
Paint Splodge - Terracotta -- Sticker
Paint Square - Dark Purple -- Sticker
Paint Square - Gold -- Sticker
Paint Square - Plum -- Sticker
Swagged Skirt -- Sticker
Tree Motif 1 -- Sticker
Tree Motif 2 -- Sticker
Union Jack -- Sticker
Victoria Ego -- Sticker
Cream Swirl -- Decoration
Round Doily -- Decoration
Steampunk Pipe -- Decoration
Floral Wallpaper -- Material
Jelly - Orange -- Material
Jelly - Strawberry -- Material
Light Brass -- Material
Purple Quilted -- Material
Antique Light Bulb -- Object
Vanilla French Fancy -- Object
Wrought Iron Swirl -- Object

Cupcake Hat -- Costume
Jelly - Lime -- Material
'The Lab'  IntMusic -- Audio

Icing Drips -- Decoration
Picture Frame - Teapot Train -- Decoration
'Panic' -- Audio

Flaskboy Headpiece 1 -- Costume
Sack-in-a-Clock Hat -- Costume
Picture Frame - Gentleman -- Decoration

Runaway Train

New area. This time we are given Grabinators so that instead of just pulling and pushing things we can simply pick them up and toss them around. So pick up the first box and toss it out of the way. The next car has a ton of Prize Bubbles just waiting for you to burst them. Then the next car move the blocks to the left first to get the Prize Bubble over Da Vinci then move them over to the right to get to the roof.

Watch your movements up top on the roof as the train signs that are wizzing by your head will send you to your death. Do a nice long jump to get the 3 Prizes then grab a block and throw it into the left hand button to get the next group of Prizes to drop. Then throw one to the right.

The Prizes in the next car seem too high up to get. But simply grab yourself a Jam and jump right into them. Then throw the Jam into the button at the end of the car to move on.

Move your way to the giant cakes car. Eliminate the two rows on the left first to expose 2 more Prize Bubbles before drooping down.


Runaway Train - 3-Player

Pretty easy 3-player area. Just throw two people up to the first area. Then throw one more person to the top area. Easy peazy.

Now it's time for some enemies. First use the bounce pads to jump on the heads of the first three. Then throw the Jam on the next 2 enemies. Then throw some more Jam on the next two.

Boss time. Just throw Jam at the two Brains on the Conductor to take it out. Then jump on in there to get to the Prize Bubbles. Level over.

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Runaway Train

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Dec 3rd 2011 Guest
How did you make the 3 players??
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