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Avalon's Advanced Armaments Academy

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Avalon's Advanced Armaments Academy


DJ Rewind Gloves -- Costume
DJ Rewind Hat -- Costume
DJ Rewind Jumpsuit -- Costume
Plectra Dress -- Costume
Plectra Glasses -- Costume
Plectra Hair -- Costume
Plectra Wings -- Costume
Atomic Drive -- Sticker
Avalon Ego -- Sticker
Avalon Poster -- Sticker
Avalonia A -- Sticker
Avalonia B -- Sticker
Avlaonia C -- Sticker
Blue Science Logo -- Sticker
Cell Loop -- Sticker
Epic Avalon Head -- Sticker
Foil Wrapper -- Sticker
Golden Colorsquare -- Sticker
I Created Science Paper -- Sticker
Pink-Orange Fact Sheet -- Sticker
Sparkle Jewel -- Sticker
Square Speaker -- Sticker
Tape Spool -- Sticker
Videotape -- Sticker
Water Icon -- Sticker
Animal Ear - Long -- Decoration
Animal Ear - Pointed -- Decoration
Animal Ear - Rounded -- Decoration
Animal Tail -- Decoration
Avalon's Winged Pyramid -- Decoration
Cotton Wool Tree -- Decoration
Dog Nose -- Decoration
Rabbit Nose -- Decoration
White Fur -- Decoration
Blue Hexagon -- Material
Blue Bubbles -- Material
Corrugated Plastic -- Material
Fur - Black -- Material
Fur - Brown -- Material
Fur - Orange -- Material
Fur - White -- Material
Geometric Shadow Print -- Material
Fizzy Drink Can - Horizontal -- Object
Hamsterton 2000 -- Object
Handheld Game Console -- Object
Lightbox - Curved -- Object
MechaPup -- Object
Round Speaker -- Object
Small Battery -- Object
Square Battery -- Object

Console Kitty Gloves -- Costume
Console Hitty Headpiece -- Costume
LED Light Bulb -- Object

Cotton Ball Cloud 1 -- Object
RoboBun -- Object
Triangular Speaker -- Object

Console Kitty Torso -- Costume
Console Kitty Boots -- Costume
Men At Work -- Sticker

Talk about Prize Bubbles. Avalonia is all about Prize Bubbles. This level is broken down into three separate areas. Bunny, Dog, and Hampster. No seriously. Head to the right and grab the first 7 Prize Bubbles.

Avalon's Advanced Armaments Academy - Bunny

BUNNY - Get on your bunny and jump up from the top of the soda can pyramids to get to the Prize Bubbles. Hop safely over the electrical fields and then go up on the sideways cans to get the 2 Prize Bubbles up there. Bounce off the bubblewrap to get the Prize careful not to hit the energy. Then continue on past the bubblewrap and the checkpoint making small jumps to get the Prizes but don't hit the electrical. Then before smashing the enemies bounce off their heads and get the Prizes. As you smash your way down the platforms make sure to get the 3 Prizes. Then in the next area jump on the enemy's heads to get the height you need to get the Prizes.

Avalon's Advanced Armaments Academy - Doggy

DOGGY - On the Dog part of the level you use the dog's sonic breath to push things out of your way. Use the breath to move the squares in front of you so that you can move on.  Continue on. Blow the ball of the moving platform and then blow the two raised pillars down. Jump over to the left to get the 3 Prize Bubbles. All in all a very straightforward level. Just keep blowing pillars and blocks out of the area. At the end go under the moving platform and then blow it the other way to get it to hit the ball on top and lower the main pillar.

Avalon's Advanced Armaments Academy - Hamster

HAMSTER - There is even less to this level. Blaze through like a mad man smashing through all the walls. When you get to the half loop boost as you go up to get the speed to get to the Prizes. Then in the long hall of many walls and Prizes, just blast down all the walls and then jump, blast to get to the Prize Bubble.

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Avalon's Advanced Armaments Academy


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