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Currant Affairs

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Currant Affairs


Flaskboy Headpiece 4 -- Costume
Sack-in-a-Clock Skin -- Costume
Anatomical Head -- Sticker
Black Dribble 1 -- Sticker
Black Dribble 2 -- Sticker
Black Dribble 3 -- Sticker
Black Dribble 4 -- Sticker
Black Dribble 5 -- Sticker
Column Skirt -- Sticker
Damage - Hole -- Sticker
French Horn -- Sticker
Gorilla -- Sticker
Grasping Hand -- Sticker
Male Bust -- Sticker
Millipede -- Sticker
Moth -- Sticker
Mutant Thing -- Sticker
Red Admiral Wing -- Sticker
Rodent Skeleton -- Sticker
Skull Jawbone -- Sticker
Skull Upper -- Sticker
Stag Antler -- Sticker
Stag Beetle -- Sticker
Stag Body -- Sticker
Stag Head -- Sticker
Steampunk City Silhouette -- Sticker
Stem Motif -- Sticker
Tea Logo -- Sticker
Victorian Girl Body -- Sticker
Victorian Girl Head -- Sticker
Victorian Top Hat -- Sticker
Doily Trim -- Decoration
Sackbot Arm -- Decoration
Sackbot Head -- Decoration
Sackboy Leg -- Decoration
Valve Wheel -- Decoration
Copper Bevel -- Material
Dark Brass -- Material
Shiny Squares & Diamonds -- Material
White Ceramic Tiles -- Material
Wrought Iron Fence -- Material
Antique Tube Light -- Object
Bobbin -- Object
Purse -- Object
Teacup -- Object

Sack-in-a-Clock Trousers -- Costume
Dark Beaten Copper -- Material
'Horror Stinger' -- Audio

Meter Needle -- Decoration
'Elevate This' -- Audio

Boxer Headgear -- Costume

Currant Affairs

Immediately go left and take the small ramp to get under the small bird and get the 2 Prize Bubbles. As you start the level properly you see that electricity has gone bonkers and is running amuck. Stay away from the bright white line of death as you jump and get the 3 Prize Bubbles. Don't be afraid to get to solid ground and make a second or third run at it if death is approaching. Then a quick jump swing over the ball of lightning. In the next are this new enemy has it's brain on the side. Simply wait for it to turn and just run your sackperson into the brain.

Next up is a series of mini areas each with it own brand of electrical death. It start with more energy moving along the floor. Then you need to jump through some Tesla coils between flares. Then jump up through some, and then drop down through 2 more and the area is cleared.

When you get to the next checkpoint note the opening in the metal mesh behind now. Now that you've noted it, go through it and jump around the back area to get 4 hidden Prize Bubbles.

Then there is a long stretch of standard head bouncing baddies and energy running over the floor to bypass.


Currant Affairs - 2-Player

Another simple trying to make this a multiplayer game type puzzle. One sackperson on the left switch and one sackperson on the right switch. Simply go back and forth opening your circuits to allows the electricity to get all the way to the top. Once it does, Prize Bubbles for all!

On the back side of the right players switch are 3 Prize Bubbles to pop.

Then when you get to the next checkpoint there will be another hole in the mesh. This time there is a Challenge Key and 5 Prize Bubbles to get.

Now we have two more of those side to side enemies and one with 3 brains on his head. If you don't kill mr. 3 brains right away, go ahead and ride him around to get the 3 Prize Bubbles. If you do kill him, no big dead, you can just bounce pad to the 3 Bubbles.

Drop down in the next area to get the 2 Prize Bubbles on the left. Don't leave too quick as there are 3 more behind the stairs to the left.

Time for some more popping up platforms. Only this time we don't want to be on them when they pop as it will send you to an electrifying death. Hop gingerly from one to the other to the safety of the far side. Now for more popping, only this time its the good variety.

Finally hop head to head on the drones so as not to touch the bad energy on the ground and then pull the plug on the crazy machine for it to all be over.

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