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Invasion of the Body Invaders

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Invasion of the Body Invaders


Bearded Head -- Sticker
Brain Outline -- Sticker
Cell 1 -- Sticker
Cell 2 -- Sticker
Cute Face Doodle -- Sticker
Eyeball Doodle -- Sticker
Impressionist Motif 1 -- Sticker
Muscle Petal -- Sticker
Muscle Petal 2 -- Sticker
Paint Splat - Red-Yellow -- Sticker
Pink Kidney -- Sticker
Red Lung -- Sticker
Window Doodle -- Sticker
Yellow Hand -- Sticker
Paper Ear -- Decoration
Knitted Folds - Orange -- Material
Knitted Folds - Pink -- Material
Veins & Vessels - Dark -- Material
Veins & Vessels - Light -- Material
Long Purple Balloon -- Objects

Viola Top  -- Costume
'Space Cadet' -- Audio
Eve's Asylum -- Background

Protozoa -- Sticker
Cell 3  -- Sticker
Protozoa -- Decoration
Long Red Balloon -- Object

Pink Rosette -- Sticker
Eve Silva Paragorica -- Costume
'Vision One' (Instrumental) -- Audio

Invasion of the Body Invaders

A short gimmick level with a boss at the end. Fun. Use your R1 to pinch the 4 Prize Bubbles in the first area. You use the White Cell to destroy both walls and enemies so always keep it with you. Fling it at the purple wall in your way and then pick it back up. The Prize Bubbles are small in this level so keep your eyes open. There 2 after the next wall, and then 2 more after the wall after that.

You'll come to a chamber where 2 valves will shoot enemies at you. Keep hitting them both until they are destroyed. The one on the left houses 6 Prizes Bubbles, while the one on the right has 6 as well but is also the way out. As long as you are holding the White Cell the next set of wall will move out of the way as you approach.

We have a creepy little virus to get destroy.

Stage 1 - The boss pulls a lot of small enemies to surround itself and it move on the outer edge of the area. If the purple beam hits you, it does no damage, but then Meaningitis will come after you. You beat this stage by throwing the White Cell at Meaningitis until all the little enemies are gone. Then 1 more throw at the eye.

Stage 2 - Meaningitis will go to the top of the area and will draw more enemies to it. You can start destroying the small enemies before it even gets them all to itself. This time he jumps from side to side until he gets a lock on you.

Stage 3 - Breaks into 2 Eyes going around the edge and them slamming into each other in the middle. Keep throwing the White Cell at him.

Stage 4 - Final stage. 4 Eyes but each is pretty small and only takes a hit or two. The movements are more sporadic so focus on one eye at a time. Once down to one eye he'll send a spray of enemies at you so dodge and hit him one last time for the win!

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