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Casa Del Higginbotham

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Casa Del Higginbotham


Anchor -- Sticker
Butterfly Fish -- Sticker
Colorful Tortoiseshell Motif -- Sticker
Eve Doodle -- Sticker
Flying Duck - Large -- Sticker
Golden Horse Head -- Sticker
Green Brush Doodle -- Sticker
Impressionist Motif 3 -- Sticker
Impressionist Motif 6 -- Sticker
Martha -- Sticker
Oak Leaf -- Sticker
Orange Monkey Head -- Sticker
Pink Mouth Doodle -- Sticker
Rooster -- Sticker
Skullface Doodle -- Sticker
Snarly Bear -- Sticker
Sitck Body Doodle -- Sticker
Toothy Face -- Sticker
Sycamore Seed -- Decoration
Green Sequins & Leaves -- Material
Knitted Folds - Yellow -- Material
Textured Grey -- Material
Bee Antenna -- Object

Vincent Leg Vines -- Costume
'Sinister' Stinger 2 -- Audio

Feather Fan Brush -- Object
Tap Object -- Object

Beaded Leaf -- Decoration
Vincent Leaf Jacket -- Costume

Casa Del Higginbotham

Start off by watering the water bulb while standing on the mushroom platform. When you hit that water with more water, well the mushroom bounces you forward. Yeah, it doesn't make a lot of sense but that's the way it works. Then water the next water bulb to make the path grow before you. Water done the Meanies and then water the flower bulb above you to make 2 Prize Bubbles drop.

As you water bounce up the platforms stay on the left edge of the top left mushroom. When you hit the water it will send you up into the Challenge Key.

Hit the water spot at the checkpoint to make 4 Prize bubbles launch right at you. Meanies will attack you from the 2 ! zones so be prepared. Then grab the Prize to the left of the next checkpoint.


Casa Del Higginbotham - 4 Player

This area is only hard if you are doing it like me. All alone. You have to keep the water flowing the entire time and hit the 4 bulbs top left, bottom left, bottom right, and then top right. Get them all going at once and your whole team is propelled into the 6 Prize Bubbles.

Continue putting out fires and don't forget to to hit the flower bulb to make 3 Prize Bubbles fall. Continue putting out fires and you'll get to the bounce pad section with 6 Prize Bubbles. The fire comes back here if you take too long so keep the water flowing the entire time.

At the end of the level is a minor boss. Just keep putting water in his mouth to take him out. You are safe from the flaming logs underneath the flower growth but you can also destroy the logs with your water cannon.

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