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Bravery Test

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Bravery Test


Blue Dome -- Sticker
Blue Strut -- Sticker
Blue-Green Leaf Motif -- Sticker
Cloud Sketch -- Sticker
Da Vinci Front Door -- Sticker
Da Vinci Head -- Sticker
Da Vinci Head Sketch -- Sticker
Da Vinci Hideout Roof -- Sticker
Da Vinci House -- Sticker
Da Vinci Main Roof -- Sticker
Da Vinci Roof Light -- Sticker
Da Vinci Roofed Bridge -- Sticker
Da Vinci Round Window -- Sticker
Da Vinci Side Roof -- Sticker
Da Vinci Wall Motif -- Sticker
Da Vinci Window -- Sticker
Da Vinci Window Frame -- Sticker
Hand Sketch -- Sticker
Metalmatica Logo -- Sticker
Newton Rockstar -- Sticker
Ochre Victorian Lady -- Sticker
Propeller Dome -- Sticker
Red Wall -- Sticker
Rhino Body -- Sticker
Rhino Head -- Sticker
Rhino Leg -- Sticker
White Angel Wing -- Sticker
Woodcut Flower -- Sticker
Wooden Gear 1 -- Sticker
Wooden Grappling Hook -- Sticker
Classic Cobweb -- Decoration
Iron Support -- Decoration
Layered Cobweb -- Decoration
Plain Iron Hinge -- Decoration
Carved Tree Stump -- Object
Cloth Bag -- Object
Quill & Inkpot -- Object
Brown Shiny Wood -- Material
Hexagon Lattice --- Material
Parchment-Covered Wood -- Material

Bellydancer Dress -- Costume
Lace Glasses -- Costume
Paisley Trim -- Material

Cartoon Da Vinci -- Sticker
Y - Fronts Sketch -- Sticker
Fat Candle -- Object

Cog Princess Hat -- Costume
Grumpy Eyes -- Costume
'Da Vinci Hideout' IntMusic -- Audio

Bravery Test


Bravery Test - Hidden Race

They love making you run through each level at least twice and this is no exception. You need to go through the first time to get the Wooden Gear 1 Sticker. Place that in the portrait, grab the Grapple and go to town using the new bounce pads to find the extra Prize Bubbles.

You'll be going through this level twice. First with the auto red platforms and a second time with bounce pads and the Grapple. Start by heading left and seeing how these read platforms work. If you get close, they appear. That easy.

Watch the cobwebs in the corners as you work your way up as many of them hold Prize Bubbles. When you get to the half cog grab the 2 Prize Bubbles and hit both switches. Keep working your way up until you get to the electric field. First jump over to the right side for the Prize Bubble. Then drop down to the electric field, don't worry about it, the red platforms will save you.

You'll come to a large electric field. When you hit the button, you have a few seconds to get through. At the first one are 2 Prize Bubbles. Grab them one at a time retreating to the safety on the right each time.

When you get to the cannon there are 2 Hidden Prize Bubbles behind it before getting inside. Launch over to the right and grab the Challenge Key and the 3 Prize Bubbles on the far right. Then work your way down to Da Vinci. On the final bounce pad sending you to the right make sure to stay in the middle for a Prize. Otherwise you have to do the whole thing again to get it.


Bravery Test - 2-Player

To the left of Da Vinci is a 2-Player section. One person works the switch and the other one jumps from platform to platform. Very easy if you can get the timing down. I did it by myself and it wasn't very hard.

Finally you'll get to a Grabble Point on a roller ball. Fall off it almost immediately to the left to get a Prize. Then grab back on and go low to get under the platform to get the last 2 Prize Bubbles of the level.

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