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The Cakeinator

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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The Cakeinator


Sack-in-a-Clock Shoes -- Costume
Bell Jar -- Sticker
Blue Fern -- Sticker
Boxing Poster -- Sticker
Damage - Peeled Sticker -- Sticker
Damage - Tear -- Sticker
Glass Cake Stand -- Sticker
Green Fern -- Sticker
Lace Circle -- Sticker
Rabid Hound Battenberg -- Sticker
Ruffian King Panettone -- Sticker
Scones Logo -- Sticker
Sewing Machine -- Sticker
Trilobyte -- Sticker
Victorian Lady's Arm -- Sticker
Victorian Lady's Bustle Skirt -- Sticker
Victorian Lady's Torse & Head -- Sticker
Victorian Steam Logo -- Sticker
White Pillar -- Sticker
Bent Copper Pipe -- Decoration
Clock Face -- Decoration
Electrical Filament -- Decoration
Glow Light on Stalk -- Decoration
Battenberg -- Material
Chocolate Fountain -- Material
Green Quilted -- Material
Icing -- Material
Lace Trim -- Material
Antique Bottle -- Object
Test Tube -- Object
Wrought Iron Spike -- Object
'Peace and Quiet' -- Audio

Sack-in-a-Clock Bow Tie -- Costume
Sack-in-a-Clock Jacket -- Costume
'What Are You Waiting For?' Instrumental -- Audio

Straight Copper Pipe -- Decoration
Chemistry Flask -- Object

Flaskboy Torso -- Costume
Spinning Spiral -- Decoration

The Cakeinator

There are 2 barely hidden Prize Bubbles right at the start to the right behind some glass jars. You don't need to break them open or anything. Simply walk behind them to get the Prizes. Then we are given the CAKEINATOR. It's a helmet cake launching system that is just fantastic. Aim with the Right Stick and fire with R1. You'll be using this to make bridges fall, kill enemies, and keep crazy drawers from opening and sending your Sackperson flying out into oblivion.

So shoot a cake at the left bridge piece to make it fall. Then hit the enemy with a cake, followed by hitting the right bridge. Easy peezy.

In the next area launch one down and to the right to keep the drawer from opening and then drop down to the Bounce Pads and 3 Prize Bubbles. Then put one on the fire to get up to the left.

Put a cake on the left to get up to the ledge and go far left to get 2 Prizes. Before you drop off the right of the ledge launch a cake into the upper right to pull down a hidden lever and 2 more Prize Bubbles.

Continue right grabbing the next Prize Bubble hidden behind a wafer. Then launch a cake at the geared narrow path to ride it down to safety.

At the enemy on the level above you use a Cake to get up to his level and take him out. Then send a cake to the left to drop some bounce pads. Use another cake as a platform to jump to the upper left to get some hidden Prize Bubbles.

Use The Cakeinator to make some more platforms out of standing pillars and grab the Prize in the Tea Cup. Use your cakes to keep the drawer closed as you go past it. Then use a cake on the next drawer to keep it OPEN so you can use it to get the 3 Prize Bubbles. Continue up to a 2-player area.


The Cakeinator - 2-Player

Another easy 2-Player area. Simple have player 1 stand on the right scale. Then have player 2 shoot a sticky cake up at the underside of the left scale. Done and done.

Moving on we need to launch a cake to the bottom of the left scale so we can then go under the right side. Now when the cogs is open so you can run through it, place a cake into the 2 gears to get the cog to stop.  Now use a cake on the vent cover to stop the flow of jelly. Jump across to the Prize and then drop down the path.

Drop a cake right away and use it reach the Challenge Key and 3 other Prizes.

At the next area launch cakes into the roof of both sides to get the Prizes to fall. Then use the momentum from a cake on the right scale to jump into the 3 Prizes at the top. Level complete!

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May 13th 2013 Guest
Thanks for the help I needed it
ID #282478
Jan 5th 2013 Guest
ID #237806
Jun 15th 2012 SepiaRaid
Nevermind! Found those stupid bubbles. Thanks! :3
ID #152972
Jun 15th 2012 Guest
I am missing 2 prize bubbles, I need that straight copper pipe! D:
ID #152964
Jun 21st 2011 Guest
Thank you for this! I was missing 2 bubbles & you helped me find them Smile
ID #51083