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31: Under Arrest

Heavy Rain Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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31: Under Arrest

Character: Norman Jayden

Note: If you did not allow Ethan to be arrested, you will not play this chapter, and the game will skip to Chapter Thirty-One.  If he was arrested, you will play this chapter.

Note: the continuity gets a little strange here - so if you are trying to play the different story arc aspects be aware that the chapters do not play out in the same order each way - so even though I have them numbered in an orderly fashion here there is a little jumping - I will note that in the chapter as it happens.

The chapter starts with Ethan being interrogated by Jayden - but he quickly exhausts his options and Blake takes over.  When that happens you have a choice, go along with this and let Blake do his thing, or try to intervene.

Since we know Ethan is not the killer - and since Jayden does not believe that he is the killer either - we have to do something, right?  The problem is when we try to stop Blake he turns on us and lets us know what he really thinks of us.  Your last and best weapon is to threaten him, but all that accomplishes is Blake throwing you out of the room.

In the hall you take stock of the situation and decide you have to tell the Captain - but that does not work out quite the way that we planned either - does it?  Nope - the Captain really does not care, and while he does not come out and say it in these words, he is taking you off of the case.  Could this get any worse?!  Well, yeah, it can - because you head back to your office and snort some of that drug you are completely addicted to and that will probably kill you if you keep doing it.

Right so this is where the continuity goes wonky - because the game now jumps back to Chapter 30: Jayden Blues - so you need to play partially through that now.  If you were following the other arc and did not allow Ethan to be arrested, you skipped to that chapter immediately after The Lizard - but what you need to understand is that we are not actually done with the current chapter - we will return to it after we do Jayden Blues.

- Complete Chapter 30: Jayden Blues -

If you played the other arc you noted that you did not have the struggle with the drug when you played through Jayden Blues this time.  Instead you reviewed the clues and then ended up back in your office.  So we are now back in the second half of Chapter 31!

Now head back to the interrogation room - where you find a guard but not Blake.  On the way there you overhear the conversation between the Captain and Blake.  In the interview room you order the uniformed cop to leave you alone, and then you help him into a chair and talk to Ethan about escaping.

Exit the interrogation room and go to the observation room - then turn off the camera and tell the cop to take a break using the intercom.  Take the police jacket off of the chair and then head over to Gary's desk - it is the set of desks next to Blake's but the desk on the side opposite Blake's.

Once you have all of that done head back to the interrogation room and unlock Ethan's cuffs.  Give him the uniform and tell him to head straight out of the station.  Ethan leaves and you give Blake the look of death and then the chapter ends.  During the transition you should unlock the trophy "Wise Guy" (bronze).

The game now skips back to Chapter 29: Fugitive.  Play that in order to progress to Chapter 32.

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