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05: Crime Scene

Heavy Rain Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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05: Crime Scene

Character: Norman Jayden

Finding the concealed clues

The CS begins with your driving in the rain towards a collection of emergency vehicles with their lights flashing - and clearly we are now being introduced to another new character - one Agent Norman Jayden of the FBI!  Actually he is an agent and a profiler, which is significant because the local police have requested your help through the FBI in building a profile that may assist them in tracking down this very strange serial killer who is targeting young boys on the streets of Gotham City!

As you approach the police tape you are challenged by a uniformed cop in a glowing rain slicker and you have to show your badge and ID, but once you do he lets you pass.  Hit X to ask after Lt. Blake, and then duck under the tape and head towards the crime scene.  After you cross under the tape you will pause for a brief CS in which Jayden takes out a pair of what look like sunglasses but are in fact his computer - called ARI - basically a computer slash crime scene investigation scanner.  Think of it as a tricorder in the shape of a pair of glasses but with a virtual reality element and you are close.

After you record your update, you scan the scene, noting the body covered by the crime scene kit, and the cops walking around.  Leave the ARI on and head for the body - you can ask for Blake to the cops you pass, they will point out his general direction, but when you get to where the body has been dumped and begin to examine it, Blake shows up toot sweet!

You can now enter into a conversation with Blake as you follow him to the other side of the area.  It is dark and he is a bit hard to follow because of that, so try to keep the flood light between him and you to make it easier.  Once you exhaust the dialogue options with him - at the end of which you get the choice of continuing on with him or staying.  You should stay.

Head back over to the body and properly examine it now that you will not be interrupted, and you will see that there are clues you can record.  There is a trophy connected to this - of course - so you will want to be sure that you examine all of the clues on the body, and then the clues elsewhere in and near the crime scene. You can try to talk to the uniforms nearby but they will not give you anything other than uncomfortable silence and tell you to talk to Blake.

This is really where the game started getting more interesting for me - things are starting to come together and we now have a better sense of how the game will play.  After you check the pair of clues that are distant from the body, take a good look around the scene just to get a mental image of it.  The reason you should do this has more to do with the fact that all of the crime scenes are situated in similar locations, so familiarizing yourself with this one will give you something to picture later when you are reviewing the files and tying in the geographical data. 

Now head over to the train tracks - but be careful around the tracks as they are active - a train ripped through while I was gathering evidence, and while I do not know that being on the tracks might have gotten Norman killed, since the characters CAN die it may well indeed get him killed!

On the other side of the tracks along the muddy hillside walk to the right (toward the overpass) until you can not walk anymore and the game forces you to turn around.  Now hit R1 and you will reveal two more clue flags - the first on the fence is some blood - investigate that.  Now investigate the footprints nearby. 

As you move along the tracks keep hitting R1 to scan, and you will find more blood from the victim on the tracks, and then further down another "clue" - a dead cat on the tracks LOL.  As the FBI does not keep files on dead cats I guess that one does not need to go in the file!

Now head back to the fence where you spotted the blood and hit the RS up to climb the muddy slope - this will require you to hit the buttons that pop up in the screen in a timely fashion or end up falling on your ass in the mud...  Eventually you make your way to the top of the slope near the busy road.  Scan again with R1 and you find more tracks, and these lead to tire tracks that you scan.  At this point you have seen all that there is to see here, so work your way back down the slope using the correct buttons - you did get down without falling or sliding into the mud, right?

When you get back near the body, Blake approaches you and tells you that he is headed back to the office and asks if you are staying?   You may as well leave - you have seen all that there is to see - so retrace your steps to your car and get in.

If you examined all of the clues that were indicated above, after you drive away the chapter will fade-to-black and you will get the chime and earn the trophy "FBI Investigator" (bronze).  Well done!

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Feb 8th 2014 Guest
How to get past the tape???
ID #353072
Apr 14th 2011 Guest
Same, can't get past the rope
ID #37346
Apr 11th 2011 Guest
It wont let me past the rope
ID #36913