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Heavy Rain Cheats for PS3

Cheats and Tips for Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain Guide
Heavy Rain Guide
Our guide takes you through the complete game and tells you how to complete various trophies along the way. There are 30 videos in this guide to hel..

We have 9 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Heavy Rain please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 4

You can also ask your question on our Heavy Rain Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Easy 'Got To Remember' Trophy

The correct answers to the questions are '4:15', 'Beige', and 'Green'. The answers to the other questions are irrevalent as long as you answer those three questions correctly.
Watch the video

Easy 'Invincible Scott' Trophy

Avoid getting shot during a short scene in the mansion otherwise you won't get the trophy regardless if you complete the requirement. If you are struggling to get this trophy turn down the difficulty and replay the chapter later.
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Easy 'Private Eye' Trophy

Select 'Trick' when it becomes available while talking to Lauren so she talks about her son and you will get the 'Private Eye' trophy.
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Unlock Alternate Endings

The following endings become unlocked when you meet the indicated requirement.
Unlock the 'New Life', 'Origami Grave's', and 'Case Closed' Endings:
In the 'Killer's Place' chapter find the address of the warehouse on the laptop. Survive by hiding in the refrigerator. In the 'Old Warehouse' chapter, have Ethan save Shaun, Madison warn Ethan of the cops, and Jayden kill Shelby.
Unlock the 'Innocent', 'Heroine', and 'Resignation' Endings.
In the 'Killer's Place' chapter, obtain the address from the laptop. Go to the warehouse alone. Have Madison save Shaun in the 'Old Warehouse' chapter, and survive the final chase over the roof with Shelby.
Unlock 'Origami Blues' and 'Smoking Mirror' Endings:
In the 'The Rat' chapter, fail the trial. Do not locate Shaun by failing the hangman. Have Jayden give up in the 'Solving The Puzzle' chapter. Let Madison die in the 'Killers Place' chapter.
Unlock the 'Tears In Rain' Ending:
In the 'Killer's Place' chapter, have Madison escape but do not use the laptop to find the address of the warehouse (you must wait in the secret room for 2 minutes for Shelby to arrive).
Unlock the 'Helpless', 'Square One', and 'A Mother's Revenge' Endings:
In the 'On The Loose' chapter, let Ethan get arrested the second time. Save Lauren from drowning in the 'Trapped' chapter. Have Jayden give up in the 'Solving The Puzzle' chapter. Have Madison escape in the 'Killer's Place' chapter, but do not use the laptop to find the address of the warehouse.
Unlock the 'Ethan's Grave', 'Heroine', and 'Unpunished' Endings:
In the 'Old Warehouse' chapter, fail with ALL characters. Do not have Madison warn Ethan and let Shelby kill Jayden.
Unlock the 'New Start', 'Dead Heroine', 'Uploaded', and 'Unpunished' Endings:
Earn the 'Perfect Crime' trophy.

Chapter 16: Nathaniel - Blunder Trophy

Below is our clip to show you the Blunder Trophy.

13: Lexington Station - Unlock the Lucky Locker Trophy

Everything is explained if you need the text to go with it on our Chapter 16 page in our guide:
Chapter 16: Nathaniel

Chapter 13: Lexington Station - Lucky Locker Trophy

To help you complete the Lucky Locker Trophy, check out this video clip.

13: Lexington Station - Unlock the Lucky Locker Trophy

Full details are on the Chapter 13 page of our Heavy Rain Guide:
Chapter 13: Lexington Station

Chapter 10: Hassan's Shop - Negotiator Trophy

Here is a clip to help you complete the Negotiator Trophy in Chapter 10.

10: Hassan's Shop - Unlock the Negotiator Trophy

Full details are in this page of our Heavy Rain guide:
Chapter 10: Hassan's Shop

Chapter 03: Father and Son - Good Father Trophy

Check out this video to help you unlock the Good Father Trophy in Chapter 3 of Heavy Rain.

03: Father and Son - Good Father Trophy

A full description of the video appear on this page of our guide:
Chapter 03: Father and Son

Heavy Rain Guide

Our complete guide to Heavy Rain is here:
Heavy Rain Guide
It takes you through the game chapter by chapter talking you through the trophies along the way. There are 30 videos in this guide to help you see what we are talking about.
Anyway, if you want to see the guide, just follow this link.

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